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4/5 c1 Guest
Coop’s And Fiona’s Wedding Coop and Fiona gets married in his wedding ceremony for his wedding tonight.
3/30 c1 Guest
Kid Vs Kat Coop And Dennis Tries To Kill Her Estelle’s Mother In His Blood Estelle’s Mother To start off our Estelle for this theory, let me say, up front, that Estelle’s Mother has been demonstrating his poor parenting skills for the majority of the entire show. She gets an cold plastic bag in her room then is an old kid an evil boy Lorne and Harvey and she’s being fake at Coop. According to Wikipedia, domestic violence (also named domestic abuse or family violence) is violence or other abuse then she starts to blood then Estelle’s Mother abuses his blood patient then she’s being in tortured by Estelle in his blood in her dark room then she saws a corner then she hurts them hurtled rape blooded tortured gore blood murdered chest dead bodies cream hurts bad bloods and more Creepypasta then she’s getting an lose them after comes Coop, Dennis, Lorne and Harvey sleeps him in his bed when she has a nightmares then she’s sick about at Estelle in her hospital then she was taken from the hospital In Bootsville then she’s very sick at Estelle in his blood when she saw Lorne and Harvey when it’s in danger in town on tonight at her night then she saw her a blood Estelle’s Mother is an sick woman at her Bootsville Lorne and Harvey is cold to Estelle is her suicide she starts attempting her suicide then Estelle’s Mother stabs in his chest in his blood then Estelle hurts Dennis in his blood then victim of attempted rape with Estelle’s Mother stabs his arm in his blood then hurts to Estelle’s Mother stabs his leg in his blood and she stabs Estelle’s Mother’s neck then she was ended in Bootsville Coop says goodbye to Dennis in her Bootsville then she was death in her blood Estelle’s Mother was dead in died in Bootsville night then Coop and Dennis crying at the end of the episode ends.
3/30 c1 Guest
Coop Burtonburger is sick at her cold blooded sick by Estelle and Estelle’s Mother
3/30 c1 Guest
Coop Burtonburger is sick in her cold then she’s very sick at Estelle and Estelle’s Mother in his blood cold blooded at his nightmares then she puts in thermometer in her temperature sick pillow.
10/5/2020 c1 20Don Albornoz
Oh my god you're actually alive :0 This was an interesting story for Old Lady Munson's running gag of hating Burtonbergers

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