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for The Winter King and the Queen of Summer

9/19 c27 1victoria.terreros
My dearest friend! This is one of those stories that I love because of the characters you have added.
The set of 5 human dragons is beautiful. I love it, as well as Ghost and Nymeria and Grey Wind. YOu have managed the Starks, Martells, Tyrells and the rest of the big and great houses in a very nice way.
And now the big war is waiting! Can't wait to see the babes born and the true war with all its us and downs. Take care my friend!
6/30 c11 LyannaMormont47
Marrying Dany is politically the stupidest thing Rhaegar could do.
6/13 c27 Tiffanie Hartley
Please please please UPDATE!
6/8 c27 6otherworlder81
I’ve binged this whole thing. Love it, can’t wait for the update.
5/31 c6 Guest
Awesome chapter, thanks a lot!
5/31 c5 Guest
I am delighted reading this!
5/28 c27 lord of the east
This was an amazing fic!
5/2 c24 Audax protector
Ned Stark's situation is pretty complicated in itself. To me he did right to declare him his bastard and take him north. Why, the North had just come out of a war, Ned had lost his father and brothers plus the fact that no Lord would have declared for a baby. Viserys was 9 years old when Rhaella declared him King and even then he had no support, why would I, a Lord, support a baby who could be dead tomorrow from catching a fever at night for a throne when the damn trident demon was in its physical and governmental peak? Ned could have built Jon a fortress, could have told Cat the truth, but going to war for Jon's right to rule would everyone see with doubt?
4/29 c6 3Lamreal
Loving this so far, but you have mistakenly gone with Rhaegar first of his name, he would at best be second of his name, not sure about any other Rhaegars in the Targaryen line
4/24 c27 JUANMARTIN202000
es muy bueno y tiene puntos increibles que son interpretaciones novedosas. espero leer mas cuando se pueda. seria interesante que danc y egg vieran este mundo o que los personajes de juegos de trono de la septima teporada vieran esta historia pensaba en jon , dany, sansa, arya. espero que continue es interesante como siendo rey fue mas facil para jon ayudar a la gente libre, nada mas que decir esepto espero leer mas a pronto
4/19 c12 Guest
4/18 c27 Swiftorofshadows
Amazing chapter as always!
4/16 c27 Guest
As usual, you wrote another amazing story. After the Dragon Cub I always looked forward to your stories, theyre all different in the themes, elements and the characters that appear. Hoping to see more of this story soon :)
4/10 c27 19orthankg1
Very nice
4/8 c27 Dunk an Egg
Great chapter and really enjoyed the complete demolition of the GC. Bloodraven proved to be as ruthless as I thought and his words before the battle certainly created a stir.
Euron will really be in for a shock if he tries to attack or take a dragon. Bloodraven will be all over his ass before he has a chance. I'm looking forward to seeing how all of that unfolds and see the twins born. It's always nice when a story can slow down a bit and have family moments instead of full on war all the time. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to those next updates.
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