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26m c25 ilayhyams
I gotta say I love your story, I have been following it for a while it is one of my faves. Much love 3
32m c25 Wyvern Yellow
man what if the kitten's name was "Yao" lmao
57m c25 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you finally returned, besides Ravel I liked Xuelan, yubel and the young twins and maybe the maids and Karlamine (so basically half the girls), I don’t think he should prioritize seducing the new girls when he’s not done with others unless Akeno, tsubaki and Reya are getting their mini arcs plus it might make befriending them harder even if they got the impression on him already, I’m genuinely surprised you didn’t use Gabriel but I suppose she’s too high positioned to be used before the treaty meeting, I’m guessing you will gender bend Caspar since many fans like me kinda hated him in anime and think he’s more acceptable as female, I think you kinda switched the two Holy girls attitudes but that make it more fun.
2h c25 Ficeater96
From the begining Axton claims not to have known about other races and acts ignorant to much of the common knoledge of the supernatural world.

But now all of a sudden, he claims to have met a magic butler and maid, a fairy, a vampire. None of wich ever thought to tell him of the supernatural.

Also im not sure if im remembering it right, but hadnt one of the Satans, Serafall i think, do a background check and found that he was normal up to a few weeks before meeting him.

I wasnt even looking for plot holes but this is just too big not to be mentioned. The companion gems were completely unnecesery and just made the people around Axton look like retarded idiots if they cant remember that he told them he had no prior knowledge of the existence of other races.
2h c25 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
2h c25 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
4h c25 haseosamaa
Y2ahhhhh fuck the nun
5h c25 Yeovale
PLEASE start using time skips!
You’re 400k in and I don’t even think a month of the timeline has past, you can get so much more done and have the story line actually progressing if you skip a week or two or even a months time, here and there. It’d make the rapid induction of women to Axtons’ harem something other than just another eye roll by allowing some actual time to pass so he can win their affections/lust over a period of time but not make it take forever to happen.
5h c25 ItzREDOne
I have a doubt, what happened with Ophis in the Vali canon was an essential character so that they did not rob her of all her power.
6h c24 Ashattack the Game Master
Finally a good AND long highschool dxd gamer story that isn't abandoned for once. Keep it up
6h c25 Ahtu
It's nice to see you tie up that loose end about Yua's goal in life. Nicely handled. I assume that if she really neglected the kitten, Yua would knock her out, and reclaim everything - And then move on to find a new owner. I suggest you name the cat... Miranda, Mithala, Merrill or Chaneko(short for light brown cat, much like Koneko is a shortening of black cat). Just names that struck me in the moment.

We're back at interlude though, which is somewhat understandable. But I am still hyped for more story progression. The MC needs more adventure at this point. Perhaps that is how he can get to Irina Shidou and the Quarta girl? A little bit of faction tension with Kokabiel, where he can act something of "the dashing hero." And so "woo them" just a tad? It could be an ice-breaker, so to speak - While also allowing for some adventure and story progression.

Thanks for the update. I search desperately for good fanfics to fill my down-time these days. It never used to be a problem, but I am pretty much always out of material to read these days.
7h c25 bubbattmax
you also say you'll trade Yubelluna back to Axton when I'm sure you meant Riser.
7h c25 7Dark Spidey
I am super pleased with this chapter for multiple reasons. Though the main one was in the way that you helped flesh out Riser's peerage and man I was very impressed with how you handled it. What with Yube being former singer, Shuriya's love for dancing and doing it for a living in Egypt to even Isabella. Which honestly surprised me, but I am so happy with your creative liberties you took and it has me excited to see what else you have in store. Man the thing with the drummer really hits deep because I learned from someone and it resonated with me and I want to share it. Hatred comes from love.

We can hate for different reasons. We once loved them and they betrayed us so deeply. They are a threat to the people we love or we perceive them as such, or we're taught to hate by the people we love.

An to see it blatantly in black and white, damn, kudos my friend. You know how to hit the feels.

intro to the church members was nice, along with Ravel and her interactions and her basically being able to live out what she wants to do. Without being held back by devil society politics.

I loved Serafall's reaction to his mid, that was damn hilarious and its good to see that mc was actually serious about what he was saying chapters ago. An I look forward to more. I love this story and I hope you are encouraged to keep writing it.
7h c25 Kekeli Akpabli
Thanks for the chapter
So that's what Yua been doing
7h c25 Silber D. Wolf
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