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for A New Beginning

10/8/2020 c1 2DarkerEvening
Yeah, I loved the Bad Place so much! So, so much! There was the opportunity you took with Negan being John Winchester's doppleganger! That confrontation between the Winchester brothers meeting Negan with their mother in the Season 7 finale was phenomenal! Glad you started updating All Out War recently!

Seeing the Commonwealth was a dream coming to life! And they were so accurate! And now there is the Three Circle Alliance, who may not be what they say they are... and maybe connected to a larger network connected to Fear and no doubt... Rick.

For this chapter and the Season 10 finale. I wondered if you could have put a Maggie and Negan confrontation. Though they did say they will have that in the additional 6 episodes! I mean, when they were celebrating, Maggie and Negan were no so far away!

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