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7/25 c10 JRC1700
Thanks for the update! I admit, I'd been eagerly awaiting an update for Stupor Heroics for quite a while now. I'd really wanted to see how things would go with Lori, as well as what would happen with Lynn around. The scene in the bed was really good, too. Not only do I want to see what happens next chapter, now I'm really stoked about the POSSIBILITY of the return of Archetypal. Thanks again!
7/25 c10 2Mr. Haziq
The repair cost must be ridiculous by now.

Oh my!
7/25 c10 112dogbertcarroll
Can you develop powers from hormonal overload? Let's find out!
7/24 c10 simm36
buen capitulo
7/24 c10 5redandready45
While Lincoln is probably happier, I think Lori is correct that he is probably SAFER without his sisters in his life.

I can imagine Lori and Lynn will be followed by the other siblings, bringing more pain and woe, but also excitement, to ol'Linc's life.
7/24 c10 Nobody245
Well, I'm glad to see that this story is still going to continue at least, and I'm glad to hear there's still a chance for Archetypal to start up again, so good news all around.

And it looks like both Lori and Lynn love Lincoln in the romantic way, I'm guessing all of the sisters are like that. Speaking of which, I'm curious of how the more villainous sisters are going to react knowing that Lori and Lynn broke their 'deal'. I can imagine a few of them either killing the two, or kidnapping Lincoln to have them to themselves. A lot of things I can imagine, but I can't to see what will actually happen next chapter.
7/24 c10 2nobodyreallyimportant
I hate it when a restful night is disturbed by…
My two aggressively obsessed older sisters taking over almost all the bed.
7/24 c10 2Brave2000
Hell yeah! I waited for an update in this story for quite some time now. Can't wait for more!
7/24 c10 Leo 23
UFFFF ! I thought this story was not coming back. I liked the chapter and its little references to Archetypal, and I need to ask, is there going to be a harem for Lincoln?
7/24 c10 Jeff
Welp, Lincoln's in that much greater danger with Lynn and Lori's affections being that much more apparent now.
7/24 c10 Guest
Stupor Heroics is my favorite of your current set of stories! So excited to see it update!
5/21 c7 5redandready45
Reading this, I'm reminded of how in the Captain America movie, the lesson is that power brings out the truth in a person: a bad person becomes eviler, while a good person becomes great.

Lori has gone from being a strict and harsh older sibling to an incredibly hardnosed and pragmatic older sibling.

I mean, cutting Lincoln out of her life and spying on him into his early adulthood is both kind of disturbing, but also reflects Lori's strength that she's to sacrifice her relationship if it means keeping him out of harms way. And considering the damage the Loud siblings can do on their own, you can't really blame her.
5/20 c9 redandready45
Man, oh man.

This is turning into a surprisingly good drama. I hope you continue.
3/25 c9 2ReyDePanty
I've been reading through your stories for a few days now, and I finally need to comment and commend you on the characterizations of the Loud siblings! Honestly, no matter the story, they come across as believable and accurate to the show proper. I dare say you have, arguably, done the best job on this site when it comes to that. Whether it's Lori or Lynn or Leni or Luna or what have you, they are all so... oddly enough, "real" feeling lol

It always manages to make me smile and I must thank you, dear writer! I am really looking forward to more of, well, everything really, but certainly more of Stupor Heroics, now that I am all caught up!
3/19 c9 2Mr. Haziq
Hm... so some of the sisters are villains?
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