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12/22/2020 c51 Sora
Authors Note: And with that...The Avatar's protector has finally ended. I'm really sad here I really loved this story since it was just perfect. I'm sad to see it end but oh well. Now once the new year finally begins I can upload my new story...The Avatars of Old. Now I can focus on my other stories again like A savior created by the Gods and some others. Read, Review, Fav and Follow. REVIEW FOR THIS FINAL CHAPTER! SEE YA!

Good story but I still like harem stories better but it's still nice to see you finally finish a story. So the title of the next story is called "The Avatars of Old". Unfortunately the title doesn't explain what it's about so I have no clue if I'm going to like it or not. Also please don't make "The Avatars of Old" your soul focus because again I don't want to wait such a long time for you to get to your other
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
"You know I would never miss these moments for anything." Sean said kissing her forehead making her smile before yelling as she was about to deliver.

"Ugh! After doing this two times before you would think I developed a tolerance to pain." Korra said making him chuckle.

"I don't think it works that way." Sean said.

I'm pretty sure that in real life it does.
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
"You know another thought just occurred to me. Everyone keeps saying you had some great destiny that Ares tried to prevent. Was it to kill him?" Korra asked.

"Not even close." Zeus said appearing before them along with every god of Olympus.

"Ok enough games. Whats this great destiny I'm supposed to have?" Sean asked.

"To take our place as the next God Of Olympus." Zeus said shocking everyone even Sean and Korra.

"Wait. What do you mean Our Place? Doesn't just mean yours." Sean asked his father.

"No. Our time as rulers of Olympus in every domain of the lands of Greece has come to an end. It is time for you to take our place as a whole." Zeus said.

"But...That would incline I'm to rule not just Greece or Olympus but the Seas and the Underworld." Sean said.

"Exactly. Ares found out about your destiny long ago. He could not accept that his time as the God of war would come to an end and tried to prevent it at all costs by breaking sacred laws we put into place. But nothing worked. He simply could not accept his time was coming to a close." Athena said.

"Thats why he tried to kill my mother before I was born." Sean said.

"Our time has come to a close which we've all accepted long ago. Yours however never will. It is time for you...To become a full fledged god with the responsibilities we have done for 10,000 years." Zeus said placing his hand on his forehead before it glowed. "I have always been proud of you my son. You will do greater things than even I have ever accomplished." Zeus said before he and the Gods Of Olympus turned to glowing dust shocking everyone before it surrounded Sean's body before he was placed in a glowing silver armor. (Picture the armor Zeus wore in Clash of the Titans 2010 movie)

Wow I didn't expect Sean to take over every Gods' positions.
12/22/2020 c51 Sora
Thats when a chain wrapped around Korra's feet.

"WHAA!" Korra yelled as she was pulled up before coming face to face with her husband who chuckled.

"Now don't tell me this is not the best hello you've ever gotten." Sean said making her smile before pulling him into a kiss.

It isn't it's just weird.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
Authors Note: And with that Ares is finally dead and Sean's Family is finally avenged. Now Next Chapter is the last and final Chapter of this story. Read, Review, Fav and Follow. REVIEW MY LOYAL FANS FOR THIS AMAZING CHAPTER! SEE YA!

I'm surprised that you ended the chapter here. I hope that the last chapter finishes everything.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"Ah Kruger. And not a moment too soon. I only just finished digging a moment ago." The old man said.

"Who are you?" Sean asked.

"Funny you would think you would recognize the man you were named after." The old man said shocking him seeing this was the person his mother named him after.

"But..." Sean tried to say.

"For people like me Death is only the beginning. I have watched for a long time now." The old man said before the ground shook. "But never mind that now. Your family needs you more than ever." He said before vanishing making Sean narrow his eyes.

12/22/2020 c50 Sora
Coming to a bone ledge Sean grabbed onto someone who was trying to climb up.


Sean pulled out one of his blades.

"There is a task left for me above." Sean said stabbing him making him groan in pain as Sean climbed up top of him. "And I will see it completed." Sean said about to walk away when he grabbed his leg making him look back before widening his eyes. "Oh you gotta be kidding me!" Sean laughed.

The person in question was Raiko who had been holding on for his life for the last year. His torture would only begin when he entered the River Styx.

"YOU AGAIN DEMON!" Raiko yelled.

"Have you seriously been holding on here for almost a year? Wow I'm actually impressed." Sean said.

"PULL ME UP! PLEASE!" Raiko begged.

"Ok fine. But only because you said please." Sean said pulling him up.

"Oh thank you I..." Raiko tried to say before Sean dropped him. "AHHHH!" Raiko screamed as he fell to the River Styx where soon he would be tortured in the Depths of Tartarus for all eternity because of the mark of the damned. (To Sora if you really want to know what the symbol looks like which really isn't important picture a symbol of Tartarus)


When I looked it up all I could find were hundreds of cartoonish symbols so this was useless. Also I'm surprised that Raiko was clinging to that cliff for a year.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
Sean soon arrived on Air temple island about to use his magic to summon the temple.

Thats when he heard someone laughing making him pull out his blades before some old man came out of a hole.

"Good my boy...Good. The Gods have trained you well. Republic City may yet stand after all." The old man said.

"Who the hell are you?" Sean asked confused.

"You have the blades. The Mark of blood of your family. You are the one indeed who will bring this world out of endless years of war and pointless death. But be careful. Don't want you dying before I'm finished with this grave." The old man said still digging.

"A grave? In the middle of a war? Who would occupy it old man?" Sean asked.

"You will my son. Oh I've got a lot of digging to do indeed." The Old man said making him raise an eyebrow.

"Look I don't have any intentions of dying twice. So..." Sean tried to say but he just chuckled.

"All will be revealed in time Kruger. And when all appears to be lost. I will be there to help." The old man said making him confused before shaking his head.

"Whatever." Sean said before using his magic to summon the temple.

Yep I was right Sean is going to replace Ares as the God of War.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"We're wounded here. Theres no way we can fight him at that size." Reznov said.

"There is another way." Sean said gaining their attention. "Pandora's box." Sean said.

"I thought it was on Olympus." Korra said.

"No. It's here in the four nations in a temple underwater. Only a half god is allowed to enter the temple and retrieve the box. Thats why my father sent me to bring it back from Pandora's temple. This new idea had less risk." Sean said.

"Lets go find it then." Turok said.

"I know where it is. You all will try to keep Ares from destroying the city with what forces we have left. I'm going for the box." Sean said.

"Please be careful." Korra said kissing him.

"Don't worry. Lets get this done." Sean said before flying away.

Finally it's about to end.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"That seal on her neck was meant to destroy a barrier that prevents Ares from physically entering the four nations. The first time he got through was when he used Cronos. The second time it was lowered to help Fight Vaatu. But now it's completely shattered." Sean said.

"Can't your father do anything to stop him?" Suyin asked.

"The gods Of Olympus are forbidden from waging war on each other. If he was on Olympus that would be a different story." Sean said.

Yeah if gods clash it affects the world of man which is why it's forbidden.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"All I know is at one point he left Ares and he brought me back from Death. Unlike him nothing held me back!" Kuvira yelled.

"Kuvira...Do you even know why Sean really abandoned Ares?" Korra asked.

"What difference does it make!" Kuvira yelled.

"Kuvira...Ares tricked Sean into murdering his entire family." Korra said shocking her.

"He...What are you talking about. Ares said..." Kuvira tried to say.

"You can never believe a word from him. Now Sean and his family had a lot of issues because of the choices he made and willingly I might add. But he always loved them. Especially his little sister who we named my second daughter after. He never got the chance to tell them that other than her. Ares tricked him into killing them by covering the temple in a mist that blinded him. When the mist cleared...He regretted everything he ever did." Korra said making her eyes widen.

"I...I didn't..." Kuvira tried to say.

"Didn't know? Did you even bother to read his full history at all? After that day he swore never to walk that path again. Zeus revealed himself as his father and trained him along with every other God on Olympus. He changed everyone around him. Asgard used to be no different than Ares and he changed them for the better. He changed the world because he changed. I wouldn't be who I am if It wasn't for him." Korra said before sitting down next to her. "But not a day went by where he didn't wish he could take it all back. And he would have done anything to fix his mistakes." Korra said making Kuvira look down. "Still some good things came after those mistakes. He and I got married and had four beautiful children. And he finally forgave himself 400 years later." Korra said smiling lightly.

I find this hard to believe considering Kuvira had no problem killing her fiance.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"If you really want it to end, then come and get me!" Kuvira yelled out making her follow as she arrived in the forest before gasping seeing Kuvira's weapon. "Now it's over!' Kuvira yelled firing it but Korra dodged.

However the whole place started to glow before spinning Kuvira around.

"Shut it down!" Korra yelled which she did try to do.

"I CAN'T!" Kuvira yelled before she was thrown off making her grunt before looking up and gasped seeing her weapon coming right at her.

However Korra got in the way and activated the Avatar state to shield them both.

Thats when a large explosion occurred that went a large distance.

Sean quickly took cover avoiding the blast.

"What the hell?" Sean asked before it pulled back before a bright light went to the sky. "A new spirit portal?" Sean asked himself before using fire to seal his wounds making him grunt in pain before rushing to find Korra.

Arriving at the portal he found nothing but spirit vines.

Now this was a beautiful sight.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"Theres got to be some other way to shut down power from here. You spend some time with Varrick and Jr. Didn't anything rub off on you?" Mako asked.

"Look the only thing I know is these things explode when you mess with them." Bolin said.

Mako narrowed his eyes before looking at the spirit vine.

"Get those engineers out of here. I have an idea." Mako said.

"Want to fill me in?" Bolin asked.

"I'm gonna zap these vines with some electricity." Mako said.

"Maybe you didn't hear me. That will make the vines explode." Bolin said.

"Exactly. This is our only way of shutting this thing down and hopefully with Kuvira." Mako said.

Unfortunately he's correct.
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"It's not gonna hold it." Korra said as Kuvira started breaking through.

"Dad we need to go!" Asami yelled.

"Almost there. Almost there." Hiroshi said before Kuvira's arm broke free.

"DAD! NOW!" Asami yelled.

"Good-bye, Asami. I love you." Hiroshi said before ejecting her making her eyes widen in shock.

"DAD!" Asami screamed before he was crushed by Kuvira. Nevertheless his plan worked cutting a hole for the others.

"Hiroshi's plan worked." Korra said as Sean held her.

"Lets make sure his sacrifice was not in vain." Sean said as they rushed to the opening.

So he still dies was this because you hated him?
12/22/2020 c50 Sora
"You people are really starting to piss me off!" Kuvira yelled angered before Sean flew at her before equipping the Gauntlet of Zeus and punched her back making her nearly fall while she growled in rage before trying to blast him again but he used the Golden Fleece to block her attack before directing it right back at her left arm which actually almost did some damage much to her shock.

"I think I just found a way to tear this thing apart." Sean said before the Fleece crumbled apart. "Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me." Sean said annoyed.

"Seriously? That thing damages it and falls apart?" Lin asked making Korra sigh.

"Nothing is ever easy." Korra said.

Yeah when stuff like this happens I feel like the universe is conspiring against you.
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