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for Lightning, Part 1

8/4 c5 SwordMeetPen
can I ask what the obsession is with so many authors having him heir to all the houses? I'm opened minded but usually it serves no real purpose besides oooh look at me. I'm Harry potter-pevrell-black- sly... ect. and I own all the gold in the world now and I also own hogwarts and thus are even more special but nothing happens from it.

not saying your story will go that route. just hope it plays a good role.
7/29 c12 2Pinkypi
Lightning just feels blargh. That's why Static is called Static Shock. I honestly have no clue what you'd call him except Lightning. Though my first two thoughts would be Hex to encapsulate all of his abilities including magic or Stryker since he strikes with both the force of lightning and telekentic power.
7/28 c5 Pinkypi
I missed the clue. Though I don't know if you knew this or not but there is still a Potter Branch family in America. I believe Abraham Potter was one of the first American Aurors. Though they'd be pretty well off too if they maintained the tradition you've placed here. I like that you're putting down the groundwork though. A lot of people just go BOOM here's yah money have fun kid.

The closest thing I can assume about the money is that by having so much he can be one of the movers in the world with a say so when the issues with mutants and such come up.

I also like the way it was done for him to find out. Dumbledore accurately feel like the trust fund was enough for now and that the Potter accounts wouldn't add that much and it's not like he could do much anyways until he was 17. Since in this case the knowledge was hidden from everyone except the main branch of the Potters. Also you could come back to this spot and change the footnote to say he's blood from the main family seeing as how Sirius' Grandfather and Harry's Grandmother are brother and sister and therefore part of the main line for the Black family. As you have Jame's listed as Charlus which I assume is the grandfather you went with instead of Fleamont?
7/28 c3 Pinkypi
I like the concept. I like the story and your writing is well done. Thank you for sharing your work :D I think I'm imagining like the base events. Like Magneto and Charle's start happening at the original time. But then like a longer time period before he got established and finding students to teach with the X-men we know most popularly from the old days being born later and such with the exception of a few like Wolverine who was born in the 1800s i think.
7/16 c37 Capecodmercury
Love year three and looking forward to year 4. As an aside, I bought far too many X Men and associated titles in the late 80's and early 90's for my kids to collect. My daughter got back into it when her kids were old enough and I empathize with your statement on how hard it is to catch up to the changes.

But with all of that, I do suggest a chapter (or arc) title that was used many times during the past 60 years of X Men and has become a catch phrase of sorts. "Welcome to the X Men (Harry Potter, Storm, etc.), hope you survive the experience!"
4/9 c27 nightwing27
I found out whats the secert of of dumbledore is in fantastic beast but don't worry I won't say it until you see it I thought it will be all of dumbledore secerts between him and grindlewald but its something else
3/22 c36 Leonard Scott
excellent excellent read thank you
3/15 c32 erozoth
It is sad really. You made the world more real, more logical, the people are not dumb to the level of the comics or the canon HP but you stayed with the stupid banter between heroes and villains, kept the stupid thing where people are simply "knocked out" for seconds sometimes and then just retreat to fight another day, endlessly.
This is so boring. There are so many villains in marvel but by chapter 32 you already recycled the same one 3 or 4 times.
It's so pointless, should have kept it the usual retard level of stupid people have in the original, at least then I would have dropped it early and not have high expectations that this will be real.
Don't give reasons of "they are kids, they are "heroes"" and all that bs. If they are kids is the reason they should not be fighting, anyone.
If it is the "heroes" bs, even if they do not kill on purpose with their powers, this fights, no one ever dies? By accidents, they all have perfect control of their power.

It is just so sad and stupid, to put so much effort into a story then keeping such a made up plot device. And it IS a plot device, made by the original authors so they can recycle enemies and make more money easily, not out of some logic, ffs even soldiers in that world use guns and I have no doubt in wars people die.
3/15 c27 erozoth
It feels that choosing Harry Potter, up till now, was mostly pointless since magic takes a back seat. Mutant powers might be more powerful in some but magic is still more versatile and it doesn't seem to be used or trained much or at all.
He can teleport with magic...
3/14 c18 erozoth
They really talk to much with the enemies. Comics I get, but that should stay away from decent novels.
3/3 c6 1kittyranma
Hum what did Harry see on the investment list, I'd say grunnings. Now the board won't let Dumbledore institute physical education classes... Harry owns the school he can override that. He should also replace the old dangerous brooms for flying classes. Oh and replace Binns.
3/3 c5 kittyranma
Oh my with that much money you could place bounties on the death eaters that bought their way out of prison.
2/23 c20 15Rainy Ravenclaw
I know this chapter is older by now, but I had a thought. Actually, they'd have had the chance to see Wormtail BEFORE Ron ever went to Hogwarts, since Percy had him first and, we can assume, he would have taken him to Hogwarts as well! The twins say the stole the map in their first year, when Harry was 9. Surely by that year, or the next at the latest, they could have seen Wormtail with Percy? Total plothole there, but it makes sense the map was thought up alongside, and not before, the 3rd book.
2/15 c37 nightwing27
it be cool to do a huge team up in my story of justice league and avengers and have sirius come face to face with gordan get it lol and human torch with captian america lol
2/15 c35 nightwing27
the story the real us where harry and hermione retell their 7 years since the idiot percy try to have them arrested lol is the only story I found where umibridge is good and friends with lily, james, sirius and remus in the story she was hding her real self lol
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