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for Fate: Grand Eroge

8/21/2022 c1 AngelFaux
It's great to see this active again, Eroge Order being active again gave me hope this would post again.

I hope you're doing alright with medical school.
This is off to a much better start. Great work

Though I am confused, I got a notification for Chapter 2 but there doesn't seem to be one?
8/21/2022 c1 15Classic Mecraphone
Well the rewrite is off to a promising start, hope yah stick with it.

Although I don’t understand you people that go into the medical field. It was bad enough earning an engineering degree with all the tests and exams even outside of college but I have friends that went into the field and y’all are gluttons for punishment
8/21/2022 c1 1thejkshadow1
well it's sad to know that this story will potentially never finish i would say just disable guest reviews and if possible block anyone who says dumb crap. easier to ignore the idiots who really don't know what there talking about that pay them any attention.
8/21/2022 c1 Skywolf99
good work! i'm happy to see this back. small pet peeve though, it's senpai with an n, not sempai with an m
8/21/2022 c1 furukawa023
So it begin close to canon, then Olga is going to die aren't she? it very unlikely for him to save her considering there only few hours before the bombs explode under her.
8/21/2022 c1 Mocheese
Ayo it's back
8/21/2022 c1 reader0007
Beryl is not in team A because he got minus point in training simulator?
8/21/2022 c1 FelipeCH98
It was a great surprise seeing this story back once more. I really hope that those "pushy" readers didn't gave you too much trouble.
In any case, I just wanted to recall Olga, da Vinci and Mash and being top Waifus for this story, seeing that those girls have been alongside the MC since the very beginning. And their deaths in canon have always been massive moments.
Now, regarding Singularity F, maybe you could use the FSN setting instead of the one found in FGO.
That way, Ritsuka could be found by Medea and she could save Olga.
PS: Some stories did so, including this great quest in Sufficient Velocity. Crimson Beauty of The Crescent Moon (Fate/Grand Order)
8/21/2022 c1 T-B-R
hm I like this rewrite
8/21/2022 c1 mackerelfunfun
Comparing it to pre-rewrite and I like the changes already!

Excited to read more whenever post-introduction chapters come out!
8/21/2022 c1 Pannenkoekenrage
When I first clicked on the story when it showed up in recently updated it showed the oldy story still.
Then when I refreshed it suddenly changed and the 8 chapters turned into 1. Really weird

First though: Its aliiiiiiiiiiveeeeeee!
Second thought: Alas, the old story is down. I actually first read the author's notes and am sad to hear some of the old parts I liked like the interactions with Yu and the other crypters are gone/changed.

I didnt really mind the ridiculousness of Gudako since it seemed like she wasn't really gonna be a significant part of the story anyway.
Taking away some of Gudao's competency might make things more interesting though. Am somewhat excited about that.
(That said, take care not to make him too... innocent I guess.

For example: At the start he thinks to himself "And most certainly never set foot after dark without my parents." Ummm... wtf? You are 15-18 years old and never walked around outside after dark without your parents? Is your neighborhood that dangerous or something?

Cant say much else yet. The writing seems competent like in the previous version and the little bit with Da Vinci was fun. She didn't really have a presence in the old version which was sad.
8/21/2022 c1 4Blast Ketchup
Thanks for the update! It's been a long time, but it was worth it if it means this is live once again!

And now, back to waiting.
8/21/2022 c1 RPGShooter
Im confused, I got a notification for a second chapter, was that just a glitch? Because im not seeing the second chapter and no one else seems to be mentioning it?
8/21/2022 c1 Mirrorcrow
Hello phoenix-san, im glad that you took your time to write this even with the workload that this year imposed to you, im exited to read more of the story mostly because you make a good "rythm" with how the events occur, also dissapointed that the rest of the year will be dead, but that is how life goes, take care of your health and i'll be waiting any updates
8/21/2022 c1 3a crashclown
Click b for Subaru playthrough
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