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2h c61 10LogBook
Good chapter, I like mentor like relationship that you are setting up between samus and Blake for future interactions. I feel that the two can learn a lot from each other in regards to their pasts and journeys. Anyways I liked the potshots that were being taken towards other m in this chapter, especially to the one part with the whole varia suit fiasco. Chapter did a good job setting up other m, a story I’m really looking forward to.
3h c61 Megan Romero
Looks like Samus and Blake have a couple of things in common. From being loners to slowly opening up to those they care about. To having a person named Adam making their lives difficult. This Gaiden is slowly transitioning to a future story which is a RWBY X Metroid crossover.
3h c61 5RGGAM
One was Adam was a good pal to Samus and performed a heroic death to keep his friend alive while another is out for human blood and has teamed up with an alternate dimension Seryu so I think I'll stick with the metroid fusion Adam seems simple enough then evil Crimson fang Adam
4h c61 Qwark's Guest
While I was waiting for a chapter of this and Wario Land: Jinx It! I went ahead and re-read Super RWBY Galaxy. God. That's still a masterpiece and it was worth waiting for this to get a new chapter. Man. I might get into Metroid, just to be hype for the RWBY Adaption of Metroid: Fusion.
5h c61 Jacob9594
It is always fun seeing new bonds and foreshadowing. i liked the comparisons between the two adams.
6/18 c60 10LogBook
It’s a good chapter, it’s good to see Raven and akechi discussing this topic. And I liked the call back to a couple of chapters ago, makes it extra heartbreaking to see it from Raven’s perspective. But it’s good for her development as a character.
6/18 c60 Megan Romero
That's interesting Akechi is alive and tries to help Raven apologize to Summer. But sometimes the best laid out plans can crumble from the unexpected. Only time will tell if Raven and Akechi can be redeemed by their friends/family.
6/18 c60 3topaz3
uh technically it was Akechi telling Yang and Summer not to be so narrow minded towards Raven. I mean not all good parents are golden, look at Kratos, he's a good dad but he made mistakes. I do hope that Akechi will pull a 'Mickey saving Sora from boss' to the gang but eh. I got most of my ideas from crumbling cube cuz it has better characterization than the show with what characters REALLY think series. I do wonder if Ozpin will ever tell the truth, maybe they could understand her better.
6/18 c60 16FireFlamerx9z
Now I really want to see these two actually reform.
6/18 c60 4Bloodyguy
You do get your ideas from the reviews!
Man, I'm starting to forgive many characters in this fanfic universe, unlike the canon RWBYVerse.
Hm, maybe I should give THIS Raven a second chance, IF she apologize for EVERYTHING and learns to be a mother.
The "Your only weak if you give up" thing wouldn't work on the canon Esdeath.
6/18 c60 13D.N.Works
An unlikely meeting.

Raven has a LONG way to go, make amends, and in all honesty even if she can get in her old families good grave, they may not trust her and they'd be justified. And yet...nice to see her trying, and holding out to hope.
6/18 c60 Jacob9594
Now that was a nice chapter with two unique and complex characters. Raven has made a new friend and see her perspective and hopefully she can try again with Yang someday, once she has the courage. Nice seeing Akechi in the chapter, he was always an interesting character from the Persona series.
6/13 c59 Guest
I hope the rest of team rwby catches up with Weiss, I don’t appreciate seperoth calling them waste of time
6/12 c59 Qwark's Guest
Uh? The guy who leaked the Mario Rabbids sequel is gonna leak Nintendo's entire E3 Direct Tomorrow. Unless y'all are interested, i suggest avoiding them.
6/12 c59 Guest
Ten bucks that punk Rabbid girl is a Bowsette reference.
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