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10/9/2023 c1 LyingChicken
The thought that this story might be abandoned hurts my soul.
This is one of those few gems I've been fortunate enough to find on this site.
9/11/2023 c2 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Great Story Till now!

Already excited for the next chapter
9/10/2023 c2 ReadersCantRead
I now understand the original was a more streamlined imitation of someone else's work but it's painful that it was better than the quest and by far better than this abandoned rewrite. Rest in peace.
9/1/2023 c2 Allnaks
me encanta esta historia, espero que la continues
8/17/2023 c2 Sen
eh this just doesn't have the same feeling as the original.
It helps a bit that there's other perspectives, like da vinci here, and makes the story better if it stays that way.

sorry I can't stick with this. But thank you for keeping the original up. I've re-read it a few times and def will come back to it again.
8/17/2023 c1 gh
I liked the original. But was willing to try this one, but I hate first POV. Argh, I'm so depressed. I literally just can't stand reading 1st POV stories


But I think if I read that note right, you kept the original posted somewhere? I hope so, Id like to go back and re-read it
7/14/2023 c2 ericmw8
*Sees the Da Vinci route*
7/14/2023 c2 2R.R. Blaze
Good chapter.
What happened to Olga and the Crypters (all of them) can't be changed, otherwise the story will completely diverge from canon.
7/11/2023 c2 J
Hey can you update hero complex as I’ve been waiting forever
7/10/2023 c2 Not a Meme
Oh Heck Yeah! I had all but given up on the jewel coming back but boy am I happy It's back! Gott say love how your handling things so far.

You took some interesting liberties with Ritsuka's background but still stuck to the core, normal background which is a very good way. Somethings about the background I felt were a bit too specific but that's not bad at all.
I do personally find Ritsuka immediately guessing Da Vinci based of a few notes a bit of a stretch in my opinion. It's not bad in any way, just felt like a big leap especially Ritsuka's still in the beginning at this point but this does feature a literal dating sim system so it's not out of ordinary.

That aside everything was well done and written and makes really look forward to how this story will go and how you'll change up the story.

Especially in the Romantic department, from the looks of it, Da Vinci is lining up to be one, which is not something I've seen done but gladly applaud.
As for who the others may be, that decision is up to you ultimately though I do feel like at least advocating for the more "official" romantically developed girls (Mash, Eresh, Melt, Jalter, and especially Castoria).

Again just a personal opinion on my part, based of this newest I have full confidence however this story goes, it will be great!
7/11/2023 c2 1BlackFox1999
Is Yu still going to be one of Ritsuka lovers. I really did like that part of the first version it was different.
7/10/2023 c2 FelipeCH98
Just checking out my Fanfiction account to see if something interesting updated (my email notifications were off) and I found out that this gem is back.

I'm very happy to see you back, SpatialPhoenix.

I wish you the best with your RL responsibilities and good health for you and your family.

Now, I could say many things, but I will focus on what I really desire for:

Please have Da Vinci as one of Ritsuka's girlfriends. She was great during Camelot, and her dead was painful in the Lostbelt prologue. She does so much for the MC, Chaldea, and her beauty is just that great.

To repeat myself, something I said to you a while ago:

Mash, Da Vinci, Olga and Artoria Must be Ritsuka's romantic companions. Ideally, by the time Part 1 is over. (I know MUST may sound rude, but its the most fitting word)

After everything they went through together during the Seven Singularities and the Temple of Time, it's very frustrating that their relationship-status has not changed. And certain events in LB6 would be perfect to show how protective and caring Ritsuka is for his Kouhai.

Olga deserves happiness, and other stories have shown possible ways in saving her before or after the explosion. Naturally, she won't become the "host" for the Alien God, but that can be explored later on. Oh and her interactions with Wodime in Olympus would be great.

Anyway, take care and until the next update, which btw take ALL the time you need. Really.
7/5/2023 c2 4Blade1986
Glad to see you back with us, Spatial! Looking forward to more chapters of this and your other stories (when you can write them, of course). Keep up the good work, and stay safe, my friend.
7/5/2023 c2 GodsReader15
7/2/2023 c1 haribo7861
Love this book
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