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4/8 c57 torn reader
this was an incredibly enjoyable read. Thank you for your work.
4/1 c16 1Blaze501st
So far this story is great. I am always hesitant to read a story of someone who does not speak english as. first language, but I see no major typos in this fic. in fact the ONLY criticism is when you describe John Stewart as a soldier. He is a Marine. While I know that to someone outside of the US/not familiar with the US military, that might not make sense. But calling a United States Marine a soldier is a great insult and they will verbally correct you, and possibly use physical violence to correct you. Small nitpick, otherwise this story has been good, which is rare even for englis.h speaking people's stories
3/27 c57 Sinn3r
When will we see the thruple fic? I see one with Powergirl, but Naruto isn't on that one
3/26 c36 reaperofsanity
you realize you can put the limes and lemons back in right
3/19 c15 1Lord Hooty
hehehehe, Kurama has the munchies.
3/17 c57 1Ambition277
Just want to say you're my all time best author, i know my words won't mean alot. I'm one of a thousands of fans. I just love your creativity, suspense, originality and dedication. I'll try to support you as the best as i can!
3/17 c57 10AILONKLAT 1
Me gustaria votar por el Naruto x Starfire x super girl

Aunque me gustaría más un Naruto x Raven _
3/17 c57 Illuminated
I think if you have two naive characters in the throuple, i.e. Starfire and Naruto, you need to have a cynical or wise character in there for balance, like Raven or Anko. But I will be happy with whatever you write, I think. You are the author that finally got me interested in crossovers!
3/17 c57 2BadReader
I think everyone knows it's going to be Naruto/Starfire with the extra Supergirl just thrown in there. When you combine Darkseid raising with the potential interaction with a Tameranean freedom or subjugation storyline, you get some interesting outcomes. I would say you could also replace Supergirl with Blackfire and make it less a threesome and more a back and forth between those two and Naruto's 'two sides' warring with each other. The one that wants to conquer as he is brainwashed to do so, and the one who wants to rebel against Darkseid. But whatever.
3/17 c57 HersheyHeist
can you make me Powergirl instead of Supergirl? I feel like Powergirl is a more dynamic and interesting character in Supergirl. Furthermore, stories with her pairing with Naruto are rare. Powergirl can relate more to Naruto. She has lost everything like he has and it happened to her twice once on Krypton. The other one Darkside conquered her earth. finally she also has bigger “personality” than Supergirl.
3/16 c57 1Nai Darkor
Will you keep all the stories that don’t get selected for the next time? Because there were some I was interested in but couldn’t vote because another interested me more…
3/16 c13 nealrm
Most cartoons and comics suggest Martians read each other's minds constantly if not deeply.
3/16 c57 LizudemAm
I love your fics but I believe I'm gonna give your new fic a pass. I'm just so sick of Natutomultiple girl, it's unbelievable.
Still hope you will have lots of fun with it, tho
3/16 c57 Etroxic
Ever thought of making a naruto/raven fic? Or a trio/ harem adding starfire and vice versa? Or naruto/batgirl/supergirl? All are great choices.
3/16 c56 AngrodWeiss
thanks for the heads up! but not rly needed for me since I was able to dl an epub version of this wonderful fic up still side story 4 w the lemons and limes! just gotta say that I really loved reading this fic, to the point that I've read it a coupla more times now, keep up the good work and good luck to your future endeavors!
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