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4h c26 Guest
One shot request...Macy getting in trouble as a teen? I don't think she would have gotten in very much trouble as a teen. She knew how hard Beca was working just to pay the bills and take care of her so I don't think she would have been difficult on purpose, but all teens mess up at some point, right? I'm not sure what I could envision her doing...maybe trying to hide a bad math grade during a time when Beca was hardly home because she was working two jobs and Chloe was busy getting ready for finals or something? Maybe she forges Beca's signature on a failed test to try to keep it from Beca with the goal of not stressing Beca out, but the teacher figures it out. Or I can maybe see Macy and Benji trying to go to a high school party to fit in better and caving to peer pressure, but that might be a stretch.
10h c26 Guest
wow...just wow
like i said in the last review, i don't know if i can write what i want to say, because i'm not very good expressing myself ahaha
when i read the first chapter of the first story of this universe (you and me against the worl), i think it was on july(?)idk...but when i read that, i thought "this is going to be amazing!", but never imagine nothing like this really. this universe is something i can not describe...
thank you so much for your time, work and dedication. i really need to thank you for that, because when each chapter came out it made my days.
the characters, the storyline, the emotions, the plot. it's just so great.
i smiled, cried, laughed with this characters and loved it every second of it.

this last chapter has to be my favorite, when it came out yesterday, i didn't had the courage to read ahahahah i was so sad to be the last one, but today when i woke up, i just read, and damn...
what macy said really hit me. because it really started with just them, and now...they have one big happy family...i cried so much reading this omg.
this is going to be forever my favorite bechloe universe and stories, so thak you so much.

about those summaries:
-leap of faith: i already knew some stuff, because i remember asking you if you were going to do another fanfiction, and you respond me saying what you said in this summary, but DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? whaaaaaaaaat? i need to read that to know what is happening!

-everything in between: i'm excited to read this anahha, since you said you were doind this and i said something about the prom of bechloe and macy as a teenager (i guess, i dont know if i ended up saying it) i can't stop thinking abou this! and the other ideas you might have and the others fellown readers too. this is going to be awesome!

again, thank you so much for everything. keep going! i'm going to be here to continue my support 3
1/19 c26 2NJCE
Ahhh, the last chapter. This was beautiful, the flashbacks and everything, just perfect. The original plan though. That's really dark, just imagine if that actually happened. When Jordan came downstairs already dressed up is so cute, he's so ready. They got a dog! That's awesome, and Quinn is really happy they got the dog. We actually just got a puppy too! Beca knowing Chloe that she did something when she went to Beca's. They really know each other so well. Quinn finally accepting the truth that she and her siblings will be lived forever. When Ava was lost in her thought and she didn't heard the judge asking her and she just like "huh?" is so cute and adorable! CR's back too, we got to see CR again at the very last chapter. The last flashback, well, they actually have four kids now! A great way to end the story.

I'm excited for your new story, and for the one shots. The summary for Leap of Faith is really interesting, can't wait to read it!

Thank you for sharing this story to us, this series is one of my favorite Bechloe story. I was actually hesitant to read YAMATW but I'm glad that I read it. Again thank you, hope to see more of your works soon! See you next time.
1/19 c26 9Wolvezzz
I'm crying. I'm crying! This was beautiful. I kept reading all of the flashbacks, thinking "this one is going to be the best," but then the next one came and I was proven wrong.

All of the kids had different reactions, but they were perfect. Rosie made me laugh, Jordan made me cry, Ava had me grinning like an idiot, and Quinn gave me emotions I can't even use words to explain, because I know exactly how she feels. The adoption process can sometimes be very annoying, so I'm glad all was smooth in this chapter. Izzy telling Quinn she deserved everything was, I think, exactly what needed to be said. Quinn's outburst to Beca and Chloe made me cry as well, because again, I know how she feels. I wasn't a teenager when I got adopted (I was between Jordan and Ava's age), but I still put a lot on people.

This was a small thing, but Chloe called Rosie bug when she woke her up, and that also made me cry. That's what I call my little brother, and it sent me down memory lane. It was nice though, so thank you for that.

I'm so excited for the one-shots and the new story! I'll be looking out for both of them. Thank you so much for giving me-and I'm sure others- an escape from this shifty world these past few months. You're amazing
1/19 c26 martewillemsen
you are amazing. Not going to lie the dates will probably be in my agenda in a few minutes. just keep writing you're awesome. (Also love the ending, feels like a good end of the series) Sad it's over but loved the journey.
1/19 c26 4Jody1990
The perfect ending to this series. Honestly, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions throughout all 3 stories and I’ve cried more than I care to admit. You really do have such a talent for writing and pulling us all in with the storyline. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
1/19 c26 MelG2
Thanks so much for the beautiful ending! I loved the whole series and enjoy your writing and the depiction af the Mitchell family.

Can't wait for the new story. Stay safe!
1/19 c26 1Icedragone
This was amazing, you never cease to amaze me with your writing. I'm sad to see this story end. I don't usually read one shots, I prefer multi-chapter fics, but I will for sure check out Everything in Between. I am super exciting for Leap of Faith and how Chloe will play a role in that. Will it also be rated T or will the rating jump due to what it looks like will be possibly graphic content? I did not end up getting much sleep Friday. I ended up doing an 18 hour shift because the night person didn't show up. Im the supervisor, so I had to go back in and cover for it. I also have to cover Saturday, so only got 1 day off. Its all good though, I'll be taking a week off the beginning of February. I hope to have a new chapter or 2 written for my Bellice fic with that time off, and maybe a few more for my Bechloe one I don't plan on publishing until I have at least 5 or 6 chapters written for. Anyway, I can't wait until the 30th! See you then!
1/19 c26 Tegan Galliers
OMG that was perfect. I have been reading this series of stories for the last couple months and I don't think I've enjoyed any story more than these ones. You are an incredible writer. Not only did I feel you capture Beca and Chloe's personalities, but I fell in love with everyone else too. I have ignored so much Uni work to read these and have stayed up far later at night than I probably should have but it was all worth it. When I finally caught up with the stories, it was such a long wait for the next chapter even though it was only a couple of days. Thank god you're writing another story based on one shots because I don't think I'm ready to let this world go yet. Thank you so much and I really can't praise you enough
1/19 c26 Guest
Thank you so much for writing this. I loved it and am excited for the one shots. I'm intrigued by the idea of Leap of Faith, too. I'm wondering if the abusive spouse will be Jesse or someone random. I'm assuming it will eventually be Bechloe.
1/19 c26 2Isaiah Flamez
Thank you so much for this story
1/18 c25 Calzona OrthoPeds
I have just read all of the trilogy and re-read this story again knowing that you are posting the last chapter in the morning and I’m so sad that it’s ending! This family is so cute and I have loved reading the journey Beca and everyone had gone through.
Are you going to write a follow up story?! And if so will it be a bunch of one-shots or a normal story?! If you do will any of the past foster children Beca and Chloe fostered make an appearance?!
Love you work and thank you for writing! Can’t wait to read the final update!
1/18 c25 Guest
Ok, just finished It Takes a Village. It was a quick, easy ready for me. I loved how it ended, with Beca planning to propose, and Beca and Macy visiting their parents. I loved how Beca got her Residual Heat internship. I loved how you made it about Bechloe and Macy, but you still incorporated Barden and the Bellas into the story seamlessly. I liked seeing Macy's progress, and how supportive Chloe's parents were of the Mitchell siblings. That said, Let Us Love You is still my favorite by far
1/18 c25 Guest
Ok, so I finally finished You and Me Against The World. It was good, but I kept taking breaks versus reading this one all the way through when I found it. I actually like how slowly and realistically Chloe and Beca's relationship developed, with Beca being slow to trust and open up, and Chloe determined to be her friend. I also really liked how perfectly they became a couple in the end. As much as I liked it, I think it wasn't as fast a read for me because they weren't together yet and it was slow burn.

Also, for some reason, I just didn't enjoy reading Macy as a kid as much as I've enjoyed the Perry siblings. This could just be me, but I felt like the trauma of each of the Perry siblings was really well developed - we knew why Ava didn't talk at first and clung to Quinn so much, we knew Jordan really wanted a family and had anxiety when he felt like anything might ruin that for him, and we knew Quinn had been the main caretaker and the one who dealt with their druggie mother. With Macy, from the very beginning she was SO dependent on Beca and had such bad anxiety, way worse than Jordan's. I kind of kept expecting to find out that when she and Beca were separated, something really bad happened to Macy...like Macy was abused or molested or in a group home where she was the youngest and bullied (not that I wished any of these things on her, fictional character or not). When what happened came out, the bulk of the trauma was really Beca's - Beca was the one who was beaten badly. I'm not trying to belittle how traumatic simply just being in foster care would be for Macy. From age 5 on, the only constant she had was Beca. They were moved all over the place. Macy had foster fathers (at least one that we know of) who were verbally abusive to her. I do understand that even if she wasn't physically abused, there was trauma. I also get that being separated from Beca while Beca was in the hospital and not allowed to visit would be terrible for her, but I don't know...I guess her issues didn't make quite as much sense to me. It feels to me like the Perry siblings had more trauma in the grand scheme of things, and I was able to really understand why they did the things they did, even when it was something like Quinn sneaking out in the middle of the night. I guess that's just a testament to how well written your OC's in Let Us Love You are. I wouldn't normally like a story with 3 OC's playing such a big role, but I have loved every moment of this. I feel like I really know Ava, Jordan and Quinn, and was rooting for them the whole time. I'm really looking forward to the one shots.

I"m halfway through It Takes a Village now and am enjoying the fluffier aspects and seeing more of Bechloe.
1/17 c25 Guest
wow...i don't think i can write everything i want to say the way i want, nut i am going to try!
first, like wtf...how can you write something so amazing, really, since the fisrt part of this universe until now, every chapter is so good and so idk, perfect ahaha
to be honest i am very happy with how izzy ends up, like she said, she is "alone" since she was 8. taking care of herself and everything that happened to her...so ending up like that, i think that ends that cycle and start with a new one. because, yeah she's been alone, but that happenes because of the environment she was in. and now, she is alone building her future, a good one!
and i never thought she was going to end up with beca and chloe, i mean it crossed my mind, because knowing the characters, obviously they would want to help her, but if that really happened it would very cliche...not that i wouldn't like, but you know...
i really thought she was going to end up with macy ahahahha, guess not
btw, i am really proud of quinn, her evolution with the mitchells and how she was and now with everything is so beautiful...she let them :) i love seeing those moments ehehe
also, very sad because the next one is going to be the end :/ but i bet is going to be a great end, probably showing them being officially part of the Mitchells or something with everyone showing nothing but happiness! idk, i have to wait to see ahaha
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