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for War of Flavors

9/19 c2 SugamDewan
Nice story
9/9 c2 Uncle Dork
Well damn, might have to rewatch food wars
8/31 c2 Guest
8/25 c2 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
Delicious! There is something so, I don't know, quite engaging about this particular CoB Naruto fic. Probably it's slice of life vibes that come from Shokugeki no Soma. I LOVE IT!
8/15 c2 Iwea
I find it truly amazing as always, this story has a lot of potential to be even more better than ever, also if I can suggest someone that you might like, maybe try Aunt Cass from big hero 6 since she’s a phenomenal baker and cook as well, if you have seen a creator called Dezmall you can think of an idea that you’ll love and she’ll make sense since food wars will have a sexy milf like her and it’ll be even better if Azumi is cucked away from her due to the more superior Naruto, how does that sound?
8/12 c2 Guest
8/9 c2 8Komod0-Sensei
God DAMN that's the shit! I must admit, from the first story of your I've read, I've been quite envious of your ability to write stories where the protag is unquestionably the top dog form the get-go, AND he gets a harem of basically any girl who has scene time, WITH actual lemons, which are ACTUALLY awesome to read! It's the sort of story that, in truth, we all long to write some day.

The difference is you actually pull it off! You write what everybody craves just as much as you crave it, and you get away with it like a rock star! How do you do it?

No, don't tell me! That would be me trying too hard to do what somebody else does. Like anybody else, I just need to do it being me, so that's what I'll do! You, in the mean time... you rock on, you absolute party animal you!
8/8 c2 John Mathew Adam
update update
8/8 c1 John Mathew Adam
good story
8/5 c2 Tera12
Great chapter xD Cant wait for more
8/3 c2 Guest
Please update Curse of Boredom it is a really great story that deserves to be continued.
8/3 c2 Alexander Agreste
I'll be waiting for the next chapter
8/1 c2 Titfrrak
Ain't it fun to watch grayfia and Erza go at it like a bunch of thirsty hoes?
8/1 c2 Guest
Love it lmao.
8/1 c2 Dalal
Da hame kunesh kerrsh lol
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