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for Lightning, Part 1

10/1/2021 c36 Dragoness2525
Having grown up in a DC family, I was only ever peripherally aware of the Marvel universe. However, I'm familiar with it enough to appreciate how you've reached through the Wayback machine and incorporated the history and origins of the characters I remember. I'm looking forward to Part 2 when it's released.
10/1/2021 c36 13ALPHA02FURY97
Hey Will this have a Sequel?
8/15/2021 c1 3Wargthorne
I really liked this story and I can't wait for the sequel! I'm very ignorant when it comes to Marvel/X-Men stuff so it's all new to me and I really enjoyed reading this. Your grammar and spelling is top notch compared to a lot of writers on here. Keep up the good work!
8/3/2021 c27 Jose19
The only that is missing is that mutants are normally hated by humans .
8/3/2021 c7 Jose19
The original X-men had Marcel girl or simply known as Jean Grey but where is she.
8/3/2021 c1 Jose19
I don’t mind the X-men being The original they were quite special.

The power of Harry almost resembles Storm due to a lightning bolt being used.
7/24/2021 c5 12Isebas
Sorry to say this chapter is where you lost me. When I first started out reading Harry Potter fanfics I loved the OP!Lordofeveryhouse!HP. Now I just sigh and roll my eyes. Similar to harem stories. They have to be really well written for me to read them anymore.
6/14/2021 c17 Mutant Ascension
Well Harry learning Wandless magic is very smart, and this is what I was saying about the Magical world being a bug place with a different culture than magical Britain. As according to J. K. Rowling most of the magical world across the planet uses Wandless magic and wands are only popular in Europe and North America. And all the rest of the magical world only see wands as useful tools rather something important or crucial for a Wizards/Witches. So Harry can always get a tutor from anywhere else in the world aside from those two continents. He could get someone like Dr. Strange but they are Sorcerers and Sorceress not Wizards and Witches, though I do think Harry should learn Sorcery since the more he is capable of the more powerful and versatile he will be.

that hit against Malfoy was gold, Hus dad and Sirius would be proud.
6/14/2021 c12 Mutant Ascension
I'm not going to lie this whole concept of them exercising their bodies to make their powers get stronger makes absolutely no sense to me and I don't see how it makes sense to anyone for that matter because Harry doesn't have any kind of a mutation that gives him superhuman strength and durability therefore there can be no connection between his body and his mutant powers and his magic because he has the weak ass body of a human even if he trained until he was a physically buff as Dwayne "The Rock" he would still not see any real increase in his powers because he still weak. He would probably need to train enough to be as strong as a freaking silverback gorilla (which is impossible even for a wizard or or mutant or hybrid of the two that doesn't have special circumstances to help them out) to see any real increase in his powers.

Now if you would like Magneto that would make sense since with Magneto in order for him to use the full capabilities of its powers his body has to be healthy granted using his full power still places a great deal of strain on its body however if his body's weekend over he's injured in any way he can't use much of his power because his body simply can't handle the strain of it that make sense. And it's also unfortunate for him at the same time because that means as you get older he will eventually become a glass Cannon all that power but he can't use any of it really because it's body is old and weak and can't handle it.

Now when you say that Harry's Powers increase as his body gets stronger or a Wizard's magic increase as your body gets stronger I don't really think you're thinking that through it all not trying to be an a****** but seriously if that's the case then Dumbledore would be weak as hell he would not be one of the most if not the most powerful wizard in the world because he's over a hundred years old and the Headmaster before Dumbledore naturally live to be almost 400 years old that means that his magic would have been so weak that I freaking toddler with her which would be stronger than him. So clearly there's no connection between the body of a wizard and the strength of their magic because it makes no sense the human body can only get so strong that means that magic or in this case Harrison mutant abilities would never really be able to grow that much because his physical body can only grow so much with exercise unless you plan to use steroids on him to increase his strength and durability beyond Human limits then he would never get any more powerful by physically exercising because it makes no sense once again his body is just too weak now if he's exercising for the sake of stamina that makes sense because the more stamina he has the more he can use his powers before he gets exhausted.

But the whole concept of him physically exercising his body will translate into his powers becoming stronger somehow makes no sense to me. Because going by that logic that was mean that Omega Level mutants like Magneto or Jean Grey or storm or Bobby or Xavier himself (which is honestly amazing really considering he is paralyzed from the waist down) are physically strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk or something without use of their powers because that means they have had to trained their body's to insane degrees to increase their power to the point where they can use their power to affect the entire planet and Beyond.

Now if you said that he will have to continually exercising his powers that being he have two regular continue to use his powers over and over again and push themselves to their limits and then exceeded that would make sense.
6/13/2021 c11 Mutant Ascension
The line about the prophecy not coming through if Voldemort in Harry decide to just walk away from each other is honestly nonsense for the simple fact that even if they decided to do that at the end of the day for two more to go is still through the entire magical world across the entire planet and obviously Harry would come into conflict with him because I highly doubt he would want to be ruled over by the man that murdered both of his parents that's assuming of course he decide not to go after Voldemort for revenge for murdering his parents. So let's say Harry decide to move to the Muggle World instead on this day of read a couple of these stories and if it makes sense to me because I don't see why people would think Harry would want to live among the Mongols really don't know well thought-out idea considering the worst period in his life has been in the Muggle world even with what he experienced in the Magical World his greatest moments of Joy with still in the medical world when he didn't get into some mess that was life threatening that is. And at the end of the day he's still a wizard and an extremely powerful one at that I honestly don't see why he would want to live amongst people that have no idea what he is is it would be a miserable life quite frankly not to mention the heat up the constantly hide what he is and is capable of even in this story with him also being a mutant it would still not honestly be a happy life for him because she is also going to have to hide the fact that he's a mutant in public.

As for what Dumbledore said in the book C and D did say that but unless that was pretty much a quote from JK Rowling herself I think we can chalk that up to Dumbledore's arrogance because contrary to popular belief the man doesn't know everything after all he thought that necromancy was a useless art and yeah Baltimore was able to bring himself back from the dead and he was certainly dead so he did actually come back from the debt and Grindelwald wanted to make an army of inferi he failed however Voldemort succeeded where he failed so Voldemort disprove Dumbledore's dismissal of necromancy as a useless art or that no one can come back from the dead by use of magic and just like he's wrong about necromancy pretty sure he's also wrong about prophecy as he's not a Seer nor is he a member of the in speakable stuffed house spend freaking centuries apparently studying prophecy so he has no idea how prophecies truly work. From an objective point of view it seems that the prophecy is only being fulfilled because Voldemort chose to attack Harry but at the end of the day Dumbledore or anyone else for that matter I have no idea what factors were at play that led to what happened or for that matter what knowledge Voldemort may have gained over his years of searching for power that led to his strong belief in the certainty of true Prophecy that he would stop what he was doing just a hunt down a child to kill them because of the prophecy. All we know is that the prophecy is a true prophecy regardless if it was Voldemort actions that said it into play or not even if Voldemort hadn't chosen to go after Harry for all we know at some point in the future him and Harry would have come into conflict and the prophecy would have taken place then theirs just too many factors at play for Dumbledore to say for sure that this is the only reason why it's happening. But that's my opinion on that matter anyway.

Wow the Harry training of an X-Men would certainly make him a lot stronger I'm not going to lie unless he's on a mega loving you and I'm not really seeing how that's going to help him much especially if he's a member of the X-Men most of his battles will be against other mutants and mutants are generally one-trick ponies unless they have secondary mutation is like Harry in this have 2 or three abilities and that's not actually going to prepare me for fighting against a wizard that as the ability to use any spell they have the knowledge and skill to perform especially against someone like Voldemort that has a large large knowledge of powerful spells so I certainly hope that his magical education and magical combat will be a major Focus as well instead of just his mutant and hand-to-hand combat training and you should definitely throw some weapons training into their too considering he's going to run into a lot of Humans / Muggles that will want him dead and or captured and experimented on.

And the thought has struck me considering the Sentinels are able to scan for the X genes would they be able to scan for the M genes as well? Or would they be unable to identify because magic and Technology don't mix well Wizard / Witches Magic and Technology don't mix because sorcery doesn't really seem to negatively affect technology at all.
6/13/2021 c10 Mutant Ascension
I highly doubt that Voldemort and Stephen Strange would ever have even encountered each other as long as Stephen Strange stay out of his way and quite frankly he has no reason to enter The Wizarding World in the first place considering the Wizarding World is filled with actual magical people and Stephen Strange best could be considered a Channeler because he's not actually magical he merely channels energy threw himself to perform his spells he has no actual magic of his own and there's the fact that Voldemort had literally zero interest in the Muggle world he had no intention of ruling it he did not care about it as long as it was not a threat to the magical world that he wanted to rule because that was his only goal to take over the magical world not the other one not the whole world that was within the walls thing he wanted to rule both magical and mothers are like Voldemort only wanted to rule the magical world I honestly don't see where the mistake is with this issue because it's pretty clear in the books and even those horrible ass movies that Voldemort was only interested in magical world not the Muggle world at all he grew up in the Muggle world like Harry did so it's me knows what it's about and have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Though I suppose if he was going to be defeated and he knew I could definitely see him being petty enough to summon someone like dormammu to pretty much destroy the entire world since if he can't rule the Magical World then would destroy it all.

Do I am glad that that cell fragment in Harry's car was remove at least the need for him to temporarily has been dealt with though to be fair I suppose that could have come in handy at some point in the future when the X-Men in never terribly fight someone Beyond them and he gets himself killed probably trying to save someone.
6/13/2021 c6 Mutant Ascension
Though this is related to my previous comment in the other chapter since you've made it hairy so filthy rich I'm assuming he's probably as a rich as certain country's entire GDP with that well he can set about I don't know Creighton a place for mutants to actually belong which would go a long way to solidifying his place in the world and actually giving them some genuine political power since obviously you're not going to go to the way off and you can simply use in their power to bring Humanity to the brink of Extinction and take their rightful place as the next rulers of the planet so making a place for them to actually belong rather than as they are now which is just sitting in human countries all across the world subjected to human laws and bigotry and all that crap that pretty much creates nothing but problems if they had a place of their own preferably a country of their own where they could be safe and properly educated and be able to live their life free of all that crap that would benefit them.

So pretty much their own version of the magical world I suppose. Granted that would also bring with it a whole host of problems especially with meetings from all across the world the Gathering in one place would quite frankly terrified all the human governments of the world. And rightly so I suppose with mutants with all sorts of abilities coming together to create the country they would but frankly be a world superpower in an extremely short amount of time a few years really with all the varied abilities they would have that would be able to benefit gaming creating an extremely powerful Nation both economically and technologically and Military wise. After all I'm a like Xavier but at the end of the day he's a naive fool with the naive idiotic dream that is only going to get the mutants wiped out and enslaved by humans and honestly between the two I prefer Magneto granted his a bit extreme but he's far more realistic and his way of doing things honestly have a far better passive benefiting Mutant kind while Xavier's is has no chance whatsoever benefited humans as a whole seriously for a guy who has the power to probably read the minds of every human on the planet at once he seemed remarkably naive or just willfully ignorant of how humans truly are as a species.
6/13/2021 c5 Mutant Ascension
I'm not going to lie this particular chapter irritated me not only because of the retarded cliche of the whole inheritance thing because honestly I don't know why people think a bank would be what govern inheritance rather than Ministry of magic but anyway aside from that the whole invested in the Muggle World cliche to make money is obviously ridiculous since technically speaking I'm pretty sure that the medical world should have most of the gold silver and pretty much all other precious metals in the world more so than the Muggle World possessed considering the magical world has far too. Means of actually acquiring precious metals and gems not to mention consider in the Muggle World uses promissory notes as a form of currency that is actually backed by anything really I don't see how a medical family invested in the Muggle world would be able to increase the amount of gold and silver they have in the Magical World them investing in the Muggle world and subsequently having a lot of money in the Muggle world makes sense (and I've read very few stories that actually do this where they invest money in the Muggle world and have a lot of money there) but for that money to be transferred over to the medical world as a lot of gold and silver enough to make Harry's family the richest one in the entire Magical World makes no sense to me especially considering the magical world extends across the entire planet (and you fanfic writers love to assume that the entire magical world across the entire planet is an exact replica of magical Britain and have the same bigoted problems as magical Britain which makes no sense to me) the very same way the Muggle world does, probably more of the planet really since magic would allow Wizards and witches to live in every environment on the planet extremely comfortably. But I suppose just for you just me and my issues other than this though so far I'm enjoying the story.
6/11/2021 c36 22Clavyus
Such a wonderful ta,e. One criticism - too much dialogue during the action scenes. Otherwise, kudos, and looking forward to part 2.
6/8/2021 c3 IamKroGan1
FFS if most people in the US know magic exists why the fuck would the rest of the world not know? Magic being a secret only works if everybody keeps the secret.
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