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for A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic

8/7/2021 c17 erstwhile-S
Fun chapter. Thought something will come of the Princess Sophia arc though, what with the Queen being present and all. Sirius and Remus went missing too. Narcissa Malfoy scarfing a cone was quite the hilarious image. Imagine if Snape had been doing the same.
8/7/2021 c14 erstwhile-S
Well, that’s one way to cure Ron of his atrocious table manners and general demeanour. Quite harsh, but I suppose it’s something extreme that’s going to make Ron think. I’m really enjoying your take on things as it’s so different to what is generally seen.
8/6/2021 c8 erstwhile-S
Gryffindor might actually do some good for Draco, if he gets over or is made to get over his attitude. Ron on the other hand…I’m thinking it’s going to make his tendencies even worse. Maybe he’ll learn how to eat properly though and learn to keep his thoughts to himself. Kids in Slytherin aren’t going to be indulgent to a Weasley, which is what he’d have had in Gryffindor. Hermione’s joy of flying is a marked departure from the norm and a very enjoyable one. The teachers letting a Goblin take over like that without protest is a huge one too. It’s going to be entertaining.
8/6/2021 c3 erstwhile-S
I think I said this before for one of your other stories and I’ll say it again, the way you write kids’ banter and actions is just so realistic. It’s hilarious to read about. Very happy to have Hermione and the Granger parents in the picture.
8/6/2021 c1 erstwhile-S
A fantastic start, with Harry’s loving relatives and Remus actually doing well for himself. This looks to be another original idea for a premise. Loving it already.
7/28/2021 c19 WeisseHex
I am worried about Dumblefuck now! Whatever happens in the next chapter? Well we'll see won't we.
7/28/2021 c1 LittleCrybaby13
Love this! It's always refreshing to read about Good Dursleys. What makes this even better is the fact that Remus actually made something for hinself. I hope the next chapters get even better.
7/27/2021 c10 WeisseHex
So, maybe Albus needs to mess up big for him to kicked out? Do it!
7/27/2021 c6 WeisseHex
Well, too bad they didn't put Dumbles in Azkaban AND they left him as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. It doesn't seem fair, does it? Anyone else would be paying dearly. Still, I suppose that he HAS to be there, or else he can't fuck with Harry Potter, because we all know he will!
7/27/2021 c2 WeisseHex
Wouldn't it be amazing if Dumblefuck was removed BEFORE Harry goes to Hogwarts? It would be too boring though, right? Mhuah haha!
7/27/2021 c1 WeisseHex
Hmm, when Harry fixed the lobster for dinner I wished I cook have joined them for eats! Ha, I love lobster, it is my all-time favorite seafood! So Harry really IS an excellent chef!
7/21/2021 c19 Seimika
Just wondering if the BBQ sauce mentioned is a brand or home made? I would love to try it since I mainly stick with bullseye orginal.
7/16/2021 c20 Guest
Really clever way to combine recipes and cooking tips and a Harry Potter story. I’ve noticed your stories include different aspects and details than a lot of HP stories. It’s great to see the creativity and the “what if” storylines.
7/15/2021 c20 21Duchess67
This last "wrap up" chapter was great. I love the little insights into our favorite characters' lives through the years. I will admit though, to being absolutely horrified by the fact that both magicals and mundanes just left that island's inhabitants to the Toad's lack of mercy and then just bombed the poor souls out of existence instead of rescuing them. What the frilly heck? :(

I adored the fact you actually took the time to show each character development (in detail in first year and then more overall later on) and how THEY changed things in the magical world. Or how THEY stood out in some way that really had nothing to do with Harry except for the fact he was an encouragement or inspiration somehow. That was awesome!

The mostly lighthearted, instead of dark and depressing, atmosphere of this story is VERY much appreciated!
7/7/2021 c3 Olegreyowl
How to keep onions from making you cry. Stick the onion in the freezer for 15 minutes or so before slicing. The cold thickens the juice so it doesn't mist up into your eyes.
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