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for Can You Trust a Mechanical Heart?

11/20 c3 Tsuki Banritt
Thank for the chapter !
11/19 c3 6Alshert
I did not expect it to be this quick, with Cor who already found out the truth about Prompto... but why not. And, well, I just said it was quick, but it is already one year past the last chapter in your story, so I guess that's not this quick. :)
I'll be waiting for the next chapter. :)
10/14 c2 fraidykat
Awww so sweet. Prompto such a pasty for you to do horrible things to, but in the end things do turn out good for him. Prompto would tear the world apart the save Noct tho. You do make love a very sweet and wonderful thing. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
10/14 c2 Alshert
Quite interesting, I wonder what will happen next. :)
10/13 c2 Jostanos
omake?: "Something is not quite right here." a mauve haired student thought to himself one day when he walked past Prompto and Noctis in the halls to their respective classes, "But what is it?" he added then shrugged "The only thing that really matters now is.." he looks at his watch "GETTING TO CLASS!" he exclaims and bolts dodging his fellow students as he goes only skidding to a stop when he hears a professor shouting "MR. SHUN!" "S-S-Sir?" "WHAT HAVE WE TOLD YOU _REPEATEDLY_ ABOUT RUNNING IN THE HALLS?" "To not to, but.. class." with a sigh the professor pinches his nose "Matsuo Shun, classes don't start for at least another five minutes giving you ample time to reach them."
10/9 c1 Jostanos
omake: "...2,3,4.. Crabs walk sideways, and lobsters walk straight, so we won't let you have one for your mate." ~ Smothers Brothers "Crabs walk sideways"

I just thought of something while I was reading this chapter.. What if Prince Noctis had a fan club like Yuki Soma does in Fruits Basket, and that Fan Club didn't like Prompto being anywhere near "Their Precious Prince Noctis!"?

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