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for The Dissonant Notes Of Fate

9/24 c33 JustCaspar
I'm looking forward for the sequel, this was a great story!
9/5 c33 AndrewJS
we need a part 2
8/23 c33 12mastercheif1229
Absolutely incredible story! I really hope that you make a sequel at some point! I can't wait for whatever story you make next! Hope that you upload one sometime soon!
6/21 c33 falcon5
Loved this story! Wish it had a few more scenes involving Percy learning about the modern world, but I'm holding out for a sequel. You've earned a favourite.
6/19 c12 1Mann of No Consequence
What was the point of Percy trying to turn Thalia if they were just going to send in Thorn to permanently ruin that plan...?
5/18 c16 Apollo117mc
Also (my bad if I sound rude) why would Percy just forgive the gods so easily for imprisoning him for millenia? He doesn't even mention it, nor does he sound angry? Thank you for your time :))
5/18 c13 Apollo117mc
aww I really wished Percy joined kronos :((
4/20 c4 1Speedster1014
Aphrodite is traitor is my bet unless it’s Demeter for earth symbolism
4/13 c33 Robotdocter
im sad that the stupid email alert setting made me miss the ending but i reaaaally loved reading what i missed and absolutely cant wait for the sequel, assuming its still gonna happen :O
4/4 c33 1SentinalSlice
Would Percy be willing to go against his mother. I wonder if she can pull an Enkidu with him and decide to return him to the earth. Basically make his body fall apart if he refuses to join her.
4/3 c33 HoHo-hal
percy and thalia should go on a double date with leo and calypso
4/3 c33 1JoJo 'Perlia' Jesus
Truly beautiful. A 10/10 from start to finish. You've done the Perlia community proud, my friend. Keep up the good work, and have a great day!
4/3 c32 skotos07
But this is honestly your worst chapter.
4/3 c33 skotos07
congratulation dud. you're one of the rarest to write a decent story which is actually complete! In this fandom you're a legend no!, especially for a Perlia one! But seriously thanks for writing! :) It was good. Not perfect, there were some point of the plot I didn't like especially the end which was honestly anticlimatic more a retelling of TLO but still was okay.
4/3 c33 Guest
Marvelous. Simply perfection. Can't wait for the sequel.
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