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10/30/2021 c8 Northmanlv
Very interesting story so far
10/18/2021 c8 17DS2010
nice cliff
10/15/2021 c8 geekymom
Wonderful chapter! Thanks for sharing your time and talent.
9/7/2021 c7 Guest
Please update
7/19/2021 c7 dianaanne
5/26/2021 c7 Branchkk
Great update/ chapter. You're doing very well with the story. Hope to read more.
5/25/2021 c7 DS2010
agree dear old Voldermort is relentless
5/7/2021 c6 Smokeing
Android this 3 thank you look forward to more
4/14/2021 c6 Branchkk
Cool! Glad my ideas helped and looking forward to how the story plays out.
4/11/2021 c6 DS2010
Get the books Tony~
4/11/2021 c6 James Birdsong
Good chapter
3/19/2021 c5 Branchkk
You could spin it where the story coming alive and harry can be shown later lost in a unknown place where a navy shipman died at and he witnessed it. He be taken for witness protection and reveal his name and unknown how he got there.
3/3/2021 c5 Branchkk
Great story! One idea that is running through my mind. I remember a movie I once watched loooooong ago. The main characters one evil one good because the evil killed the good with his own sentient sword which absorbed the souls dying from the blade. The blade couldn't take his owners so he took both the evil and the good to the future where a new battle took place only this time the good one won. You could play it up with possibly harry dying before he should and both were transferred to the future. Some way ziva met harry which led to voldemort seeking out to eliminate ziva. It's possible hopefully. You don't have to play with the idea. If it stinks you won't hurt my feelings at all. I'm really not that great at writing plots or stories so one guess to another guess. It popped up possibly in my mind.
3/3/2021 c5 James Birdsong
3/3/2021 c5 DS2010
It's magic Gibbs
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