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for War of Flavors

7/30 c2 Landon Turoski
Thanks for the great storys man
7/30 c2 Guest
Pure gold!
7/30 c2 VongolaJoe
Good chapter can’t wait to see how Grayfia reacts to Alice even thought it might be a couple of chapters till she shows up.
7/30 c2 yuya
thanks for the chapter.
7/30 c2 Guest
Grayfia is hilarious lmao
7/30 c2 Kusghil
Pa da kuna kuna ye warmanda
Pa da kuna kuna ye qarmanda
Pa da khula ye tre basa
Pa de khula ye tre basa
7/30 c2 Guest
Keep going forward.
7/30 c2 adam3565
never watched food wars before, but this is nice.
7/30 c2 Kurogami Yaiba
7/30 c2 1MellowSheep
Loved The Chapter!
7/30 c2 Dasgun
7/30 c2 Gin-N-Coke
Always enjoy reading fics such as yours, NoodleHammer and NeonZangetsu's. Must say you' three are my favorite authors on this god forsaken website/app. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful rest of your 2021!
7/30 c2 Theshaman
Great chapter like always nice to see erina this early in the story. really looking forward to more chapters hope you you have a good day
7/30 c2 Apocalypse98
Good chapter bro
7/30 c2 Jake334
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