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1/20/2021 c11 2R-Doll
Hahaha! Twister: the classic party came designed to test everybody's flexibility and appendages. Great game choice for these witchlings. Amity's sibling interaction at the beginning was amusing as was Luz's own thoughts on the "sorta" kiss. The pangs and throbs of young romance. Such sweetness and awkwardness merged together. Romantic, funny, and curious.
Lilith's talk with Luz was heartwarming. Nonjudgmental, inquisitive, and charming. Makes me think what sort of romance the Clawthorne sisters have experienced. One can only imagine. The dreamscape is indeed a place of wonder and potential hazard. Willow and Gus going on the Lumity ride. Help those dorks out if ya can. lol

Ooo, a side project. Classic Greek/Roman myth mixed with Lumity? How entertaining.
Good work on this chapter. I look forward to more progression in addition to fluff x3
1/18/2021 c11 30SulliMike23
Gotta say I am liking this. I was a little confused about the prologue and the first chapter, but as I kept reading I understood where this was going. I also noted that you used certain words from two certain songs that have been synonymous with this particular pairing.
1/17/2021 c11 11OMAC001
Love the Lumity!
1/17/2021 c11 WolvesRock14
Whooo! New chapter! :D

Until Luz the human wrecking ball came in and upended it all. — She is kinda like a wrecking ball, isn’t she? But like, in a good way. Most of the time at least. XD

Just the memory of that wordless battle cry had Amity covering her mouth to stifle her giggle and she shook her head. — Cute. :3

"Bloody Titan, what is wrong with me?!" — You’re smitten, that’s what.

Her head snapped up and she slapped her hands over her wildly wiggling ears. — Yes! Ear wiggles! Adorable!

"We just came to tell you dinner will be ready soon." The teasing light faded from Ed's eyes, as did his sister's. "Mom expects you to be there." — Oof. :-(

Now, it was time to put on the mask of Amity Blight, Top Student, and have dinner with her parents. — I wanna hug her.

"Don't go there, Noceda. Amity is just a friend!“ — Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Luz. XD

Love the Luz and Lilith bonding. :-)

Why her? Out of all the Boiling Isles inhabitants to have used it in the past, including Eda, why pick her to enter the Dreamscape? — That is a good question.

All she had been able to do was wander around people's dreams, relive her own memories, and finding some wack gravity glyph she could make neither heads nor tails of. — I am once again wondering what would happen if she tried using that glyph, or any others for that matter, in the Dreamscape.

Any time Luz would try to speak to the witchling, she would either spit out a rapid-fire excuse before darting away or she would simply be impossible to find in the first place. — *shakes head with a sigh* Someone needs to lock those two in a closet so they’ll have to talk to each other.

How could someone like Amity forgive me for doing something as dumb as that? Calling her beautiful, leaving her a magical flower, and Owlbert making us kiss? She probably hates me, and I can't even talk to her about it. — Nooooooo! Don’t think like that!

Why did two of her most hard headed friends have to a crush on each other? — Poor Willow (and Gus). XD

"But," the witchling frowned. "How are we going to make her do that?" — An excellent question, Gus. I still suggest plan Locked in the Closet.

"You're sure they do that?" Amity frowned at the younger witchling. "It has to be completely false." — They are totally talking about some human courtship thing or something of the like. I’m, like, 80-ish% certain of it, lol.

"Willow, left foot yellow!" — Okay, I was wrong. They were talking about Twister. XD

Titan, give me strength! She feebly prayed as Gus spun the spindle. — Be strong Amity! You’ve got this! *whispers* I don’t think she’s gonna last much longer.

"Aaaaaugh," Willow suddenly cried out and dramatically flopped onto her stomach, conveniently missing Luz and Amity. "Oh no, I fell! I guess I'm out of the game!" — LOL. XD

Luz had somehow managed to not only land on top of her, but her entire body was flattened over Amity's back. — I’m laughing so hard, rn. I can’t /breathe/. XD

Despite her burning face, Amity found herself wanting to play again. But, they had another activity to do, the reason they had come over, or so Amity told herself. It was time for them to see the Dreamscape. — *snaps fingers in disappointment* Ah, darn. But! It’s Dreamscape time! Whoo! :-D

Like always, this was an excellent chapter, my friend. Luz and Amity being complete messes for each other is something I live for. :3
I’m looking forward both to the next chapter of this story, and to the first chapter of the Greek Gods one mentioned. It sounds like it’s gonna be fun.

Until then, keep up the great work, and I’ll see you next chapter!
12/15/2020 c10 Guest
This is great plz post soon!
12/5/2020 c10 70Mr. Spinner
I read most of this and then took a break, only to return and finish the last few chapters now, and I have to say ...
Your world building is absolutely phenomenal! I saw it in the Haunted Mansion crossover and I see it here! And even more impressive is the canon-welding you’ve wrought with concepts from Gravity Falls, such as the Dreamscape and Mindscape, or Cyrus’s tattoo.
Your character writing and interactions are as spot-on as ever, especially the Lumity fluff! It’s a joy so far to read everyone from the kids to Ed’s and Lilith!
I look forward to seeing what surprises and details await in this story!
11/26/2020 c10 2R-Doll
ROTF fangirling. OMG! They kissed. Even if it was a quick moment! Luz and Amity. I never thought I would fall for this ship, but I did after Grom night (and many animatics).

The intrigue has doubled! This sleepover ought to be one of the best things coming for these teens. Granted the dreamscape is still an enigma teeming with possible danger and equally wonder. Demon of Weird did have one message before he was destroyed. I now want some EdaxGravity Fall episodes- fanfic and maybe animated. It does baffle me a bit how the witches know to an extent that said demon was "destroyed".

I see the new glyph still needs to be figured out. I see Lilith and Amity are tense with each other. The former doing her best to focus on a solution to a current predicament and redeem herself. Slowly yet surely. Eda going Owl mom mode on Amity in that moment. Funny and serious. Reading Eda's line in her voice is one of the greatest pleasures i get from OH fanfics, especially with the lines that you wrote. "Minty-Fresh" was definitely one of the best nicknames for Amity I've read.

Awesome job! Have a happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/2020 c8 Guest
you should write a owl house ranma crossover
11/25/2020 c10 WolvesRock14
Okay, finally reading this now. Here we go!

"I wanted to, but you wouldn't listen! I was trying to tell you about the Dreamscape yesterday morning, but you said it was nothing to worry about. So," Luz shrugged. "I decided to figure it out myself." — Always listen to your kids when they have something important to say or risk them doing something dangerous on their own.

"But the Dreamscape is not just some playground you can run around in. It's a dangerous world where witches have lost their minds and been trapped in dreams where they can't even tell what's real and what's not." — Oh? Foreshadowing?

A surprised snort came from Eda. "Cybie-wybie?" — Pffft. Cybie-wybie.

I am loving how you write Eda. It’s so great. XD

"Listen Minty-Fresh, I know Luz went to your house last night." — *snorts*

"If you hurt her, even just a teeny-tiny little paper cut, I promise not even Wolfie and Odi Blight will be able to keep you safe. Got it?" — Protective Eda is Best Eda.

“... Luz may be one of the strongest I've ever met, but that doesn't matter to me. I care about her much more than my parents could ever comprehend, so don't you dare for a moment think I would do anything to harm her." — Ugh, my heart.

"Good move with the crash mat," Gus growled from the bottom of the pile as Eda doubled over laughing. — I’ve joined Eda in her laughter.

"Interesting," she hummed. "Would you mind drawing that glyph again?"
"Sure!" Luz took out her pencil and everyone instantly backed away. "What? I'm not going to use it!" — Lol. I don’t blame them. I’d back away just in case, too.

“... Isn't that what a mentor is supposed to do? Teach? Or just trick their students with power glyphs and watch them make fools of themselves?" — Oooo. Ouch.

Despite the harshness of her words, Amity Blight was not wrong to say what she had said to her former mentor. In a moment of weakness and pride, she had chosen to stoop to the same expected level as her sister and cheat to win. — Yeah. Not your best moment Lilith.

Rubbing at the persistent itch on her arm, the elder witch flipped back to the chapter dedicated to dreams and the powers of the mind. — I feel like you should be paying attention to that itch.

"So I've heard," Eda mused, taking another sip. "It could communicate through the Mindscape and possess those it made a deal with. Messy stuff. But from what I was told, it was erased from all existence." — I like the headcannon that Eda has been to Gravity Falls and met (and also was probably married to) Stan.

"What if the prophecy isn't about the demon, but about the memory of the demon? It may not exist anymore, but the memory could, and if that somehow was brought to life..."
"Then so would the demon." — Hmmmm. Interesting.

Owlbert hooted in what she hoped was a yes and straddled staff before holding up a hand to Amity. "Your chariot, m'lady." — Luz you adorable dork.

"See, the thing is I, I really do care about you and I don't want to do anything that would ruin our friendship. It sounds selfish, I know, but, when you started hanging out with me, Willow, and Gus, things were so much more fun. Not that Willow and Gus aren't already two of my best friends and we don't have a blast as a group. But, when you're with us? It just feels...better." — Dawwwwww. My heart’s melting again.

"I-I mean, not trying to make any assumptions here, after what we said to each other last night. Besides, I don't know the first thing about wooing or flirting. Not that I wouldn't want to with you! Wait, that came out wrong!" — Bi disaster Luz strikes again!

Slowly, she brought a hand up to run her fingers over her tingling lips, blinking to register what felt like something that could only happen in a dream. It was short, quick, nothing more than a brief brush. But Amity was positive of it. She and Luz had kissed. — Owlbert, you rock.

This was great chapter. So many awesome moments. :3 I cannot wait to see how all this buildup is gonna pay off.
11/14/2020 c9 11OMAC001
Love the awkwardness! I also love the interconnecting between Owl House and Gravity Falls. One question: is this all hinting at a return of Bill?
11/14/2020 c9 2R-Doll
The new glyph is still a mystery to me. It seems close to a type of gravity-related spell from what I can read. This chapter was full of references and humor. That meeting with Cyrus was more civil than I imagined aside from the mind-reading. Ofc, Luz would be thinking partially of Azura during the questioning plus Amity in light of recent incidents. I was slow to see the Gravity Fall connection subtly fall into place. Considering how Bill never escaped Gravity Falls, it would explain how isolated the event was. Knowledge of this event coming to the Boiling Isles must have come from Eda or some other witch, perhaps(?). Little Miss Perfect was too funny to pass up for a potential joke. Willow's teasing made my guts sore from laughing. The Dreamscape is quite a significant point of interest. Connecting it to both magic and science from a bigger viewpoint. Great references to the episodes by the way. Makes me ponder about what Belos is planning with that thing he's working on.
11/13/2020 c9 WolvesRock14
For Titan's same, they slept together! Her ears burned at the thought of those words. No, not that kind of sleeping together! — *childish giggling*

"Thank you. Leota?" — That name is a Haunted Mansion reference, isn’t it?

“... But, I am curious as to why you're thinking about Azura's battle against Hecate in the Mountain of Madness with Amity's voice as the narrator." — LOL. Rip Luz. XD

The mental image of Amity dressed up as a princess with her mother's face attached to a dragon's body had Luz wanting to double over giggling and blush furiously at the same time. Especially when her imagination had herself dressed as a knight charging forth to rescue said princess. — This. This makes me smile. :3

"Because, the last time two worlds collided, a demon almost took control of your realm." — :O

Weirdness was coming. He had seen what it could do to unsuspecting worlds, heard the rumors of those unprepared for its raw power, so he would need to be prepared. — Welp. I’m worried.

“... I only caught a few glimpses of it, but it spoke of an ancient demon that lived not in the physical world, but the realm of the mind." ... “...It had a name, but in the writings that I could find, it was known as the Demon of Weird." — Bill Cipher?!

Gus practically vaulted over his lunch tray with excitement. — Gus, I love your enthusiasm!

Both Amity and Luz went bright red thinking about what happened in the locker room, which Willow did not miss, but decided to log away for later — *more childish giggling*

"And you saw this in the Dreamscape? A glyph that pushes and pulls? Weird…" — Mhmm. Weird, indeed.

Luz swatted her hand away. "What the heck are you talking about? I'm just trying to be careful here!"
"Exactly! Why are you all of a sudden trying to be careful with this idea?...” — Come on, Willow. Have some faith in Luz. XD

"Adorable," Amity's face turned tomato-red. "I-I mean stubborn!" She shot Willow a warning look when the girl bit back a snort. — Oh, Amity. I love you so much.

"After hearing Cyrus say all those things, I guess it just reminded me too much of when I tried to think on my feet and steal the Healing Hat for Eda. I wasn't careful, didn't think things through like I should have, and messed everything up! I just don't want to cause anyone any more harm for my stupid mistake...” — Luz, my baby. :-(

"Okay Luz, but if Lilith talks to me, I refuse to be warm." — You know what, yeah, that’s fair.

Catching herself, Luz grinned deviously at the green-haired witch. "Right, and that never happens because you're Little Miss Perfect with your straight A's and straight hair." — Little Miss Perfect reference. Excellent.

Nodding, Luz raced off down the path with Gus hot on her heels as they listened to Amity's verbal threats while Willow continued laughing. — I am cackling! XD

Only, Luz had managed to launch herself forward just in time for the vacuum to catch Amity and roll beneath to cushion her from the fall. — Luz to the rescue!

Glancing over at the two girls, Gus carefully reached up and poked Amity in the shoulder. No response.
"Luz," He said slowly. "I think you broke Amity." — *more cackling* Ha! *wipes away tear* Poor Amity. Luz is gonna be the death of her one day.

And that’s a wrap on this chapter! Still curious about why the new glyph does what it does. I am excited to learn more about it and this mysterious Weirdness. Until next chapter, keep up the great work, and I’ll see you then!
11/10/2020 c3 1Reibenach
In my opinion, "somthing weird this way comes" obviously means luz
11/6/2020 c8 2R-Doll
I loved how you structured that Abominations class. It was thoughtful, organized, and magical obviously. The liberty you took with how Luz has to be taught is interesting. I wonder if that's how the show will animate it with the abomination formula and glyph. The tiny creature Luz managed to animate was cute to imagine. Bit sneaky with that Lumity locker scene. I love how Eda and Lilith are both onto Luz and Amity in their own ways. Clever chapter title. I seriously thought it was an old language deal until I saw its actual spelling. I didn't know your witchsona was here; that was a cool addition. Luz's memories were fascinating to see though it does raise some questions. Cyrus and Luz about to chat, eh? This will be an interesting development when things start to fall in place.
11/6/2020 c8 WolvesRock14
“... Kid's over the moon for her, she probably went off to go 'confess her love' or whatever sappy thing teens do these days." – Almost, but also not quite. XD

Feeling the prick of an itch under her sleeve, Lilith scratched at the irritated spot and headed back to her room. – Uh oh. Bad feeling about that.

The Lumity snuggles are excellent. They’re so cute.

The Dreamscape must be allowing her to literally walk down Memory Lane. – Ooooo, cool.

... a picture of her locker with the word "Luzer" painted on it... – Could this be in reference to a certain (heart wrenching) comic?

Guilt washed over her like cold water as the thought registered in her mind she did not want to see anything that reminded her of her time back home. – My baby. Someone please hug this child. :-(

...[Amity] had been selected by the professor to act as a Teacher's Assistant, and was always willing to mentor their class's only magic-less student. – I wonder why. :3

The only one who wasn't glaring at her with thinly veiled threats was Amity, who had the expression of someone who wanted to simultaneously strangle Luz and laugh with her. – Lol. XD

“Luz?” The soft voice made Luz stand up quickly and ram her head against the underside of the table. – And thus begins Luz’s Bi Panic in full force.

"Congratulations, Miss Noceda!" The professor appeared at her side. "You've succeeded in your first abomination!" – Go Luz! Wonder how she did it.

A violet light flared up from the table surface and the next thing Luz knew, she was projected straight up to the ceiling, like she had been yanked by a cable. Then, that invisible cable snared her front and pulled her right back down, landing head-first in the vat of abomination sludge. – Huh. This the affect of that glyph she was working on? Also, poor Luz. She can’t seem to catch a break in that class, can she?

"That glyph I showed you in class? I think that's what tossed me up in the air!...” – Haha! Yes! Called it. Gotta say though, that is one interesting glyph.

She stopped when she saw Amity standing stock-still, face burning red with her eyes glued to the ceiling, holding an Abomination Track uniform in her arms, and then she looked down. Oops. – LUZ! Good gods, kid. Also, RIP Amity. XD

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Amity took a step like she was about to leave, then turned back to Luz. "Luz, about last night, I-" – Ugh. So close.

At least she had found the time to stick her journal into her locker between classes. No one would be able to read it there. – Why do I get the feeling that that is not at all true...

Welp! That’s the end of this chapter. So many adorable Lumity moments, as well as mysterious plot foreshadowing! Oh, I cannot wait to see how this all comes together. :3
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