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for A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic

6/19/2021 c11 StarlightCatLover
Harry’s interaction with Hedwig in this chapter just made my week! Thank you! It’s perfect!
6/17/2021 c8 crankypants16
Enjoying your story so far. Thank you!
6/17/2021 c1 crankypants16
Great start to your story. Thank you!
6/4/2021 c20 HoneyBear84
Loved it
5/21/2021 c17 tricorvus
Oh my sweet Merlin! I'm sorry you had to go through that! But deeply relieved that you are recuperating. My nephew just missed his 45th birthday, passing from the pestilence. It felled him suddenly and attacked hard. All the rest of our family has gotten the vaccination, but we're twitchy and leery now. I hope for your continued healing, and amazing writing!
Rock On
5/21/2021 c15 tricorvus
Have you seen Dolores' wand? It's amazing! I want one like it.
Great story
rock on
5/20/2021 c9 tricorvus
Rolling on the floor laughing
Truly marvelous
May I suggest to anyone who cares to read wonderful recipes, "The Marriage Test", by Bettina Krahn. My god I took notes of about half the frocking book. I keep it on a computer file and read it often.
rock on
5/20/2021 c8 tricorvus
Oh my sweet sweet Merlin, I love love love this story!
Rock ON
5/15/2021 c2 42miguel.puentedejesus
5/15/2021 c1 miguel.puentedejesus
Un Maravilloso Comienzo
5/13/2021 c20 neweldi
Thanks, I love it :-)
5/9/2021 c20 Jo Cook
5/7/2021 c16 Millie072
If he's working his passage, he's not going to be out of shape on arrival. As untrained 'help' Peter would likely end up with dirtiest menial tasks aboard ship. He may still wheeze, but there will be some muscle & endurance acquired.
5/1/2021 c20 frankiebayer2002
Plz update soon
5/1/2021 c10 frankiebayer2002
This is awesome
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