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for Red Robb and the Burning of the Riverlands

1/3 c30 2Muh Chaos Theory
I think that was a very satisfactory ending. Not what I expected but it makes sense. Jon started this story negotiating peace with the Wildlings and Stannis, Sansa negotiated peace with the Targaryens and even Arya negotiated peace with Robb. Realistically, this was the only way he could survive and the Others are Jon’s villains. Having some out of nowhere dues ex machina instakill them like the show did irl would be awful.

Likewise I don’t think anyone expected UnRobb to survive to the end. Having Robb’s soul split in half is better than some cheesy villain possessing him. That would have been so cliche
12/28/2023 c1 HAEVs Sha
trolling. but good job, at least it finish
10/2/2023 c29 AnthonyR89
well, that's a shitty way to leave the story hanging.
10/1/2023 c28 AnthonyR89
honestly, a better death than Stannis deserved.
10/1/2023 c22 AnthonyR89
I was going to ask why the hell the Ironborn would bother. other than their ostensible neutrality, it's the watch. they don't have any loot.
10/1/2023 c20 AnthonyR89
I was going to call bullshit on Cersei getting the drop on Tywin. she's an incompetent moron who thinks she is a genius. Olenna, on the other hand...

I will call bullshit on the guards capturing Jaime without a few deaths, though. I don't like him, but he is one of the best blades in Westeros.
9/30/2023 c4 AnthonyR89
while not anywhere near a dealbreaker, I do admittedly find it grating that the Blackwoods are traitors and. the Brackens are loyal. Blackwopds are probably my favorite Riverlands house. then the Mallisters.
9/30/2023 c3 AnthonyR89
eh. Maege might be able to rally the north. also the Manderlys. just because they didn't in cannon doesn't mean it's not possible.
3/26/2023 c1 cuckbloke
cuckbloke at it again with his autismposting
2/12/2023 c9 3arctic-kat
Ahhh how happy I am seeing the last sentence of this chapter!
1/9/2023 c29 Sage of Wind Dragons
Hey! I swear I’ve already seen this chapter but I’m more then Happy to read more stuff from you.

Good fun all told.
But yeah give a toast to Stannis then continue on. Shireen hold storms end would be good.
11/16/2022 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Molto interresante ottimo lavoro
9/7/2022 c28 Hulkbuster97
It feels like writer of wounds and Red Rob are 2 different person.
7/29/2022 c28 Guest
Great chapter as always.

First thing, Jon's 'dream'. Basically what we know, also that Sansa and Arya tried during the parley to reach the real Robb. The interesting bit are the shadowy figures that stopped them. Normally I associate the number seven with, well, the Seven. But Red Robb has been given life by the Red God and is now in league with Euron. I simply can't see the Seven be in on this, unless you also have some interesting interpretation of their 'true' nature for this story.

The marsh back to Winterfell is as horrible and desperate as was to be expected. I dare say they even have been lucky so far.

The Ironborn coming to the rescue. That actually being a accurate statement says a lot about how truly desperate things have become. Though Jon is also correct in that with all those dead already or soon to be, there will be enough lands empty that putting them somewhere here the neighbors won't complain overly much won't be that big of an issue.

The battle was nice. The army the bravery of despair and the soon to be dead. But despite that and Jon and Stannis competent leadership, the Others simply have too much raw numbers in their advantage. Not to mention the fact that their abilities and limitations still remain mostly a mystery to the human side and thus cannot be accounted for in their battle-plans. While the Others clearly have a very good idea of human strategy.

Stannis death was great. Sacrificing himself with the full knowledge that it is the only card left to play and as king it is his duty to do so. A worthy end for him and frankly a better one than what I fear Martin will have in store for him. Certainly miles ahead of the show.

Something that I forgot in my review for last chapter. Red Robb almost immediately recovered from Dacey's death blow. Despite there being no Red Priest present to give him the Kiss of Life. Such unaided resurrection seems to indicate that whatever Red Robb has become, shares a very strong magical connection with the Lord of Light (assuming it wasn't some other entity that did that, having previously hijacked Robb from R'hllor).

Thanks for your good work. Until next time.
7/26/2022 c28 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
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