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4h c7 xan-merrick
Great new chapters i love how you have Jon fulfil the prophecies of waking dragons from stone and wielding lightbringer by Skargos meaning stone and renaming Cannibal Lightbringer very original and well thought out. Loved Sansa's reaction to seeing a unicorn. I can't wait for the story of how Jon walking into Kingslanding and took her sister from right in front of the Lannister's. I loved the reaction of the people of Skargos to Jon. Looking forward to Jon etc arriving on Dragonstone and seeing the reaction to the Ravens informing the world of his existence
Can't wait for more.
3/3 c7 WarChicken
Thank you for the update! As always, excellent chapter!
3/3 c7 WarChicken
Thank you for the update! As always, excellent chapter!
3/3 c7 deoxeyses
Very nice
3/3 c7 xand007
And soon the dragons will fly and the first war will begin.
I can see Robb wanting the best for the North and his family and hopefully he will see a northern King sitting on the throne with Stark blood will do the best for his family and the people of the north.
Four dragons, armies of the south, north and east the Lannister's had best start running.
Fire and Blood.
I wonder if Light bringer can do the slurping noise Hannibal did in the movie? LOL.
Keep Safe, Keep Sane (and give Cannibal a bottle of chianti and some fava beans )
3/2 c7 KEB
Another wonderful chapter. The plot development is much different than most stories. I like the development of the magic between Dany and Jon and Lightbringer.
3/2 c7 poucaroupa
This author is truly my favorite, Brilliant history's.
3/2 c7 4Freakdogsflare
I loved the story, and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Jon is going to marry Dany, Robb will marry Margaery, and Sansa will marry Garlan? Or Willas?

Arya will marry Gendry, and Rickon will marry Lyanna Mormont?
3/1 c7 18Toroka25
Man this series is amazing and I'm loving every bit of it! up!
3/1 c7 Guest
Absolutely loved this chapter! Out of your Jonaerys stories this one is my favorite. Starting at the beginning here allows you to really go crazy with the plot and I'm loving it! I love your other one as well but you're constrained by the plot of the show to season 8 so some of the characters are fixed into a certain mindset and past events happened in a set way. Loved Both Jon and Dany flying on their dragons and their interactions through dreams but I cannot wait for them to meet in person nor can I wait for the reactions of the realm to Jon's claim. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how the Tyrell's react with how they've handled themselves so far. Are they so desperate to make Margaery Queen that they'll stick with the Lannister's or try to match her with Jon even though he's spoken for? They really are fickle. Can't wait to see. Keep it up!
3/1 c7 1tfranco9
I almost forget about this story! First I was devouring The Dragon Club, then I was reading again and again Live as a Wolf (seriously I must have read that story twenty times already, I just love so much, best first chapter ever!)! So when I came back to this one I found 3 new chapters waiting for me and I was so happy! This one is so amazing! I almost forgot how much I love it (Because your other stories are so great too, lol)! I’m adoring every chapter of this one! Is gonna be so interesting seeing Robb and Cat dealing with the truth about Jon! I can’t hardly wait! And next chapter is finally Danny and Jon together! How can’t I wait for so many goodies! Pleaaaaaaase don’t make me wait too long! I need more! And sorry that sometimes I forgot to leave a comment in the new chapters, is just sometimes I have to read the whole story again because that last chapter was so amazing and forgot to comment! Lol! But I’m still in so much love with those stories! They are amazing! This one even has the potential to suppress Live as a Wolf as my new favorite, so many amazing things happening here and more beloved characters still alive! I don’t know I just love the way that you made that horrible end in something great! I guess I’ll have to love both! And TDC too! Of course! I really love that one too! But those two are for sure my new favorites ever! Thanks so much for it! And pleaaaaaaase more soon! I need them to live!
3/1 c7 1Celexs Draconia
This whole story is such a different feel than other stories I've read. I really like the bits of history and world build that this chapter brought in, and I am looking forward to the reactions of the rest of the realm on Jon's announcement. Excellent work as usual.

3/1 c7 bloodline 69
Good start to the Targaryen royal family coming back to regain their crown and home
3/1 c7 Anbu22
Great chapter!
3/1 c7 Guest
Awesome chapter I can’t wait for John and Danny to meet
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