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for The Avatar's protector

1/1 c51 Hero100100
it was a great chapter

the epilogue would really good
1/1 c50 Hero100100
it was a great chapter

the best part was when Aries was killed
1/1 c49 Hero100100
the chapter was okay

the best moment was with Korra said making her smile softly as Calliope yawned in her arms making her giggle.
1/1 c48 Hero100100
the chapter was okay
1/1 c47 Hero100100
I enjoyed this chapter

yay you finally got rid of Raiko

and Calliope is a beautiful daughter

and of course Kuvira came back from the Dead and now she's Ares new student
12/24/2020 c1 Shakespeare1994
Hey Dragonlord0, The Avatar's Protector was an awesome story!
Now that you're done with it, and since you're gonna get back the unfinished harem stories in your archives, I can't wait to see what comes next.
Many thanks and much anticipation,
12/23/2020 c51 10LoneWolf-O1
Nice story and can't wait to see what's next!
12/23/2020 c50 LoneWolf-O1
Nice Ch!
12/22/2020 c51 Mr.Shades42
I actually like this ending.
12/22/2020 c51 Juggernaut
Maybe you could do mass effect, or dragon age fics, both have the potential for harems, hijinks, family, and fun.

In mass effect Sean could be a mix class of soldier, biotic, and infiltrator (just try not to cop-out on how he became that way), I’m thinking a three way with either fem-shep (she can be whatever class, maybe have her alignment be chaotic good), Ashley (but have Sean help her get over her xenophobia), and Liara, or maybe Tali, Kasumi, and Tevos.

In dragon age maybe a human that can make automatons (use dwemer machines from elder scrolls as a base), but can use spells, and swords (again fits Sean’s character design as either a demigod, or just intelligent, and works hard), pairings I would suggest fem-Hawke (again any class, and tends to crack wise, but can be serious), Bethany (maybe try to save carver just for comedic hijinks), and Merrill (cause come on you would have to be a heartless prick not to love kitten). You could also probably get him to knock the heads of the mages, and templars, and start reforms, possibly even make him inquisitor.
12/22/2020 c51 20naruto11222
great work man, this is gonna be in the favorite of all time. Let me know if you need some ideas and I will give you some.
12/22/2020 c51 20TheRagFromTheCrag
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
Wow you also did over 226K in words in just 3 months also impressive.
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
By the way from looking at the published and updated dates I know that you completed this fanfiction in 3 months and you did 51 chapters I'm impressed.
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
By the way any thoughts on that "The Mandalorian" fanfiction that I suggested?
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