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for Down the Rabbit-Hole

5/21 c11 Allytb420
I'm rereading this fic and it is even more enjoyable the second time around! I LOVE this chapter, it is absolutely beautiful!
2/27 c20 30Sparky She-Demon
I am a massive lover of happy endings, and this is one of the happiest I have gotten to read!
2/27 c19 Sparky She-Demon
Aww! Love the cuteness!
2/27 c18 Sparky She-Demon
At least it was his parents and his father will never let them hear the end of it!
2/27 c17 Sparky She-Demon
Oh boy! Who walked in on them?
2/27 c16 Sparky She-Demon
I am loving this story and I love your pen name!
11/1/2023 c20 15Curlieque
With the website being flakey with notifications lately, I didn't know that the epilogue had posted! Another wedding fake-out - I know I've seen that at least once, and maybe twice, before, in Anne fanfic. I'm like, not again... but I get it, wanting to avoid the obvious - and this is a trip down the rabbit hole, after all, not a stroll down Obvious Lane. ;-)

Once again, there's a lovely descriptive sentence - "The memory was like the momentary flash of a photographer, lighting up his heart." How you craft these out of thin air, is a talent I envy.

Thank you so much for the enjoyable read!
10/23/2023 c20 AnneNGil
Such a fun wrap up to the story! This whole story makes me feel in a world of tightly coiled springs being sprung and bobble heads constantly on the bobble.

Love this glimpse into the future and all of the couples with their kids.

Well done!
10/17/2023 c20 yunarthur
What a lovely surprise to see this update! Once again this website failed me, both for story update & PM notifications...

It's always sad when a story ends, because we'll have no more of these beloved characters. But it's also so satisfying that you brought your story to a close and that it will be living here and in our hearts, *whole*. This epilogue feels just like a tight embrace, the same kind that you abundantly describe here.

Gilbert's gaze on his beautiful family warmed my heart. I couldn't stop smiling knowing there was a Joy (though it sounds like she still had a complicated birth...), and a Jem, and Walter, and the twins! I'm wondering about their timeline here, and I'm assuming the perfect Green Gables wedding Gilbert is alluding to three years ago is his with Anne right? 5 children in 3 years? Or did they start their family before being married? I may be reading something wrong here, I apologize if that's the case!
Oooooooh. OK. I see what you did here now that I'm reading the end of the chapter! I LOVE what you did here, playing with our knowledge of canon and writing in between! Maybe it's just because English isn't my mother tongue so I may be a bit slow, but that last part of the chapter on the TWINS, aka Joy and Jem, made me squeal!

I also just realized Jem Gardner is named JEM, lol silly me! I've recenty read eliza's Happiness series, and that reminded me of Jem & Faith naming their first born Sam after the man who saved Jem's life in 1918.
I've come to adore all the Blythe (and Meredith) children and it's always a treat when they're mentioned in a story. And now that Gilbert has resigned from his hospital position and is heading to the Glen St Mary for general practice, I'll be happily imagining that there is another family heading there as well.

"Home was – for one more day - a handsome house on a pretty, treelined street close to the hospital, and Gilbert glanced out as they passed that familiar façade, nursing his own fragile feelings." : you capture so delicately the feeling of closing a chapter in one's life... a city house isn't the life for your family, Gilbert! Hopefully soon you'll be certain of it and that fragility will fade away.

I love the intimacy of the last scene in the bedroom. I will always be fond of this dynamic between them, all so tender and teasing and "fingers through beloved curls". The way you tie everything up with Moody back at the beginning is fun and perfect. It made me click on "chapter 1" just to remember that part, read months ago.

Thank you so much for this story! It's always great to know that you are writing.
This update made my day!

PS : I DID think for a moment this would be the Anne & Gilbert wedding chapter, oh masterful Cheshire cat! :)
10/15/2023 c20 g
You absolutely outdid yourself with this excellent storybook ending. I can't thank you enough for the way you tied up loose ends. For some unknown reason, I no longer get the reminders to my e-mail when I follow them. And, this was always one of my favorites. I also count you as my favorite writer and encourage you to continue with your unique view of Anne's family and their adventures. The only suggestion I might offer is a taste of sexuality would be welcome. Please stay well my dear friend.
10/13/2023 c20 6DrinkThemIn
WHAT?! How did I miss this notification!
You gave me all of the things you know I love! Ahh I’m losing it!

Thank you!
10/13/2023 c20 Guest
Thank you so much I really really enjoyed reading this perfect ending.
10/12/2023 c20 AvonleaBrigadoon
Smile away for I did think Gilbert was waiting for Anne to walk up the aisle. I have really enjoyed this story, as I have all of your Anne stories. Thank you for finishing it! When I have a bit more time I'm going to start at the beginning again so I can read it through in one sitting because it deserves that continuity.
10/12/2023 c20 bibliophilia1
What a very satisfying ending-especially those last few bits with the call back to Moody's sounding of the tocsin. I had forgotten the scene, and it all came rushing right back! I am just for these fall months living in Oxford in the UK and encountering Alice and Lewis Carroll everywhere, and even read the book to my children last month, so it was particularly special to wrap up this delightful amalgamation of Anne and Alice right here. Thank you for all of the enjoyment I have had from this sweet story over these last few years. Very well done yet again!
10/12/2023 c20 16Parnokianlipstic
This was a delightful surprise in itself, and the fact that I read this on JC and JA's birthday is just a lovely bonus. But now for this epilogue; It was an alluring mix of things, a lovely community that Anne and Gil had built over the years, in Kingsport, and naturally the Gardners were in on it, especially Dorothy and her husband. References to other members of the Gardner clan got me in stitches, because you make it an elaborate canvas of elaborate mix of glit, gossip and cattiness so very well, that is one of the essence of certain persons in that family.

References to Gilbert's busy career, which after a few years, Glen and Great Uncle Dave's practice awaits them, and the children, have come. This was like a delicious layered cake that needs multiple readings, but as you always have the voices of the characters were totally on point, and in the middle of it all Anne and Gilbert's love glowed, and it was wonderful that this chapter ended with a romantic laugh and an intimate moment, because really, Gil owed Moody , so very much, as he said, in his impish Bythian way and this was a charming conclusion to this narrative.

So, so lovely!

I hope you have a peaceful late autumn.
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