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for A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic

4/11 c20 E.Elliot
I love it!
3/31 c9 Guest
I loved this chapter and I’m really enjoying this story. Just one small thing you used the term corn flour when you meant corn starch. It’s makes a big difference in a recipe because of the chemical reaction that occurs when add water and heat the corn starch slurry. Overall this has been a great story with some very interesting recipes I kinda want to try now.
3/6 c20 Jemma Blackwell
This was all wonderful but Draco's story is the BEST!
3/5 c7 Jemma Blackwell
Love Hufflepuff! Don't forget to sort Hannah and Susan too.
2/21 c20 PrinceWeirdo
This is all I can say.. Brilliant!
2/21 c14 PrinceWeirdo
Magical family tree... Noice..
2/20 c6 PrinceWeirdo
Ahh, a pity..
2/20 c5 PrinceWeirdo
I hope he got back all the money and then more compensation.. Drop dumbledore way off to azkaban and seized all his properties to Harry and if that's not enough, all Albus accomplice should compensate for it..
2/20 c4 PrinceWeirdo
Holy cow man.. That last Albus POV really tick me off. Hope he suffer here instead of crafting magic "Gone senile and live happily ever after"..
2/20 c3 PrinceWeirdo
Wouldn't it be funny when auror just come and grab Albus when he just stand up and want to take a breath for his speech...
2/20 c1 PrinceWeirdo
For me, remus is a very intelligent man if the novel is right. He's the brain, the nerd, the bookworm of the group. So for him as a camp owner, that for some reason really suitable for him. I also agreed that as camp owner, he could just stay there forever and no one will bat an eye because that literally his properties. He could even close them on few days that have full moon with the excuse of tending all the sharp thorn bushes and shrub for customer safety and to clean up all the hidden trash that may wash ashore.. Thanks!

I have you know, I read the crafting magic and I love it! I am sorry that I wouldn't review much unless the urge is so much that it feels like I'm on fire.. Old phone is bad for ffnet.
2/15 c20 LeoniusDong
I finally made it. It's a good story with light humour and no politics. But I cant understand why the snake have never been found? Did Lucius change his plan or the diary end up to land in the MoM hands?
2/12 c20 jayod
Aww. Great story. Great job!
2/6 c7 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Could I get the recipie for the stuffed waffles, if you don't mind sharing? I love cooking when I get the chance.
1/26 c20 3Robthekiwi121
This sounded really dumb but it was actually an enjoyable read, usually the Nice Dursley fanfics suck ass but you’ve done them quite well, both in this and your Oneshot series
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