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for Fate: Grand Eroge

6/23/2023 c2 10VonLeporace
Honestly I'm really enjoying this story, I hope you continue.

I wish you the best of luck.
6/23/2023 c2 2Mr. Haziq
Good on you for acing your tests! I also took a medical internship, but it was lab work and SUPER BORING.

Wow. Glowing remarks from Da Vinci!
6/23/2023 c2 29tailedspartan
isn't this like the third or fourth time you have restarted this story?
6/23/2023 c2 akd48
I mean it's an SI right?
6/23/2023 c1 akd48
Hey u didn't change your fic summery
6/22/2023 c2 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
6/22/2023 c2 TheStrangeCanadian
And thanks for the chapter!

Tbh, with your pursuit of career I don’t really expect any “consistent” uploads for a few more years. And that’s fine. Relax as much as you can, definitely don’t stress yourself over this when you’re dealing with so much IRL. You’re content is entertaining and welcome whenever it comes.
6/22/2023 c2 Heilergott
Awesome chapter!

DaVinci is gonna be a highlight, I can already see it. The long wait has definitely been worth it.

Hope work ain't gonna kick your butt too hard :D
6/22/2023 c2 2Dracoog101
Glad this is back
6/22/2023 c2 BlueCore
Its been a long wait but happy to have you back, looking forward to more of this great story
6/22/2023 c2 1thejkshadow1
Really nice to read this before work. I'm even reading this the same day that ff 16 is coming out. I'll look forward to the next chapter big time. hope it won't take a whole year this time but I get ya work and school takes a lot of time
6/22/2023 c1 2LightEveningDawn
This is awesome. Keep it up whenever it suits you!
6/22/2023 c2 dahfer25
Pretty good
6/22/2023 c2 doctor3027
Nice to see this update. Da Vinci was a bit of a surprise. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned.
6/22/2023 c2 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to what happens next!
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