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for to take your honey

5/1 c6 Marcelinavampqueen
I dont think I've ever read anything like this! I love it and need more now!
4/10 c6 MangoSunbeams
Such a good chapter! Adore Ben's ferociousity, for some reason I wasn't expecting it so it's all the more intense. Hux is an idiot. Love this story as always, thanks for updating!
4/10 c6 MangoSunbeams
Love the subtle and then not subtle defiance of Ben protecting Rey
4/3 c6 9White.Demon.Feathers
I love this story!
I've been so behind on my fanfiction that I went to clean my inbox and found this gem!
Please update soon, I have to know what's going to happen next.
4/1 c6 Apg
Great story!
3/29 c6 Elen-Di
I just reread the other chapters and ohhhh my goodness. I cannot wait to see what happens next. That whole thing about “flipping a few switches” - that makes Ben go dark/violent?! Cause he was kind and gentle before, but now I’m seeing some Kyle Ren emerging... and is he preoccupied with Rey’s window cause he thinks she’ll try to jump? Suicidally? I’ve been wondering too why Rey doesn’t (or hasn’t) tried to run away, but maybe there’s security she can’t get past? Has she tried once and was punished for it? Also Ben reassuring Rey that he has all normal male fluids... I SEE WHAT YOU TRYING TO SAY BEN ;) ;) ;) ahhh I cannot wait for the next chapters!
3/29 c6 Elen-Di
Every time I see this has updated I get so excited! I loved this chapter, tho it was intense! And BEN KISSING REY AT THE END AHHHH! How much does he remember? I can’t wait to read more!
3/28 c6 Guest
3/28 c6 Kim
Loved it, cant wait for the next installment! Such an imaginative premise.
3/29 c6 Atkq
Great chapter. Thank you for the update and sharing your story.
3/29 c6 AtomicMuffinz
Yay finally a kiss! Get it Ben lol. Can't wait to see how the story wraps up :)
3/27 c6 LittleLorna
I enjoyed each and every moment of Bens defiance.
But oh the knife game.. i was fuming when hux did it but the moment Ben said my turn i was grinning.
Eww I wasn't expecting for Huxs whole finger to come off though, lmao at Palpatine laughing about it though.
Eeee he kissed her
3/26 c6 8BrokenMentality
OOP I- oh damn...oh damn oh damn oh DAMN. was NOT expecting that. lollll the way Ben is just like, "oops." or just like "what I'm just doing what I was told" lmao. for some reason, I feel like I've been distant from the reylo fandom, so it was nice getting an update! probably bc I recently got into atla and zutara has sucked me in so fast like damn. but yes, GREAT addition to the story! I'm excited to see how you finish this and I'm eager to see Palpatine get his comeuppance, hehehe
2/22 c1 RedPandaJoy
Incredible story! Please update soon!
2/15 c5 Zenzia
Great story concept! Looking forward to more, hope the mojo is cooperative!
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