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9/20 c1 Soulbow109
So far this new version is pretty nice. Previous one was good but one of my favorite things about Ritsuka was that he is basically a normal average human. So some of the stuff like him being an amazing singer in the previous version took some of that charm from him.

Goodluck in your studies and look forward to the next update.
9/18 c1 Gilgamesh01
Dude, why are you taking so long? It's been almost a month since the fanfiction was restarted.
9/8 c1 Guest
Fuckkkkkk- are you serious?! How did I not see that it was only one chapter-
I got way too into the chapter to not notice lol-
9/8 c1 2Yu Narukaze
Honestly, I like the new start so far, but I feel like Kadoc would have better Master Affinity than Wodime. He was literally recruited because of his talent for summoning and commanding powerful Servants, after all. I suppose his inferiority complex might have caused problems for him in the simulation, though.

Hope you get the chance to update this soon, but real life *does* need to take priority.
8/31 c1 jack hopper
Oh man I'm so excited for this I loved it the first time around I'm sure I'll love it this time too.
8/29 c1 Guest
Is there a link or a way to read Fate Eroge Order (the one Spatial Phoenix referenced was being updated again on Questionable Questing)? I tried searching for it myself but came up short...
8/27 c1 2SoulMatter
Well, good to see this is back up. And I have to say, i like the rewrite much more than the original version.

Anyways, see you next update, and take care of yourself.
8/23 c1 2KingPlotBunny
oh nice to see honestly kind of forgot about this fic but eager to read the rewrite if Ritsuka has Avalon Cookie does that mean we'll see more of vanilla Arturia?
8/23 c1 Mokkunn
Amazing first chapter. Still remember the first draft ans it's clear how much you have improved. Hopefully, you can update more frequently, i really like the idea behind you story.
8/23 c1 Phantom0408
Honestly, from what I've read so far, this chapter is leagues above the old one. It reads smoother and less clunky so it feels so much better to immerse myself into.

You've done a great job with this one. Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work.
8/23 c1 SpeedFox22
Holy shit! The old draft was one of my favourite fanfic of this site but this one is LEAGUE above!

I could completely see the characters talking and reacting like that and I like the fact that Ritsuka is an average joe here, it's make him more relatable and more impressive in is future feats.

The interaction between Saber and Ritsuka is great and really would like to see more of them in the future. BTW will servant remember their previous grail war or will they be differents as the nasu-rule say ( not that nasu follow his own rules ) ?

I don't know how but your chapter nailed everything i think should be in a fgo fanfic.

Don't worry for the updates. Take your time, real life is more important and all your chapters are always a good read anyway so we just have to reread them again lol.

Good luck for your school, and keep the good work, bro
8/23 c1 3Emeraldfireblade
(Hastily scoops jaw back of the floor) Woah. I liked the original, but this absolutely blows it out of the water. I love the new structure and the more focused point of view. I appreciate how busy you, so no pressure intended here, but I am very eager for more.
8/23 c1 1Dragon Bone Z
Beautifully written.
8/22 c1 fireblizard1996
Ok I’m liking where this is going.
8/22 c1 M2R
well, this is nice. not that I remembered much of how was the previous chapter 1 looks like lol. so I can't compare aside from the fact both have different kind of story tone
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