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9/24 c10 Guest
I find Leslie so meh. I know we’re meant to sympathize with her, but I found I could never like her after she was rude to Anne in HOD about Joy’s coming. Gross behavior, no matter how jaded one is.
7/25/2021 c10 Bananifer
I love this story so much. While I loved Change of Heart, Leslie and Dick are so interesting and different than Anne and Gilbert. You’ve really made them come alive for me. I’m hoping now that CoH is done, we can get an update on this one!
5/29/2021 c10 BirdieKitKat
Oof. What an ending! Can't wait for part 2! I'm really enjoying this look at Leslie. She's so young and so lost in grief and has the weight of the world on her shoulders.
5/29/2021 c3 BirdieKitKat
This is absolutely fascinating. I can't wait to see where you're taking it! Thanks for fleshing out the brief outline of Leslie's past.
5/3/2021 c10 Guest
Love your stories I’ve really enjoying learning more about Leslie Moore thank you for writing this
2/19/2021 c10 41oz diva
The image on the postcard I do know. And yes it is quite a sight even now. Can't imagine what passions it would stir in young Leslie.

Poor girl, Dick is such an arrogant bastard. The way you describe it, 'he took her' informing us that it's not love but merely lust and that afterwards he doesn't care how he hurts her. Combined with the first paragraph this is a devastating chapter. Can't wait to read more.
2/12/2021 c10 7Formerly known as J
Your greatest opening para to date, in my opinion, kwaky! When you're sixteen a sweet hour like that can change your feelings for a boy (or in this case, a total scoundrel). I loooooved the way you reference Leslie many years later telling Anne that she never thought of him, and how you've explained that so perfectly. Only a genius like you can make it look so easy, and I adore you for it. Gorgeous!

Oh my, poor Leslie, shunned by her community, alone now that her mum's left and then here comes fisherman Dick, flashing his tatts and slowly reeling her in. That sweet hour worked a treat for him, and he knows exactly what he's doing. Interesting that Dick calls himself a sailor yet he's working their farm. We all know, a sixteen year old girl would have no chance at all in those circumstances, truly left alone for the first time in her life. I loved that Leslie went to him, I loved that she knew what she was doing, but I agree that hour still doesn't redeem Dick's character. His final line says it all. Oooohhh, he truly is a heartless cad!

Leslie going through his things really was the last straw, and you just know the trap has shut. That postcard, grrrr! Then seeing the gift made me wonder, was that going to be his parting gift to nail her before he left and went away to sea again? I'm so intrigued by Dick Moore playing the long game like that. Such a cool characterisation of him. You are the best.

You really are making me wonder what happens when Rose comes home. Does Leslie tell her what happened? Does Dick tell her what happened? Do the neighbours know he's been staying there still, or somehow the rest of the village finds out? I LOVE how many questions this story can raise for me about what happens next and how Leslie ends up marrying him after THAT. I LOVE knowing that you will surprise me with the answers, and I can't wait to find out what happens in Part Two.

Fave line: The ladies love it you know.
Argh! I could just about hear Leslie's heart sinking as the realisation hit her. Oooohhh, Dick, that's put you beyond scoundrel in my book!
2/12/2021 c10 Guest
Oh my gosh I never thought Leslie would sleep with Dick I wonder how they end up married after this and if rose finds out is that why she has to marry him
2/10/2021 c10 Regina
If you didn’t already guess, I meant ‘consummation’ not consumption. I don’t like reviewing on my phone but my husband is working from home now, and he’s taken over the computer.
Btw-the erotica Leslie discovered is intriguing and I’m tempted to look it up because porn from that era is interesting (from an intellectual standpoint of course, wink, wink) but then I’m never sure what could pop up if I search for it (I have kin who work for the FBI) so I will just enjoy your descriptions.
2/10/2021 c10 Regina56
Kwak, no lie, I was just finishing ch. 9 when ch 10 came through.
Ch.9 popped up on SuperBowl Sunday here which is how I overlooked it but then discovered as I was cleaning up my email today. The Super Bowl is the most watched tv event of the year in the US and it’s popular in Canada as well. This year featured the first solo Canadian act- The Weeknd for the half time show and he was fab.
(Although Paul McCartney and Prince are still my fave SB acts.) I suspect I’m not the only reader to miss that chapter accidentally.

Anyhoo that is my long winded explanation of how I overlooked this.

Your writing still continues to be mind-blowing. The details you put into this are incredible and the dialogue feels authentic. (Although I thought the word ‘smooch’ had a different meaning back then. I recall a long ago discussion in an English class about the word, but I could def be wrong about this, and I am wrong a lot.)

Damn, the part about Leslie’s father’s death was gut wrenching but your best writing in this chapter.
The consumption part took me by surprise, as there was no build -up to it, but that is so your style. I recall the same thing in ‘Charlottetown’, too. (This story has some of the same dark undertones. I enjoy being caught by surprise in a story.
As dark as this is, I know there will be some brightness in the next part so I will patiently wait for it. There are so many things I am eagerly waiting and hoping for in 2021 and I will add your story to my list.
2/7/2021 c9 Formerly known as J
Wow, kwaky, that dress really does sound stunning! I love how Leslie stayed up all night to finish it in time. I love that she bravely sewed her father's precious watch into it with the best of intentions (wah!), I loved that she made that gown so beautiful for Molly, I loved that she tried her very best to make things right. Rose's little note made me think that perhaps, just perhaps there was a chance for them, after all.

But, the more I read of this chapter, the more my heart was sinking for Leslie. It's watching that awful snare closing, and even though I know it's inescapable, I so want her to somehow find a way out of it, not have to marry Dick and have her life ruined for all those years. She doesn't deserve it (I mean, who does deserve, Dick, I ask you?) and it just adds to the tragedy of it all. Your writing is just superb, and I love how you just draw me in with every word.

I never expected Rose to suddenly get responsible, and I never expected the whole town to turn on them and accuse them of being thieves. Yikes! In a small community like that, it'd be worse than leprosy! Imagine having the cops come to the door when you're only sixteen! Imagine handing over all your hard-earned savings and watching your dreams of an education slipping away before your very eyes. Ohhh, I wanted to weep for the poor girl, it's just too sad!

I love this story so much, and I love you for writing it. Thank you, kwaks. :)

Fave line: The spirit and fight that still swelled inside her, rose up. Oh, Leslie, you're gonna need all that for the next twelve years or so, darling girl. *sobs*
2/7/2021 c9 Angela
Omgeeee poor, poor Leslie! She was trying to fix the dress but now everything is getting so much worse for her and her mother. We know they didn’t rob the tinker either. I’m so sad it’s taken all her savings. Now I’m starting to see why Dick was the only option for her. Can’t wait for the rest
2/7/2021 c9 41oz diva
Oh dear the watch debacle has real ramifications only we know it was not done maliciously. I can’t remember, what did happen to the original watch?

Poor Leslie the noose is really tightening around her now.
1/22/2021 c8 Guest
I love this story! Please update soon
1/14/2021 c8 oz diva
Leslie's been studying the tattoo I see, sounds ornate and fascinating so I can't say I blame her, but its obvious Dick's been showing his muscles and the tattoo off as well. His flirting is outrageous. And it's interesting to see his attempts to bring Rose around too, getting her drunk is a dastardly approach. He's just bad news all round. Sadly Cornelia's advice came too late - the die was cast the first time Leslie saw him. Cornelia's not my favourite character but she proved her worth here, or might have done.

Pinning their hopes on this dress is hard to watch too, how can Leslie save the day when its such a mess. Poor girl, as you say the snare is getting tighter. Despite that it's delicious to read.

You capture so many amazing details, I particularly liked not caring the ring the cup would leave.
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