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for Fate : Tribulation of Weapons Sovereign

10/26/2021 c3 2ElementPlasma
Dude theres no way a person can know an element and origin with just structual grasping, magi need special tools to determine the person's element and origin.

also grammar too and nouns needs to be corrected but overall a good story, you just need to have some improvement and if your grammar suck a lot, try using grammarly, i think that will help.
7/14/2021 c8 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
5/1/2021 c8 Aesir19
I felt really sorry for Siduri and Aisha, even though I think you intimated in an earlier chapter that Shirou would be leaving them, I wanted them to remain in his life.
4/30/2021 c8 taiwoeretan1
Can't wait for the next chapter, wonder what happened in the village.
4/29/2021 c8 123ABIR123
This is good Pls update more
4/29/2021 c8 Uday Sra
4/28/2021 c8 10HarmonyDST05
I guess there's some One Piece then
4/28/2021 c8 o0PHOENIX0o
Debo decir que me sorprendiste con lo de one piece y que me pareció raro lo de shirou moviéndose mas rapido que la luz, sin morir o volverse una pasta fina de carne, no se creo que fue demasiado :v, por el resto del cap me gusto mucho y espero ver como integraras a one piece en esta historia y de como haras para que no se haga un bloqueo cuantico o algo. Cuidate igualmente y mantente seguro, gracias por el cap.
4/28/2021 c8 Trpstar
Mr author i love this story but please keep drama low because honestly drama make cringe i understand character development doesn't need cringe level drama low is ok as long it doesn't do a cliche like Siduri relationship with gilgamesh and shirou we don't need that specially with gilgamesh because we know he Loves no one but enkidu so we don't need that ok better let Siduri be in the village so shirou save her let the two adventure together let theme Forge a relationship through blood and fire when they adventure
4/14/2021 c7 o0PHOENIX0o
Ne gusto bastante, no me había dado de cuenta que estaba en los tiempos de gilgamesh. Ahora la pregunta es si es gil chiquito o que xd.
12/21/2020 c7 GlaceNova
Oh my god this a Babylon
12/16/2020 c7 Lawrence H. Bain
Please tell me their going back to the future with him...

Also I either missed it or am looking to much into it but I'm pretty sure you avoided stating Gilgamesh's gender...

Just pointing that out as there have been a couple of stories lately with a female Gilgamesh...
12/10/2020 c7 11CrimsonRev
Dude. Seeing Siduri was a dead giveaway of just where he is. For those that've played F/GO or watched the Babylonia Anime, I'm sure y'all know. Also, what are the odds that the reincarnation of Aisha's husband would go to the past to meet her again, via Solomon's Ring to boot?

I love this fic. Keep it up
12/10/2020 c7 Trpstar
Oh now I know where is shirou is he in babylonia age I mean look it then hint demi god who likes to Collect weapons age of Gods
12/9/2020 c2 Unaymus77
I noticed some grammar issues throughout the chapter - if you aren’t already I recommend running each chapter through a free program like Grammarly to get the most obvious issues out of the way.

You also slipped POV a few times when people were thinking. Particularly Shirou’s thoughts at the end slipped from first person to third person.

Continuing the trend of being a little nit picky about non-canon things, Shirou being an “Incarnation” is also something invented by a fanfic and was never mentioned in canon.

It felt like a lot of your dialogue was more... I guess cardboard? than real. It felt less like the characters were talking and more like the dialogue was just part of the description. One way you could differentiate it easily is you might consider spacing the dialogue as its own paragraphs.

Overall this is a pretty good start and I’d be interested to see how you’re able to keep it growing as a writer.
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