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10/14/2020 c1 25the Composcreator
Took me a while this was the same author behind that alternate version of th Alola championship. Glad you decided to pause the idea for now. Can't wait to see what you do next
10/4/2020 c1 Shane
Holy shit son this is by far the best and funniest fanfic I’ve ever read also I’m totally 100 percent with you on betrayal fanfics there overused dead and old as fuck as well for fanfics of ash’s dad being Giovanni is also crippled one more thing if the dumbass writers of the anime give a some hints or other backstory to ash and who his father is it would’ve been or better yet his mother should just tell him that he never had a father and is not his real mother I mean it’s been almost 25 years and I mean really are the stupid writers going to reveal who ash’s father is or is he adopted by his mother ?but anyway keep up the great work and stay healthy;)!.
10/6/2020 c1 euojoukjoykjyuokjokjojkokyokjo
10/5/2020 c1 65Ri2
Well, that was funny. I look forward to seeing more of this.
10/4/2020 c1 17duskrider
Nice I am not a fan of the whole betrayal genre that evolved in fanfic. I mean I can get them drifting apart and ash feeling a bit stuck in a rut leading to him going some where new while bringing the older pokemon with since he is done trying to relive his journey leading to him forgetting to tell the others where he was going except maybe his mom and oak. Or heck maybe getting on the wrong plane/boat due to his legendary lack of a sense of direction that honest give the whole his is a unknowing psychic due to teleportation being the only way to make sense of just how he gets to places some times. Any way rant done. I did enjoy this through as I liked ash's three reasons for going after rocket along with all the delays he has.

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