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for A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic

11/7 c9 IamNOTawriter
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter.
I like the puns based on the form names. And if you haven't already had it submitted, will submit; "Pe-Qu-aC - Er-R00r" Originally that was spelled PEKAC an acronym for "Problem exists between keyboard and chair." For Dumbledore, that changes to "quill and chair".
10/25 c2 Mark
'Bequests' not 'bequeathments'. If I sent this to you previously, I apologize. I did send it to someone but I think it was someone else.
10/7 c20 sinwillys822
loved it
9/8 c3 Adriaan De Belge

I like this AU very much, it gave me occasional fits of chuckling so far already! Keep going, please!

Best regards
8/30 c9 BlazeStryker
Down at the office, got to FILL OUT THE FORMS!
A pink one, a red one, the colors you choose...
I brought it over to see what they think,
they said, "It doesn't count, man; it ain't written in ink!"
(Excerpted from *Illegal Alien* by Genesis)
8/29 c4 BlazeStryker
Right! This is Headbastard material!

Since the tale's complete, I'll explain my Policy; well-written nightmare authorities that should never have power over children are fine, as long as THEY FACE CONSEQUENCES.

Remember; Headbastards Must Die!
8/12 c20 Guest
I'm glad that everyone got a happy ending. I really enjoyed this book!
8/2 c15 2Ducky1776
NO! Not the duck! I can't believe Harry ate the duck!
8/1 c9 Ducky1776
You mean you didn't have him get 50 meters of flightline to go with the prop wash?
7/12 c14 Cole.cjl
so I know he did bad and did all those bad thing but this still sound overboard
7/1 c8 5fancyspinner
This was great
6/29 c8 kalirena69
I noticed a discrepancy in chapter 8 that I wanted to point out and offer a suggestion for easy correction.

Sunday morning after breakfast :

“Pomona came down to hand out their schedules early so as to allow the first years time to acclimate themselves to the vagrancies of a magical castle. Both Harry and Hermione eagerly took their slips and began to compare them.”

then on Monday Morning you have :

“…he was looking forward to getting his class schedule and start learning magic!”

You may want to say “…he was looking forward to getting *started with* his class schedule and *so he could* start learning magic!”

Although I had planned on waiting until the end of the fanfic before commenting on how much I love it, since I am offering the constructive criticism above I thought I should mention that your HP fanfic is definitely going to be added as one of my favorites. The writing is good and it is enjoyable and believable in the world it is in, but most important is this is the first really well written fanfic involving cooking that I have read and as someone who pics my favorite animes, kdramas and other films based on them being involved with cooking and food (you should see my collections, LOL) I am over the moon about this fanfic. So thank you for writing it.

Now back to reading it… :)
5/12 c17 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
5/4 c10 4Aaran St. Vines
Or, now with Biden, we have a bumbling, mumbling laughing stock embarrassing us on the world stage.
5/1 c8 5MozenrathLuvr
Oh, you’re clever with the phony forms,!
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