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for Beginnings 4: The Bridal Killer

1/2 c17 Rose12
Nancy's anxiety is understandable considering everything she's went through, and when she's even more vulnerable right now. She needs to let herself heal. Wondering what this meeting is about...good chapter! & Happy New Year!
1/2 c17 14Jilsen
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, take your time and recover properly. You don't want to reinjury that leg! Glad Nancy agreed to be in the wedding.

Happy New Year to you and your family.
1/1 c17 7ErinJordan
Great chapter looking forward to what's next :)
1/1 c17 32Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
I'm glad everyone's all right, even if there is going to be some recovery time. Nancy has good reason to be nervous - after everything she's been through in this series, I'd be nervous, too! I assume the next chapter will be about this meeting. Hmm. I wonder what final things are going to be revealed. I'm looking forward to reading the ending! The final chapters of a story are always the toughest to write for me, for the same reason you give here: usually, I'm already super excited about the next story I'm going to write and want to just get writing it already! Happy New Year!
1/1 c17 54EvergreenDreamweaver
Happy New Year, stay safe and well, and have fun writing.
1/1 c17 max2013
Happy New Year! Glad all the Hardys are OK-looking forward to the wedding.
12/27/2020 c16 14Jilsen
Tense chapter. Some of these characters aren't too smart. Laura you should know it's not wise to anger the man holding a knife to your neck. And Joe! Now, he's hurt!

Oh my, oh my. Okay, so the nightmare is finally over and the killer confessed quite a bit to Fenton and the others. Now everyone can start putting the pieces of their lives back together.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful.
12/25/2020 c16 Rose12
What an action packed chapter! That was a psycho person. Hopefully Laura and Joe are okay. Merry Christmas!
12/24/2020 c16 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I'm surprised and disappointed with Fenton, Brady, and Joe, who keep forgetting to keep their eyes on Waylon and let him get the upper hand all the time! Fenton, fer Pete's sake, contain the perp FIRST!

Merry Christmas!
12/24/2020 c16 7ErinJordan
Please update soon looking forward to more of your stories. Merry Christmas!
12/24/2020 c16 max2013
DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD-yet you injured Joe and Laura not nice-thanx for the update Christmas gift-Hope came into the world that blessed night!
12/24/2020 c16 32Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Awesome climax! Waylon was definitely crazy. Plud, I'm glad Brady was able to redeem himself a bit. Now I just hope Laura and Joe are okay. It was a great Christmas present! Merry Christmas!
12/24/2020 c16 Candylou
At least the bridal killer was stopped and he won't be able to hurt anybody anymore. Good for Brady. Hopefully Laura, joe and the others aren't hurt too bad. Hopefully everyone can start healing now. Fantastic story!
12/24/2020 c16 Penlew
Dang you and your cliffhangers. Laura had better be okay
12/22/2020 c15 Rose12
Glad Nancy is awake..Wow, didn't really expect it to be the reporter, but I guess it makes sense. Not a smart move by him, creating a scene in plain sight in front of all these people. Poor Laura..Joe, do something!
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