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for The Arcani

1/25/2021 c2 Guest
Im in loveeee with is fic! I hope you update soon
11/12/2020 c1 hawkeyestratos1996
I love it. kind of reminds me fo ryse son of Rome for reason.
10/13/2020 c2 ThatCat413
That was good, very good.
A nice fight scene and you showed a bit about percys struggles and his ties of loyalty so top!
I would actually like to know if you plan to go till the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and about his relationship.
I already mentioned thalia as option because after the fall of Rome the Greek part lived longer than the rest and that would be an interesting story to tell.
Also it would be a bit like his mother and father, ya know the typical forbidden thing.
Then there is the typical preyna, she as Roman soldier and all that jazz...
But what do you think?
See ya hopefully soon
10/12/2020 c1 LesterJones66
Excited to see where this will go
10/12/2020 c1 1GreyVal
I liked it so far, you did your research and your writingstile was interesting.
The length is also a plus point.
About the pairing, his mother was Greek so something forbidden would always be nice.
Maybe thalia?
Just an idea but I really like her.
Also I dont know when but there was a time all demigods and stuff were hunted to extinction so if you make her a halfblood that could also be interesting.
And seee you hopefully soon
10/11/2020 c1 matthew w marker
Love the idea!
1. Could you make it Preyna? Seems to make sense here.
2. So just wanted to know- sorry if this seems stupid- but is Percy a demigod or not here?

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