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10/6/2020 c4 81RayWritesThings
Woah, what? What’s going on? You giving Arrow’s Dinah Drake Lance a glow-up? I’m here for it tbh.

Aw, lookit Ollie experiencing some growth from seeing what it’s like to be in the dark about a secret plan. I do wonder what will happen if and when he and Laurel are reunited at the end of all this. Thea getting teary would’ve definitely happened, so thanks for including that nice moment with her and Laurel.

Interested to see how Laurel and Lance adjust to their new life on Earth-38!
10/4/2020 c3 RayWritesThings
Dinah didn’t seem to take that well at all lol. Guess we’ll wait and see what she decides to do. And really, she can’t get mad at Laurel for becoming a vigilante after she specifically charged her with taking down Sara’s killer in 3x09. What did she expect?
10/3/2020 c2 RayWritesThings
An exciting first chapter! Had to laugh that Cisco thought something was going down in the base that wasn’t (maybe someday), and I love that Oliver gave Cisco the green light for making a new suit. I’m even happier Laurel survived Darhk, and I think it should be interesting seeing her interact with Earth-38!

Had to side-eye Harry for judging Laurel a bit based on her doppelganger when he hated that Team Flash did that to him.

A fun two chapters!

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