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for Musketeers Whumptober 2020

11/18 c9 1pallysAramisRios
wow what a chapter so heartbreaking at times and Athos unsure what the future would hold
11/18 c9 Mountain Cat
Thank goodness that Athos didn't end up with any more lasting damage than he did. I don't imagine that there is any greater joy than drinking in sights that you thought you might never be able to see again.
11/18 c9 beeblegirl
All’s well that ends well. It must be a terrible and frightening thing to think your eyesight may be gone for good.
10/29 c4 9arduna
And this is what YOU do best! Those last few paragraphs ... "the brotherhood righting itself"... "it's not just a name..." just perfect.
10/25 c8 1pallysAramisRios
Feel bad foe Athos the pain has tpo be so horribale.. Cant wait to see his recovery
10/25 c8 beeblegirl
I must admit I love the Athos angst ones more, and this really is angsty.
10/25 c8 Mountain Cat
I wouldn't want to lose any of my senses, but of them all, the idea of losing sight is the most frightening. I think I could adapt to any of the others, but not that one. And, Thank You. I've been hoping for an Athos one.
10/21 c7 120Deana
Wow, poor guys. Will this one have a 2nd part, I hope? ;-)
10/21 c7 jamepa
Great, very apt, and beautifully told.
10/21 c7 1pallysAramisRios
Aramis will run himself down taking care of the people cares for
10/21 c7 Mountain Cat
Very timely, all things considering.
10/20 c6 pallysAramisRios
Feel bad for him Savoy just never go away the ghosts stil haunt him
10/18 c6 jamepa
Brilliant, Aramis' slide into full blown panic alone in the snow. Very glad he was found.
10/18 c6 Mountain Cat
Good Heavens. How did he end up alone in the woods. Personally I love to walk in the snow on moonlit nights but I don't have Aramis previous associations.
10/15 c5 pallysAramisRios
Love how they refuse to what Lemay wants and they throw some glares his way.. Deep down I think it was Athos holding Aramis Rosery
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