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8/18 c2 Guest
I am so sorry you have not updated. I love this story.
3/11 c1 Panda.k1ng
Eagerly awaiting more
12/23/2021 c2 7Joshua's Tall Tales
"Do you know what Angelica said, when we saw your first letter arrive?
She said, 'Be careful with that one love, [s]he'll do what it takes to survive!"
-Burn, Hamilton
10/8/2021 c2 Just another anonymous user
I don't leave many reviews, maybe a total of ten ever in many years, honestly. This has me hooked though, and I'm interested to see where it goes if you decide to continue with the premise.
9/13/2021 c2 lnept
An excellent premise. Looking forward to more :)
6/4/2021 c2 Rhonda Ward
So glad you are continuing this. It is so good and it is only two chapters in, can't wait for more.
6/4/2021 c2 soccermm231
6/3/2021 c2 4baud001
I don't care much for Hunger Games (never read a book, just seen a few bits of the movies), but I'm enjoying this a lot. I'd say it's mostly how well the feelings are communicated
6/2/2021 c2 ayienne
Interesting. I can't wait for what drama you are about to unleash from there. I see that character tag on Finnick and Cashmere and hmmmm, a hint maybe?
6/1/2021 c2 EzioAzrael
Damn, this is a pretty good start to a story, hope to see more of this in the near future.
6/1/2021 c2 nandy7781
This is so good. I feel so sorry for Peeta and what he's about to go through. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/1/2021 c2 Kalstorm99
cool chapter.
6/1/2021 c2 PaddysAvianExpert
Been a while since reading anything from Hunger Games but you brought me right back with how well and in character Snow, Peeta, and Haymitch are written. Peeta playing his audience like a fiddle was one of the most fun parts of the series to me, so I'm looking forward to that being a focus of the story and seeing how this will go. Looking forward to more, great start!
6/1/2021 c2 1Jetiq
So angsty! The characterization and emotion you write is top notch. Please update soon.
1/12/2021 c1 Helios7406
Katniss is ice cold, she didn't even care enough to give him any forwarning.
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