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9/10 c24 badboyelsanto
Why doesn’t he just use the game board to summon companions gems? That’s crazy not knowing when to use the right item or skill, stupid even
9/10 c24 badboyelsanto
Why does he need to pick one between solar arc and void when lightbearer class SHOULD be capable of using all. Do you think nerfing his class makes your readers happy? It’s like giving your mc gamers system with gamers mind/ body or ID create… it’s incomplete
9/10 c22 badboyelsanto
See, I’m genuinely curious about the ender dragon fight, is this your idea for action? Because it is fucking terrible. It’s obvious you are basically trying to do this for a “character development” or some shit. This is the same bastard that says kokabiel is not a threat anymore. This is one of the disappointing fight scenes I’ve come across
9/10 c22 badboyelsanto
I honestly do not see how he “prepared” before fighting the boss? All i see is carelessness
9/10 c20 badboyelsanto
Wasn’t kuroko scared of him because he felt like Ophis and he basically has no lifeforce so as a senjustu user, she would assume he is not human, And kuroka adds “nyaa” to her sentences when she’s teasing. I love the hibiki omake lol, always a pleasure to read.
9/10 c39 Bloxster
very good chap
9/10 c38 Bloxster
9/9 c19 badboyelsanto
Asia is that type of girl you just want to shelter from all the bad aspects of the world, only letting see the positive and happy things. She’s like the most valuable treasure you want to hide in the safest vault lol
9/9 c19 badboyelsanto
Mix angel blood and devil blood, and you get nephalem
9/9 c17 badboyelsanto
Man, idk but i REALLY like hibiki lol and it seems fate will not let her part with the mc, noice
9/8 c16 badboyelsanto
Idk how you did it man but damn! Astuko character is amazing, things keep rising but its not the shield hero. She is so adorable
9/8 c16 badboyelsanto
Kiyome is a first year not third
9/8 c15 badboyelsanto
Lol with all the stealth skills and his knives, mc concept is basically cloak and dagger lol
9/8 c14 badboyelsanto
In all the DXD FF I’ve ever read, this battle with freed was the most disappointing because there is no way the mc was struggling to fight freed. Absolutely disappointing
9/8 c14 badboyelsanto
It is very disappointing he has yo go all out to fight a mob like freed when he is 100 levels above him. It doesn’t make sense, how tf is he gonna defeat riser then?
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