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for Lightning, Part 1

2/15 c34 nightwing27
I worder what made sir patrick stawart unretire to play the professor again he said logan was the last time hell play him
2/15 c31 nightwing27
the good is about the other story lily and james ere alive the idiot ask others what harry twin fate will be and he choose to have him be a hated twin and died
2/15 c30 nightwing27
or better yet maybe I should have good dumbledore and not have force the potters to sent their child away and not favor one
2/15 c24 nightwing27
I still can't believe chadwick boseman is dead he will always be black pather forever
2/14 c3 nightwing27
based on the new tailer of doctor starge 2 patrick stawart is un retiring as professor X
2/10 c37 Talonwalker
Great story! Really enjoyed it!
2/9 c15 Talonwalker
Just wanted to let you know the story is great! Started reading after you completed and then decided to put something up at least to raise your review count in case the numbers matter to you!
1/19 c5 nightwing27
can't wait to rty a cross over with x-men and make a story almost like Exta power twin but unlike that story the potters will not allow dumbledore corpt their child and tell them that one of their children is sqib and needs to be sent away which the potter won't
1/17 c37 WhiteEagle1985
A great omake here!
1/16 c37 7Royslady51
Now, drop Dumbledore into Middle Earth.
1/9 c36 17DRAGONDAVE45
Awesome! I can't wait to start reading Part-2!
I do hope that you will eventually bring in Colossus, Kurt, and Kitty as new students/X-men as well, and Logan/Wolverine as a combat & survival instructor as he is in "X-Men: Evolution".
12/30/2021 c36 nightwing27
cant wait to write a story like Extra power twin but unlike that story the potters will not allow dumbledore to control and drive one of the twins insane and they wont send the other away good thing I have all day to write stories I wish I work or had social life I dont need to work
12/20/2021 c36 ddsurvivor
So have you decided on a date for Parts 2 & 3 yet? if not that's fine. I will just read it again in 2-3 months, like I did for this week. Was a very good read, to spend time on. like most of your work, regardless that some are short.
12/11/2021 c31 DRAGONDAVE45
I'm really enjoying this story! I realize that you're focusing on the original team, but MAYBE you could accelerate the arrival of a few later members if the context works? Having recently touched on the Music scene with Cobain's death at the time, Dazzler would be a reasonable choice. And with Magneto taking the Brotherhood international now, how about Nightcrawler and Colossus? In Colossus' case there's the added potential of his sister Ilyana being a witch slated to attend Durmstrang! Finally, with his decades(possibly over a century!) of experience, I could totally see Xavier bring on Logan/Wolverine as a new instructor.
10/11/2021 c36 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very nicely done. Looking forward to where you go from here.
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