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for A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic

1/20 c20 reseh
This was a really fun story! Thanks for posting!
12/14/2021 c17 docscherer
As a person whose worked in medical for over 10 years there is no such thing as covid related pneumonia they are two entirely different dieseases and honestly you probably just had the flu
12/11/2021 c1 donnacheer11
Excellent story
11/28/2021 c7 crazydavey
I think you did a decent job of sort of showing what type of parents Vernon and Petunia might have been for Harry if they weren't made into evil fairytale villains. If Petunia got over her issues with Lily, and they both got over their issues with magic, and they were made as decent people instead, well, I somehow feel like although their characters are radically different from canon, that the way they are portrayed in here seems not only believable, but true to how their characters could have been. Hopefully that makes sense.
Vernon was quite the salesman, and a bit gruff, and must've been somewhat intelligent to do so well at his job, and I think the character here fits. Petunia too seems like what a normal version of the character could have been like.
11/27/2021 c6 crazydavey
This was quite the chapter. Interesting to read a story where Dumbledore actually gets beaten in court so quickly lol. Most stories like this, he would wiggle his way out of most trouble, maybe losing one position at most, and then it'd take more work to bring him down further.

The goblin being made high inquisitor made me laugh. When I first saw that title I was like, "Oh no, seriously? Umbridge?!" But then, nope. A goblin gets the position and she gets sent to the Amazon lmao.
11/27/2021 c4 crazydavey
Why would the officer from the Prisoner rehabilitation division be worried about Sirius "keeping on the straight and narrow" when they've just discovered he was never guilty of a crime to begin with? He isn't a criminal!

And I never understand how in stories like this where the goblins have found solid proof of Dumbledore stealing money from Harry, and yet somehow he isn't charged with anything. Surely the wizarding world still has the crime of theft. And honestly, you'd think purebloods would have lots of laws about guardians stealing or taking advantage of orphans, since they wouldn't want their own children (if they were to die somehow) to be taken advantage of, have their inheritance stolen, or be mistreated. The purebloods might not care about muggleborns, but they do care about themselves and their families. They would therefore likely have laws in place to protect minors even from their guardians, as well as their inheritance.
11/27/2021 c1 crazydavey
I have to admit, when I saw how nice the Dursleys were, at first I was thinking it was because of magic in Harry's cooking. But it seems you decided to go with Petunia (and Vernon I guess) being an actual decent human being instead lol.
11/11/2021 c1 almanac101
this chapter of yes harry cooks eerily reminds me of Sheldon's fun with flags
10/23/2021 c20 ReDish
Thank you!
10/1/2021 c6 Nymeria33
Imma just take the time to let you know that yes, yes I did read that with Steve Irwin's accent! :) Love the story so far too :)
9/9/2021 c20 12jjslll54
Very enjoyable story. Highly recommended. Thank you.

9/8/2021 c17 jjslll54
I'm sorry to hear you had to go though a Covid based illness, but glad you made it through. I'm a cancer survivor and because of a nasty blood infection afterword I know exactly how vital our red blood cells are to even breathe properly. Again happy you made it. Am still loving this story. God bless.

9/8/2021 c9 jjslll54
Follow the yellow brick road. I'm loving this story so far. You have a wicked since of humor. I especially loved the THX 1138 reference.

8/8/2021 c20 odonnellzoo99
This was a great way to wrap up the Crafting Magic series. While sharing obvious commonalities, they were all uniquely their own.
I only have one complaint about this story. I'm on a diet right now. This story was brutal on my will power. It probably strengthened it, but it also brutalized it.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
8/7/2021 c20 erstwhile-S
Had a lot of fun reading this story, with its unique premise and various interesting arcs. Draco’s arc was particularly good as I think it was his input to his father, who then influenced Fudge that allowed the transition to be so smooth and welcomed. Your portrayal of Harry and Hermione as these light hearted and carefree kids was just amazing. The epilogue nicely rounded up things, even if I wish a few more things had been addressed or had had a bit more space in the story. Hermione’s aunt, the Grangers’ ancestry, Sally-Ann, Sirius’ life and Molly’s redemption come to mind. Maybe you’ll cover them in future one shots. One can hope. But really, thank you for this wonderful story. Enjoyed it very much.
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