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for Midoriya

9/13 c1 10TailedWolf1995
This is an interesting story already can't wait to see where this story will go
6/18 c1 TheNoLuckDuck
I've read most of your MHA work and I've gotta say- this is my favorite story idea you've started. I hope you continue it someday! <3
6/1 c1 4Katana of the Blade
This is a really interesting idea! Please continue this!
5/21 c1 Death Lantern
hell yes
5/21 c1 supboyyyyy93
Please update soon, story seems like a great read.
4/9 c1 AlimeLover123
3/9 c1 Dr. Valentine
I feel like you should have made Tatsumaki idolise All Might in the same way she did Blast, maybe have him save him when she's younger. It'd also give her something in common with Izuku.
2/25 c1 Atomic11
Is izuku an Esper or his gonna do saitama training regimen?
2/25 c1 2khudhory
good premise

i hope you can continue to writing this story
2/14 c1 2Kilo8
This sounds like it's gonna be a fun fic. I can wait to see Fubuki and Tatsumaki go big sister mode when if they notice any girls start eyeing him.
2/1 c1 2Decisions Decisions
please continue this! this story is amazing!
1/21 c1 letr1994
Hope that you find the inspiration to continue this someday, perhaps ship Izuki with someone like Nejire. Your story's with her are always fun, she has such a cute and fun personality, or perhaps Mono or Melissa, sometimes feels like the Internet could do with more Izuku/Mono Izuku/Melissa, I feel they are such unappreciated characters with great potential. Anyways thanks for all your hard work, love your story's.
1/13 c1 Hugo0974
Well, the premisse of this story is amazing! Really unique! Will be fun if you make Izuko overpower in the future, when he enters UA. With you want, you can easily add Saitama as All Might sucessor, maybe even make him Tatsumaki or Fubuki love interest, I think will be fun.
Now I just hope you update, because its been two months aready, and this fic is a totally sucess, with 100 reviws in just the first chapter!
1/11 c1 JAKEkenstein
Can't wait for more. I hope for Izuku x lily;)
12/27/2020 c1 logron
Tatsumaki is too strong for MHA world,
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