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for Heroic Folly

2/13 c4 unicone44
This is very good.

Dont liston to those assholes this is clearly your first time.
1/7 c4 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
I like it! Only complaint is the flow of it. Sentence structure was ok but paragraph structure was janky and didn't flow. Events were too disjointed. But hey, ya did good regardless. Def read many worse fics and enjoyed them.
5/29/2023 c2 1Miyako1300
You're greatly out of your depth in regards to this story, I suggest you check it on AH
2/22/2023 c4 Guest
2/22/2023 c3 Guest
They know there are other dimensions so why are they acting like such retards?
2/22/2023 c2 Guest
Fuck there’s barely any words and the saintess has been sitting in a cage u time wasting piece of shit
1/22/2023 c4 Hatecrime
If I was Antony444 I would be seriously pissed at this.
5/29/2022 c4 veritas31
I really enjoyed the story and would love to see another chapter showing the prt and everyone's reactions when they find out everything that weaver said was true.
2/26/2022 c4 1Draco0905
this is... different. okay, the leaders of earth bet, cauldron, and the PRT are in fact very terrified of what they can't understand or control. meaning basically everything. but even they aren't that completely stupid.
you used alot of master/stranger protocol but only on the people it made no sense to and not to the people that would, according to thier rules, normally have it be used on.
your use of the nyx part of the story seemed, from my perspective, to go along perfectly. not sure if you never read the original worm work and just made a story based on 40k or we just have VASTLY different points of view of it. though to be fair i haven't read book 2 wards yet.
there is a portal to alternative earths already and im sure there are protocol set up. but you acted like the mere thought of aliens is impossible and would never be considered no matter how unlikely.
2/13/2022 c4 ShadowCub
Liked it...a lot.
12/7/2021 c4 Saphyron
Thanks for a great story.
9/7/2021 c4 KongoBongo
Really good story thx
7/30/2021 c4 Guestinator
Missy randomly fine with killers of heros and working for them quickly. No one questioning the building and how it got there. Taylor's powers not adding up to any trigger as they know what types of events generally cause what and what she went through does not follow what they say she got at all.

Rebecca random ly thinking her as Weaver for no reason. No fall out. No expanding. How everything is simply described as "evil"by all.

Keep at it, for a first story it isn't horrible.
7/30/2021 c1 Guestinator
Wow this is dumb. They know master effects but ignore that for no reason. They if ire Taylor aging with different clothes on. They ignore a lot for zero reason other than having them be the cliche stupid gov.

People realize most behind the scenes types are hyper skilled yeah?
6/28/2021 c4 6drdeth2000
Great story and I hope that you either continue it or write a sequel. I would love to see what happens when Taylor meets Danny again.
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