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for This Time, He will not be Alone

1/19 c10 12Captaindrake123
Ah, Emilia promises to help him, suffering for both Emilia and Subaru I guess.
1/11 c1 to guest below
RBD usually summons him to a safe place, but yeah he would need to commit suicide. Also, look like their restriction to prevent others from saying they came back in time.
1/10 c1 Guest
Wait if his enemy can remember the after effects... Wouldn't he need to consider killing himself if last person someone like Elsa or Petalguese.
1/9 c10 5allen Vth
Rem has that glint in her eyes. She knows there's a special connection between Subaru and her. If he or she need some consolations by the trauma RBD causes, they can go with each other, no one else. Subaru can't do that with Emilia. And she learned to appreciate headpats!

I see Beako's proposal as a challenge/invitation. Come on Subaru, show the tsundere loli that you will not be intimidated!
This confirms that even headpats work on great spirits!
1/9 c4 Guest
With Felt gone the royal election won't happen till she found or another candidate take her place.

Can pull lost in memories if scenario moment and she found out by another way and force to join.
1/9 c10 2LSSJ2 Gohan
Loved the chapter. Beako is gold, and Rem is so blatantly in love with him it's adorable!

Hope to see more soon!
1/9 c10 Guest
Great Chapter!
1/9 c10 Look2021
Good Chapter!
1/9 c10 DeadSpace123
A heartwarming way to end Arc 2; great chapter.
1/9 c10 1pokemonrot377
Great chapter
1/9 c10 Guest
Ahh, Betty, you're just too cute! And it seems that Subaru will end up learning Yin magic from a true master as well. I stand by what I said, Subaru should make doughnuts or some sort of desert from his world and bring them to Betty to appease her, and don't forget the Puck shaped sprinkles I suppose lulz (might want to bring her some tea too since he's a butler and all because that's what they do). Ohhh, maybe he can get Emilia to help him create ice cream or popsickles. And speaking of Puck, I'm kind of surprised he didn't show up in this chapter, but maybe it's too late in the day for him to pop out of her hair I guess.

Also, I find it kind of funny that Ram thinks Subaru is too much of a womanizer, but i guess from her perspective if it talks like a Barusu and it walks like a Barusu, then it must be a pathetic excuse of a man who looks and acts like human garbage in her eyes lol.
1/5 c9 IHateMyselfLol
I can’t wait for the next chapter, this is so great to read. I’m loving this story so far.
12/29/2020 c9 Look2020
Good Chapter!
12/20/2020 c9 Guest
Aww~Beako must care about him a lot. Subaru will definitely have to reward her for helping them in this loop me thinks. Hmm, I wonder, do doughnuts exist is this world? XD. Maybe 9n top of mayonnaise, Subaru cn introduce doughnuts to the Mathers Mansion, since it's pretty well known that Betty ha a sweeth tooth lol.
12/20/2020 c9 5Pokemon Trainer Tom
Thanks for the update!

As a firm believer in my OTP, Subaru/A freaking hug, I'm loving this fanfic. It's so great for Subaru to actually have some support throughout his... adventures. Well as long as it lasts anyway, this is Re:Zero after all...

I also love Subaru getting 'tutoring' from Beatrice instead of Puck, a subtle but believable change, and now we have a Subaru with better Yin magic, no broken gate (admittedly yet) and more help earlier on? Eagerly waiting for more!
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