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11/12/2021 c6 magitechxinc
This is so freaking cool! I love all the neat detail you put in. Hoping to see Chinjao at some point, mostly cause it's funny. I'm going to send this to all my friends though. Absolutely superb!
11/12/2021 c5 magitechxinc
That fight was so awesome!
11/12/2021 c4 magitechxinc
Holy shit! This is absolutely stunning! I adore Rouge!
11/12/2021 c3 magitechxinc
I adore David! He is perfect!
11/12/2021 c2 magitechxinc
I love it! Brook and Laboon! It's like a Man and his dog, but way more funny!
11/12/2021 c1 magitechxinc
This is so interesting and cute!
12/28/2020 c6 3Yellowberri
The pieces are in place, the battle begins
Seconds go by, an ultimate clash to see who wins
Rain and blood fall to soak the soil
Multiple strings of fate tangle in turmoil
Chaos reigns with gunfire and swords
One by one people are lost in discord
Finally, their numbers dwindle to one
Don't drop your guard, the real battle has begun

Sorry, the excitement of God Valley made me feel poetic.

Don't worry about the "late" update. Life comes first. Period. Just write when you feel like, and we can live with being patient.

Anyways! This was an intense chapter, and now Xebec is backed into a corner. This will only make him more dangerous, as cornered animals fight harder.

Also, I just love how Brook can use his age on almost anyone. I think the only ones he can't use that card on are the giants since they have a much longer life span. But that's still bound to get under the skin of many enemies.

I also love Garp's durability. I feel like he called Sengoku right after getting flung just to annoy him.

Enjoyed the chapter! Happy writing!
11/16/2020 c5 Paradox
Love this such a fun story. Wonder if Oden will still join Whitebeards crew also how come there wasn't more set up with the consequences of a pirate band for the world government? Will a celestial dragon try to hire the crew for a private concert only it suddenly becomes a mass escape of slaves.
11/16/2020 c5 Yellowberri
Omg! I come back to find not one, but two chapters! This is a treat!

God Valley is so close now! I look forward to your interpretation of it. Especially since we know so little about it. But that's what I like about fanworks. We fill in holes not yet filled by canon.

I love Oden and Brook's friendship. Also, I wonder if Brook's involvement with Kaido will stop him from taking Wano. But, as stated in a previous review, such is the joy of watching a story unfurl.

Brook is going to be friggin' powerhouse by the time Luffy sets sail. Now that he has more worldly wisdom than his canon self (since he's actually been out in the world this time). I wonder if he will have a more active mentor role. His canon self already has his moments of imparting wisdom to the younger generation, but I wonder if it will be even more so. He is, for all intents and purposes, double his canon age and people do change with time. But the differences are what makes reading fanfiction so attractive. If it were exactly like how Oda wrote it, then we could just read the manga. And, I just realized I'm rambling.

Enjoyed these chapters! Happy writing!
11/16/2020 c5 5BatzelChaos
Another incredible chapter! I particularly liked the detail that Kaido is much weaker then he is in the show. Because this is 40 years in the past. But didn't Shakky left Rocks 40 years and not 43 (according to your timetable) but I could be plain confused. By the way, thanks to you I pay more attention to Brook. Never knew he was this interesting! You made an original story with nice flow and good plotlines and headcanons. Waiting for more content but don't overwork yourself! Have a nice day.
11/9/2020 c4 BatzelChaos
This story is underrated. You have created such a wonderful piece, yet only a handful of people actually follow it. Oh, btw, if Brook covers his entire body in Armament, doesn't that make himDark Bones" Brook?'. Plus, it will (probably) original! Anyway, I have been following from chapter 2 but never commented. Doesn't mean that I don't like it. Please keep up this great work. I wonder how you will handle God Valley tbh. I recommend watching theories on it. This way you probably will have more people agree, thus follow your story... Or you can just do whatever theyou want! Have a nice day.
10/23/2020 c3 SSPompWagen
Enjoying this so far!
10/22/2020 c3 schnitzek
I am very interested in this story. Please continue it, you are doing great
10/21/2020 c3 3Yellowberri
Benny is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite OC's list, and a masochistic part of me want's to hear "Benny Song". XD

I like the idea of Brook and Big Mom being somewhat civil towards each other. Makes me wonder how that dynamic will change things later. Ah, but that's the joy of watching a story unfurl.

Yorki just about killed me at the end. Raising hell at a Marine Base because he was mistaken for a Klaubatermann!

Keep up the great work! Happy Writing!
10/21/2020 c3 Paradox
Hello thanks for the update. I have a minor plothole with there being seastone available on the blackmarkets we know that seastone is a hard material to work with and places such as wano knowing how to make small objects such as nails and bullets out of it but it is still a relatively obscure material for the world with it only available to the world government and marines.
Keep writing please.
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