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10/16/2021 c11 56SuperKirbyLand234
I just had this wonderful image in my head of Sesshomaru watching a horror YouTube video and then suddenly bursting out in laughter while Sota looks at him in confusion. It reminded me of that scene from that one episode of Ninjago, where Nya and Jay were watching a sad movie but Zane just started laughing out of nowhere. That's what I imagine Sesshomaru doing: watching something that, to any normal person, isn't remotely funny and laughing his ass off! XD
10/16/2021 c6 SuperKirbyLand234
Sesshomaru was helping Kagome's Mom make breakfast! For some reason, I just had this hilarious image in my mind of Sesshomaru standing in a kitchen, wearing a crisp white apron as he by the stove flipping pancakes and frying eggs and bacon! And now I can't stop laughing! XD
9/8/2021 c18 Intalasiagirl
Too cute! Like the idea that Sesshomaru became friends with Souta. Lol!
1/18/2021 c18 167Smithback
liked it a lot
1/4/2021 c15 11Harlecorn
“Prove it noodle arms” killed me xp
10/26/2020 c18 Guest
10/25/2020 c18 Sickle C
This was so fun to read! It felt a bit weird to see Sesshomaru being friendly after only a couple of days, but you handled the whole story nicely. Kudos
10/24/2020 c18 adechusna
Awwwww he really have a soft spot for childern huh
Anyway thank you for the story, this is such a heart warming story
10/21/2020 c11 Lonewolf1836
Haha the only thing I find hard to keep up with your inuyasha story is its a old anime takes place in the 90s I'm surprise people have smart phones with cameras. Then we got facebook and youtube haha oh man your off by a lot facebook didn't exist and wouldn't be popular till like 2006 to 2008 almost around the time apple was still developing the iphone that helped it take off. Jesus I'm old now anyways I do find your story interesting its just the social media and technology are off for the time
10/20/2020 c14 8MeTheAnimeLover7
Thank Goodness Inuyasha managed to save his brother, pfiuuu! Power vs bullets made me shiver and I was seriously more worried for Inuyasha's well being at some point considering how reckless and head first into fight he is. So I'm relieved he windscarred his way to save his brother. Looking forward to reading more and seeing Sesshomaru's recovery.
10/19/2020 c14 Tochiro
I never thought I'd be here, at 1:29am reading an Inuyasha fix. But Im sure glad I did. This story has made me giggle and smile at my phone quite a few times. I love so much about this fic. Much feels. Much bonding. Much looove. 3
10/19/2020 c13 Anna
I read your whole story in one sitting and pretth happy about this. I expected this to be some horrible, tasteless, humor bone headed story that will regret reading. I'm very wrong about what I read. This isn't a humorous story, this more of a hurt and comfort type of novel.
If you want more reviews remove this from the humor category and replace it with hurt and comfort or angst. Your reviews should explode because this isn't some half ass'd story. This is something people will remember.
It's not often people will read about sesshomaru being the prey and forced to hide because of strength and appearance. What makes this even better is him wondering if he himself survived the eradication of demons.
At this point I have no idea what lies ahead.
10/18/2020 c13 61elfqueen13
YES. Even in canon, I kind of got a "nobody's allowed to kill that b*stars except for me" kind of Vibe between them.
10/18/2020 c13 Wine
The story is just getting better and better. Sesshomaru being the hunted instead of the hunter is very different. His demon powers just isn't enough to save him from us. 10/10 so far.
10/15/2020 c10 Critic
OK you have surpassed my expectations. When I saw the ending of the previous chapter thoughts of disappointments occurred was inevitable. Mama scaring off sesshomaru is a joke.
I mean the early chapters were very original. Sesshomaru finally understanding that as strong as he is, he's nothing compared of the human's thirst for destruction.
This chapter he's back searching for answers as to why demons are gone. Him saving a little girl is very noble of him.
The press knowing about him is going to be interesting. So far you're a 10/10.
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