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3/16 c1 Guest
Coming back to this for a reread after Ariana Grande’s music video for we can’t be friends
12/27/2023 c1 readicted
Meg, just wanted to let you know that I (finally) finished this fic. It was wonderful. I do wonder what happened to James just before Bella ran. Was he arrested? Anyway, I hope that you are well. I'm sad to say goodbye to your fics, but thank you for sharing them with us. I wish you well and I will put you on alert in case you come back.
12/12/2023 c1 Guest
WHY SRE U DOING THIS TO ALL UR STORIES TODSY? Like why hurt my heart?! I’ve been re reading these for years and just recently again—- Sapphire
12/12/2023 c1 Ajfflady
My sweet lady what has happened to your words? I was reading Gate 19 on the TWIFICREC Advent Calendar last night and today ? They had just arrived in Rock happens next? ( This is a reread for me but I need a refresh)
All of your hard work, your amazing fiction. Did something happen? I’m gonna have to check my downloads. Best Wishes
12/12/2023 c1 EskiPop
Your stories disappearing is like stars disappearing from the sky.

Everything okay, Meg?
12/11/2023 c23 readicted
Ok wait, why is James being all empathetic, I don't buy it. Or else he's thinking that Bella would willing choose him rather than rolling the placement dice. Is he covering for Kate, or is he the one who reported them?
12/11/2023 c20 readicted
Crap, where is Rose?! I would think Edward is smuggling her away for her safety, but why would he snatch her up mid meal, and in a way that results in her leaving behind d everything including her phone. Also Bella was either with Edward or on the phone with Edward when she was presumably taken. Of course, a friendly could have taken her and set the scene to appear that she was taken against her will. More likely, Kate, or Emmett and Bella's dear parents got wise to Rose's 'sickness.' Emmett's parents already knew he was interested in Rose, I'm sure Emmett and Rose weren't as incognito as they thought. Bella was probably the only one, including Kate, who didn't sense the energy and looks between the two lovers. Kate surely can sense Rose as a threat to her marriage. She can feel that her husband's heart is not hers. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Mayor Swan bugged Bella's home or phone. So Lauren is definitely an ally. I mean she is certainly Edward's ally anyway. Edward might've gotten wind about Rose being taken and had to act fast. He could have used the phone call to keep her distracted while his team got Rose out, or, and this was my immediate thought, Rose was not in her room at all, but whoever was responsible for having her taken was. Bella has given proof she knew about Rose and Emmett and Rose's condition. And they also know where Bella has been and her the phone smexxxing. I think Carmen was filling those girls' head with those stories for a reason-a reason to hope should they ever find themselves wanting or needing a way out of the system. Bella is for sure going to find herself forced with James. Ugh. Thankfully she remembered. Hopefully Edward is ok. Emmett realizing he is complicit in some way for not doing more to help Bella. Bella breaking into the clinic seems so unwise. They'll realize it was an employee. Can they tell that Bella looked up Edward's address?
12/10/2023 c19 readicted
Okay, I guessed somewhat right, some of the people who know the truth ARE allies. Wasn't sure about Lauren though. I was wondering about what Rose was thinking when when Edward showed up for the procedure-his second in quick succession. So that's interesting. I can't imagine how painful it must've been for Edward the first time he ran into Bella after their procedures. Hmm, I thought perhaps one of his allies rigged his procedure and that's why it didn't work. Either that of Charlie Swan wanted to cruelly punish him with retaining memories of his great love for Bella, while Bella forgot. But Edward went for a second procedure that didn't work. No way they're being as subtle as they think on the bus. And Rene was pissed when she came across them in conversation AFTER the party. What Edward's plan, to convince her to run away with him before Bella insists they register their relationship? Hope Emmett doesn't become a problem for them now that he and Kate have Liam.
12/9/2023 c18 readicted
So they've had 'the talk' and essentially declared to one another. I was just snuggling in for day 2 of their snowglobe bliss time, then here comes Lauren. I'm definitely pouting, lol. I'm a bit worried about these interlopers in their bubble. Perhaps some will actually be allies. I imagine Rose will be good and mad at Bella for letting her phone die. At least these two communicate. That whole thing could've gone much worse. I remember mention of a paper swan earlier, but I can't remember the details. Did Edward have one when he came for the procedure? I forgot to mention that I loved the nod to New Moon when Edward said "You're apologizing for crying (bleeding)?"
12/9/2023 c17 readicted
Wait, wait, wait a minute...what does he mean by "It never is?" Has...has he tried to reconnect with Bella like this before? Can't be though right? Can't see the family freaking out seeing them in the same space if they keep finding their way back to each other. Their private snowglobe sounds perfectly cozy. Because something tells me that a helluva storm is brewing outside.
12/9/2023 c16 readicted
I like that he's being more direct in his hints about her knowing things like the Neruda poem. One of my favorite lines was when Edward told her he couldn't stop thinking about their kiss and Bella asked which kiss, which I thought was an odd reply-her being coy I suppose. But when Edward earnestly replied "All of them" I melted. I wonder if Bella's nightmare/memory was of her and Edward or perhaps her and her father (or mother.) There just no way her parents would've been ok with her and Edward choosing each other. Bella's last thought-"It feels like I'm his" Wow.
12/8/2023 c15 readicted
So, Rose swears her to secrecy, and she tells Edward, someone she doesn't think she knows very well but Thinks she can trust. Yikes. I am relieved that she called Rose and apologized. I don't know if it was wise to tell Rose where she was over the phone. Hopefully she can trust Rose to keep her secret , even if her own secret comes to light. Energy saving measures, but only for the impoverished. Charlie and Rene don't sound wonderful. And Rose is right, they never would have accepted her for Emmett. I wonder if Edward's mother's illness has anything to do with the procedure. I forgot what Edward's job is. And now he speaks of his 'real' job. Sounds dangerous for sure. Is he like a guide for those speaking a way out? Wait how is it the procedure didn't work on him? And why would the good Mayor and his wife have permitted Edward to tend bar at their party, even if both he and Bella had the procedure? Interesting, and I get why Rene was none too pleased with Carmen. The garnet ring. Perhaps Edward gave Bella that ring, but why doesn't it fit? Is it because he couldn't have it sized?
12/7/2023 c42 EskiPop
How have I never read this?
I thought I read all yours stories.

I stayed up all night to read this last night.
12/6/2023 c14 readicted
Wow. So Emmett and Rose have been in a relationship for years. There's no way around this She is in serious jeopardy. Emmett too if she is made to reveal the father. Bella is complicit as well now. I know Bella is shocked and scared, but she didn't spare one iota of empathy or compassion for her friend.
So, Rose and Emmett know that Bella was sneaking in that morning. Hmm
12/5/2023 c13 readicted
Pepper! Wonder why and how Edward's procedure failed.
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