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for Disaster with a Dragon

10/17/2020 c3 5SouthwestExpat
Yes, Astrid would have hit Hiccup for running them into a tree. For sure. Hard.

The risks of having a dragon for a pet...but they aren't any more stubborn than some dogs I know, and love you just as much. The give and take, passing over minor offences, necessary for any relationship has a new take when one of the parties is a dumb (intelligent but not speaking - not strictly mute though!) animal...

Guess they're going to need some builder Vikings pronto - do you think dragons help them find good timber?
10/17/2020 c2 SouthwestExpat
The Heimlich maneuver doesn't work on a dragon...at least, it's not practical on a dragon when the EMTs are humans!

Even quasi-domesticated dragons can hold a grudge, and can cause problems, especially in a flammable area...oops...
10/13/2020 c2 13BellatrixTheStar
The drama continues!
And actually, I did know what delayed drowning is because I had to look it up yesterday for that prompt :) I wasn't sure how to then save the poor character from delayed drowning as my tale is set without modern medicine and apparently the best way to cure secondary drowning is an oxygen mask with some pressure to help the lungs work so I decided simply drowning was enough. Props to you for following the actual prompt!
10/12/2020 c1 BellatrixTheStar
I love HTTYD! I feel like I say this a lot, but your characterisation was really good! I could really hear the voices of Hiccup and Toothless :)
10/12/2020 c1 5SouthwestExpat
But this break was something worse than a stolen carrot...and no mushrooms to follow! (But no Nazg├╗l will show up either... right?)

I've never seen How to Train Your Dragon, so I probably don't have all the context, but the boy (Hiccup?) and the nice dragon (Toothless?) are in trouble, and I want to know how they get out of it!

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