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for Fate : Tribulation of Weapons Sovereign

12/9/2020 c1 Unaymus77
Interesting first chapter. This is a little nitpicky because of personal preference but Shirou actually did remember his past in Fate/Stay Night be just chose not to think about it, the amnesia is a fan invention.
11/21/2020 c6 Guest
11/21/2020 c6 1740
is he in avalon?
11/20/2020 c6 Nikkless
and thank you for answering
11/20/2020 c6 Nikkless
Should be Kiritsugu
11/20/2020 c3 Nikkless
shirou could use the structual grasping on other items aswell but it took more prana, and in the anime he used it on the broken heater .
11/20/2020 c3 Nikkless
Kiritsugus conclusions about shirou feels so forced
11/20/2020 c2 Nikkless
Shirou could use Runes
11/15/2020 c3 FendarianT
shokugeki no shirou...i'll read that and it willl be glorious!
11/14/2020 c5 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more
11/9/2020 c5 11CrimsonRev
So... did Shirou somehow find Solomon's 10th Ring?
10/31/2020 c4 38Mystic the Kitsune
Love this
10/27/2020 c4 1740
looks good keep it up
10/20/2020 c3 demoncreater2002
The title of the story confuses me.
10/19/2020 c3 Shiva997
I hope you change story tital its really confusing.
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