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for Broken Dreams and Shattered Lives

1/22 c2 20Darkened-Storm
I am also using Queen as a villian - I can't see any redeeming qualities with her
This is VERY intriguing
1/22 c1 Darkened-Storm
I love Mariah's kick ass attitude!
1/13 c2 8Minij Akane
Hi I enjoyed reading this! If you ever continue it I’d love to read more! I love seeing all the characters!
12/1/2020 c2 2DinaSan1
Interesting story!
I'd love to read more!
11/10/2020 c2 37Seafoam Green under Twilight
Shakespeare... Well I can remember that the merchant of Venice was in our syllabus in ninth and tenth grade, for the remaining high school, its The Tempest. Really, its tough to get along with Shakespearean script but yet I love them. It would've been easy for Tyson if there was some paraphrasing XD
I thought Judy would be some science mistress, but no its English XD

Wow! Wow! MystelMariah huh? It was amusing to read XD
Let me see how Mystel is taking away Ray from Mariah, he will right? :P
Poor Julia :(
Ugh, this Queen is such a drama Queen. You've portrayed her perfectly XD
Johnny is being too hot-headed. Again, you've portrayed him absolutely well.
I hope that Julia's proposal will be successful. Her idea sounds good. Hope that Queen doesn't harm her XD
And I am still curious about that surprise. You didn't tell me yet XD
Update soon!
-Nain :)
10/16/2020 c1 8R'soriginalusername
This was very intriguing. I found the beginning a little confusing but it formed a picture by the end of the chapter. Looking forward to get the mysteries answered.
10/6/2020 c1 Guest
Is this tukai story or anything else
10/6/2020 c1 Guest
You have written after a long time. I wonder what's gonna happen next. You must update your other story "A Hero's Last Cry". That was getting interesting with each chapter. If possible update it.
10/5/2020 c1 37Seafoam Green under Twilight
Oh, is this the highschool fic you were talking about? Should be because you've asked for the monitors and I suggested you to use Barthez Battalion. I remember that :P
Wow! Quite a serious highschool fic! Really, I love reading such AUs XD
Hmm, multi-coupled? Wait, I'll give my guesses and they should be right. Mystel/Mariah, Tyson/Hilary, Robert/Julia, Brooklyn/Mariam or Johnny/Mariam, Brooklyn/Ming Ming, Tyson/Hilary, Michael/Emily and Ray/Salima? Just guessing.

My god, surely those Blitzkrieg boys turned Kai bad. Really, I am hating them in this fic unusually. I usually like them but I guess not here ofc. Poor Kai T_T
At least Tyson is there for his comfort. Hmm, so Alex is no more. Hmm...

Wait? Ray and Lee fought with Brooklyn and Mystel? o.O
I guess Mariah is going to fall for her brother's enemy *winks*
Good luck with this fic. Waiting for further updates as usual :D
Nice job!

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