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4h c22 Vwchick
Such a great chapter! I really hope they decide to test “Aegon” blackfyre with the dragons! I can see him being either a giant BBQ or eaten as BBQ by the dragons. I’m really not seeing Dany or Rhager just giving up their throne to a stranger who says he’s a relative. Aemon and Sheira wouldn’t let them either. I don’t think it’s gonna go how Varys or Ilyro think it’s going to go.
Thank you so much! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/27 c22 Dunk an Egg
Good chapter. It felt like it was kind of place holder, but also slightly moved the plot forward. The happenings beyond the wall are probably the same as canon/your other fics and will result in some kind of agreement between Rhaegar and Mance.
I really can't see how assured Varys is that things will happen exactly as he predicted. There are so many still alive and in King's Landing who would've seen Aegon as a baby that will deny that he is who he says he is. Poor Aegon will be met with skepticism, scorn and derision when he did nothing wrong himself and was just manipulated by those he trusted.
Cat and Sansa should arrive in time for Rhaegar to return and a coronation to take place. Just because he won the war doesn't mean he can flout protocol and dismiss a crowning. Looking forward to that.
Good stuff. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to more as always.
6/27 c22 Don't like accts
Poor FAegon, I really like how earnest and well meaning he's portrayed in this. At this point I'm hoping his fate ends well for him. I'm sure there's a keep available to give him and, who knows, maybe one of his kids could marry one of Rhaegar and Dany's kids. A Targaryen/Blackfyre reconciliation. Hey! Aegon generally always starts his conquest with Storms End, and there's a vacancy. A Blackfyre is about as distantly related as a Baratheon.
6/27 c22 3RHatch89
Awesome update :) I hope the Faegon plot is resolved without Jon or Dany giving up their rights in Faegon's favor. I am also willing to bet that Arthur knows exactly what Aegon Targaryen looked like as Rhaegar's best friend, and would be able to call out a fake, because even from canon-point, Rhaegar was closer to Arthur than he was to Jon Connington despite Connington's feelings. Also given that Ashara was close to Elia, means Arthur spent much of his time with Elia and her children alongside his sister, at least until Ashara returned to Starfall and Arthur was sent to guard Lyanna.
6/27 c22 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
6/27 c22 Lannister
*Kapitel,Es ist ungerecht, sollte mein blöder Computer rüberbringen.
6/27 c22 Lannister
Gutes die Lannisters alles verlieren sollen ist passiert mit Jaime,Tommen,Myrcella?Sorry aber wenn Jonerys jetzt zu Ende gehen würde mit Danys &Kindern Tod wäre das schön.
6/27 c22 1Celexs Draconia
So much happening in this chapter. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with Aegon and the Rhaegar that is going to be very interesting. This appeared to settle slightly and then news from the wall, this is going to be entertaining moving forward.

6/27 c22 finkarhu
Thanks for the chapter
6/18 c1 tsougrhs.59
ahh really now? you named him rhaegar?
6/18 c1 tsougrhs.59
ahh.. do we know why jon was/is arrogant when he was at wall?
till now the canon was same so why he was like some theon greyjoy and tho he was to good to be a steward of the lord commander?
5/16 c21 spstrader1
I love what you have done with the characters and the plot you are leading towards. As much as I hate the addition of a “living” Aegon, I feel it adds depth and turmoil needed to rival some of GRR Martins gut wrenching events. The truth is, if he is true Jon and Dany will welcome him with open arms. I do not see them handing him their crown though.
I adore the dragons and the addition of the children. Of the forest to persuade the nights watch.
Overall I cannot wait to read more! Thank you for your hard work
5/8 c21 xan-merrick
Great chapter I like that given all the reasons to support Rhaegar you could take that all away and Maege would still support him for the simple reason that he's Lyanna's son. You have to give Olenna credit all her carefully layed plans go up in smoke and she still trying to figure out away to survive. Really looking forward to fAegon finding out the truth that he is a lie, i like that Tyrion is smart enough to see the cracks in fAegon's story and also realise that while he knew Jon Snow, Jon Snow is gone and only Rhaegar Targaryen remains and he's a whole different animal.
can't wait for more
5/4 c21 KEB
Interesting perspectives. I would prefer more King/Queen perspectives, but its not my story. Thanks for writing!
5/2 c21 Dunk an Egg
Good chapter. Not surprised that Olenna turned on the Lannisters. That seemed inevitable. A quick end to the war, but still possibly one to come unless Rhaegar burns Stannis' fleet.
Tyrion really sees right through the story. Far too many holes to be legit and they've already had one hidden dragon be revealed. People wouldn't believe there were two and no one associated who knew Elia would believe that she was fine with one of her children escaping and not the other. I always end up feeling a little bad for Faegon in some of these stories. He's been lied to and used. Like here, he seems to really want to have a brother, but that's going to blow up in his face. It's going to be quite a blow when all of these men claim he is not who he thinks he is.
Keep up the great work.
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