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for You Turn Into Someone Else (Like The Sky Is Falling)

11/17/2020 c4 1NeverNeverLady
Until John understands that he's sick, he will never get well. If he's sectioned, he will forever blame those that he thinks put him there. Henrik is emotionally unstable himself & this relationship will end up destroying them both. It's terribly sad but it happens a lot because people will not or cannot accept the help that is offered. They see it as intrusive & unnecessary because as you say, they don't see themselves as unwell. This happened to me & I spent several weeks stoned up to the eyeballs on valium & sleeping a lot. If you feel you can't finish this, then don't. You need to put yourself first, get better & go where you feel life wants you to go. This is a magnificent piece of writing though but if you write again, maybe choose a more uplifting subject! Take care kiddo xXx
10/16/2020 c3 NeverNeverLady
Oh poor Henrik - to be a doctor himself & to be unable to help John must be heartbreaking. Underneath all the delusions & whatever else, John is a decent man but it sounds to me like he may need sectioning. The trouble is, John will feel that everyone, even the man he loves, has turned against him & it will be a long before therapy & drug treatment kick in enough for him to trust them again, if he ever does.
10/9/2020 c2 NeverNeverLady
I'm no stranger to mental illness myself but why is Henrik enabling John the way he is? OK, he's now locked away the sharp stuff (which will really piss John off) but a serial self harmer will use absolutely anything with an edge or a flame to bring the relief they crave. John's behaviour will eventually bring Henrik down too & poor Rox & David will have to witness the destruction of two brilliant minds. But hey, this is your tale, not mine, tell it your way! Btw, I always enjoy your writing, it's very good xXx
10/4/2020 c1 NeverNeverLady
Hmmm, this is interesting. I've always thought that Henrik & John were a good pairing, damned attractive one too!

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