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1/14/2021 c8 Guest
Love your stories so well written I’m really enjoying this
1/13/2021 c8 Guest
Love this the writing is really good
1/12/2021 c8 7Formerly known as J
You know I love your chapter openings, kwaky, and this one was a cracker. I just loved that picture of Miss Cornelia sitting on her front porch, checking out Dick Moore's comings and goings. Of course she has to prioritise making clothes for poor babies, but I love that she still manages to keep an eye out for her neighbours.

I'm also loving your take on Leslie, knowing she ought to keep away from Dick, but unable to look away from that mesmerising tattoo writhing on his chest. You're right, poor girl's only sixteen (why Maud all right?!), so she really doesn't stand a chance. Loved Miss Cornelia warning her not to get hooked, ohh, if only it were that easy, Cornelia! Argh! We all know what's coming, but I still am so entranced by this story, I can't stop reading, and I find myself watching the snare closing relentlessly with a sort of morbid fascination. Your writing is that good.

Then frickin Dick's rum remedy for Rose's painful wrist, and proceeding to get her so drunk she's throwing up the next day. He might be a man with a plan, but I still find myself wishing he would just bugger off. I can see how Rose's approval of him is tightening the snare, by letting him stay overnight (oohh, er, the scandal!), getting drunk with him and then the dress. Oh no, the dress. I love Leslie ignoring the superstition about single women not working on wedding gowns, so she can fix it, but it gives me the shivers to think what her marriage to Dick is gonna be like. How many years did it take before Owen came along to erase that wedding gown curse? Wah!

I love this. Thank you for writing it. :)

Fave line: "Oh, you do remind me of Grandmother West." If only Rose had paid a little more attention to her, then perhaps things might have worked out differently.
1/11/2021 c8 Guest
Wow this is so good it’s like reading with your eyes half closed knowing what’s going to happen to Leslie but so compelling at the same time.
It’s hard to understand Rose but maybe she thinks she deserves better than the lot she has it’s definitely not easy worrying about money and where essentials are coming from
Just had to say how much I’m enjoying this
1/10/2021 c8 Guest
I knew Miss Cornelia would be checking out Dick’s frequent visits. Then he gets Rose drunk and she worked on the gown Poor Leslie I feel sorry for her
1/10/2021 c7 8Catiegirl
It's been an age since I reviewed, but the updates just get better and better, Kwak. Dick is brilliantly done here- how can something so hideous as he is be so compelling? Well done for that. I can see why Leslie is fascinated, even as I feel as if I am watching a car-wreck in slow motion- and knowing the woman she becomes, it makes such horrible sense. That she survives is testament to that iron core of self, self belief and duty- I could have cried at the promise she gave to be the responsible one. And there was a certain satisfaction in seeing Rose flopping about like the beheaded chicken- would that she could be stuffed and cooked as well! There, bloodthirsty wishes can rest now. Your Leslie is magnificent in this mundane life- and I appreciate her life with Owen more because I have seen her in this one!
1/9/2021 c5 2Kim Blythe
Thank goodness for captain Jim !

I wonder what will be the name of the dog Leslie is thinking of getting ?!
1/8/2021 c4 Kim Blythe
Although I did not understand very well why Leslie is mad at Abner Moore, and why she won't go shop at is store again, I do know and understand that this as cause a lot of drama...

Leslie's mother is now very mad at her, because she ruined her chance of finding and having a beau in Dick Moore. She insulted the Moore's and put a shame to her mother...

And, Dick Moore seem to have disappeared from the island, putting Leslie in great despair...

And now, to make matters worst, the backyard at the West farm is burning...
1/3/2021 c3 Kim Blythe
Lorelei, my sweet little Lorelei, my little lore-liar !

Said Dick Moore, before kissing Leslie, almost without her consent, but we know she enjoyed it, at least, a little, because she kept thinking about afterwards, and she tried to taste the rum left on her lips, as well !

Now, this have me more intrigued than ever.

Where did this little surname came from ? My little lore-liar ?

Surely, it must come from way back, when Leslie and Dick were little kids. But it seems that Leslie doesn't remember much about that time...

So, Dick is a sailor, a rum drinker, a mermaid admire, a poetry reading kind of guy !

Again, this is so very intriguing, and I can't wait to get to know him better, just as Leslie will get to know him better, in this story !
1/3/2021 c2 Kim Blythe
You not making Dick Moore be a charming, gentlemanly, kind young man, is very interesting. Him having tattoos is intriguing as well, well, he is a sailor after all !

But, you do make Leslie think that even though he is not a proper gentleman, he is a very handsome man to look at !

And now, Leslie can only accept he's offer to ride her back home !
1/3/2021 c1 Kim Blythe
Katherine, you're starting Leslie's story at the very beginning, when she was only sixteen years old, and she couldn't, for the life of her, replace who that young man was, the one with the blue and green eyes, Dick Moore...

As usual, I cannot wait to read the next chapter and the next one after that, because I really do think that you are the one writer that can make Leslie come to life right before our eyes !
1/3/2021 c7 Guest
This is a good story. Why was dick so late? I hope you write more soon
12/19/2020 c7 7Formerly known as J
I love how many details you can throw about so effortlessly, kwaky. From Leslie killing that poor, scrawny rooster at the beginning, to the lavender balm to Rose barring Leslie from working on wedding gowns because of superstitions about brides. As always, I lapped it all up, every last drop.

Rose's character is so interesting: frustrating, flawed and yet so human. Knowing what's to come, she brings so much to this story, and I find that I'm half-fascinated, half dreading what she's going to do next. The way she declared chicken salad as not enough to entice Dick Moore, before she stalked off to the shops, then returned with the end of day cakes and the huge cuts of meat. Rose does work hard, but it's seeing how she's contributing to the inevitable downfall that makes me want to scream at her!

Now for Dick. Perving on Leslie in her father's overall, and then actually helping to find the bit of the watch. You're right, now I am wondering if he knew it was there? He does get in your head, and he's certainly not afraid of flashing his bod around shamelessly. Uncouth is the word that comes to mind, and yes he's compelling all right. I get this sense of him always using his looks and this raw sexuality to his advantage, and perhaps being a bit confused by Leslie seeming to resist his advances. I'm starting to see why she appealed to him, and I can't wait to find out more about him as this story unfolds. I wonder if Leslie really will kick him in the soft parts eventually?

Favourite line: "I'm not one of your spinster neighbours. I do as a I please." Yes you do, Dick. More's the pity, as Miss Cornelia would say.
12/19/2020 c7 Regina56
Ooh, this chapter was such good reading and I’m glad I was able to catch up. (I’ve dropped out of most fanfic stories but not your stories. They say the best things in life are free and that’s true with your fanfic stories.)

I adore your Leslie and I wouldn’t be upset if Anne and Gilbert never make an appearance because this story stands on own without any help from them.
The rooster bit was something else, but I agree, they can be fearful. (My son was afraid of roosters when he was little and it took him years to outgrow it.)
The picture you’ve given me of Dick is so vivid that I can somewhat understand why Leslie is drawn to him. In canon, I pictured him as much older and unattractive.

I don’t know if my Christmas will be merry but it will be peaceful with just my household celebrating. (No church service but I’ll be praying that there isn’t a post-holiday Covid surge from others’ celebrations.)
However, there is a light emerging from the long, dark tunnel; the vaccines have arrived!

I was working the screening station at the hospital entrance when a courier walked up and casually told me he was delivering the vaccines (in a briefcase!)
Can you imagine, no fanfare or bodyguards; it was just like any other ordinary delivery and now the news today is that more are on the way, yay!

It’s all happening so quickly now and I’ll be working in the vaccine distribution clinic next week. I’ll be busy before Christmas but I’m very thankful to be doing it at all.

I’m grateful to my husband and all the tens of thousands of other volunteers around the world
who agreed to take that jab in the arm so lives could be saved and the world brought back to normal. It’s an historic moment in science and it wouldn’t have happened without these heroic vaccine trial volunteers.

I do hope you have a peaceful Christmas as well, and I wish you and yours the very best for 2021.
12/18/2020 c6 nictastrophe
This has been one of my favourite stories I have ever read on this site. You have an extraordinary talent for weaving a scene. I typically love to read where writers take some of my canon characters, but this story has me completely forgetting its relation to the overall Anne of Green Gables universe. I think it's the mark of a great storyteller to be able to write a story that can stand alone without knowledge of canon materials, but is instead enhanced by it.

(This is also the first time I have ever commented, but I just wanted to throw in my praise)
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