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5/17 c5 DevilishPotato
I just had a thought, the mailman has time powers and gets to stop time to have a break and when he reaumes it, the gamers think it has only been a couple seconds... lol they coulb have been played!
5/15 c37 2Kriim-Sauce786
if my guy had the sling ring from doctor strange. then multiverse travel could be easy.
5/13 c39 Sommerscave
I really Love the slow burn on Kazuma, Kazumi or whatever she calls herself now... Hope to See more goddesses Join the Harem Just because it would be fun If Eris and Aqua get over their diffrences. On another Note Eris IS a pervert otherwise in OG Konosuba Kazuma wouldnt have Been able to Steal her panties.
5/12 c33 1Thyrokio
Epic chapter! This is a very well done world swap.

I love how the Warp gacha made Grayfia romancable without ntr, lol.
5/12 c27 Thyrokio
Finally, an assassination! His skills for such things are so strong!
5/11 c39 9sd74
Imagine this:

Uh... yikes, I feel bad for the kid. Uhm, here.
*toss a sex change potion/gacha item/reward item
5/11 c13 1Thyrokio
It's nice to see that he genuinely cares for his girls!
5/10 c8 Thyrokio
It's cool to see a gamer fic focusing on relationships and having good perks for them. Bishop's blessing is looking solid.
5/9 c34 ruzzelnuestro16
I enjoyed this... I need more... MORE... MORE! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORREEE-
5/3 c39 T149Man
I did enjoy seeing Aqua like that
5/3 c39 14RedBurningDragon
Well Alderp was annoying but his son was a real okay dude
5/3 c39 0vrLrd71
it is possible for Axton to relearn fused skills right? that way while it might take a while to max out again he could learn skills that lost useful aspects in a skill fusion- unless you're that type of person that thinks it's too broken and doesn't want to make the MC be able to re learn fused skills?

(I gotta read the character sheet and reread the description of what allows him to fused skillsdamn, this review above was since a while ago that I'm surprised it got saved)

Maybe he has to max out Aquas affection for him to be able to go any further than that? (hah, I knew this was at least somewhat correct)

Holy shit, I hate those chain, back to back quests, I don't remember what they were called but holy shit

yeah, this whole chapter was enjoyable, even if I honestly wasn't looking for anything erotic this time and kinda just wanted to read their interactions with the MC

I'm still looking forward to Eris though...
5/3 c39 4dcoon
Any chance of a Kyu omake on what she has been doing?
5/3 c37 PrinceWeirdo
Ah fuck, how I hate the mc giving more than he get in a deal... But for eventual waifu, that's okay I guess... Anything for the lewd.. Even if its not much to get.
5/2 c39 TigerJacob
Always a pleasure to see you update. Thanks for the read!
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