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for Kuroinu's Women in My House: The Untold Stories

1/3 c2 Look2021
Good Ova and merry Christmas and happy new year!
1/3 c2 1keybladelight
That was the biggest heist of GTA V level and I love it can believe that the fat Michelle was here but at least justice was served for him.
1/3 c2 SPARTAN-626
A little late but still nice work here and well done. a few spelling errors here and there but still good stuff, Thou you said Jo Jo Jo then Hohoho...How did you get that wrong?! So the fat idiot is here for that long huh? At least hes getting the pain he deserves by the mystery man, thou the questions is who else from Kuroinu is on Earth and for how long I wonder. Good on Marcus for helping the orphanage and giving the kids a good Christmas, thou I get what he going threw since that was a lot of money, buts still good on him. Damn it Ruu-Ruu all that hard work they went threw and you had to screw it up! No games for you!
11/17/2020 c1 Guest
Update Please I really like this idea.
10/9/2020 c1 SPARTAN-626
Ok this is of to a pretty good start and looking forward to seeing what other events, situations and holidays the gang will experience and go threw. Hope we get a Halloween themed one soon
10/9/2020 c1 4Monster King
Awesome job

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